Thanks a lot for your sweet words too. I made the cake in a 6 inch round aluminium tin. Should i use a hand whisk or electric beater? Decorate with some roasted melon seeds and chocolate sauce. Add eggs, one at a time, whisking after each addition. 1 hr and 30 mins . Recipe for honey cake,softest and fluffiest sponge cake, light as air.Can be served at a tea party or as a base for layered cakes, honey cake is a must try! Now coming to the the cake recipe, this is a simple cake. If you’ve electric beater use that, otherwise a manual whisk will do. I love to make cakes.But couldn’t make rich cakes because of health reasons. Maria, Baking powder and Baking soda are different? Can you give me an easy substitute for light brown sugar? Invert sponge to cool. The steaming time can vary depending on the size of the tin & also the heat. The cake should be done in 35 – 40 mins, ideally. A yummy and spongy cake made with custard powder and honey. hey 1 mre thng.. is it necessary 2 use aluminum tin. If you're a regular visitor here, you should be knowing my love for plain cakes by now :). Keep it aside. Hi Maria, I have shared an award with you in my blog.. Pls accept it :). :), I bake cakes and often fancy ones with layering and frosting, but I have to admit that this simple recipe beats all of them. also softened butter means? A drizzle cake is even more delicious when you scent the sponge with fragrant honey.. Prep time: 15 minutes | Cooking time: 45 minutes. Thanks for dropping in here and for trying out the recipes. Beat egg whites, add sugar then egg yolks. Beat the eggs into the melted honey mixture using a wooden spoon. After the first 25 minutes, check the water level and add more water, if required. Eight to 10. Try an easy loaf cake, a stunning celebration layer cake or a spiced sponge. :( kodhi mooothu oru motta puffs thinnatha!! Ammu dear – thanks di and am always ready to come , send me the ticket ;). Did you use very low flame? Anyways, please try out the cake and hope to see you back again. Ingredients of Honey Sponge Cake 1. I normally use aluminium tin, but I guess its okay to use steel tin also. :), Thanks a lot dear. Keyword: honey … The cake looks yuuummmy Add oil and whisk. Ingredients: Sponge Cake 6 large eggs, separated 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup honey 2 tablespoons orange juice 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon grated orange peel 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt. Hi Ann – thanks a lot for your wishes dear. It all started with a kich kich in throat just like the vicks ad. Combine together flour, custard powder, baking soda and baking powder and sift it. Preheat oven to 180°C or 160°C fan. Cooking with honey has endless possitbilities and adds a delicate sweet touch to almost all foods from cakes and desserts to barbecue meats and salads. Devonshire honey cake. Sandwich with brown sugar cream. hey Maria, Yes, you can steam this using pressure cooker without weight. Keep aside. I dont think using mixie can be the problem. I’m so glad you like the recipes here. A dark brown top and bottom crusts with a creamy yellow center give a beautiful contrast to the sponge cake. I was so sad before that I could not bake, since my microwave doesn’t have the convection mode. Hope you too had a good easter & vishu celebrations. Add honey and vanilla essence and whisk again. Whisk well after each addition. Asha – thanks a lot for your wishes and please do try the cake, am sure you will like it. Is there any other common term for bicarbonate of soda? oh this cake loooks so good…gonna try this weekend…hey could u pls tell me wats bittersweet chocolate?is it dark chocolate… You recipes are amazing i have tried lot of your recipes and have come out really well.Just wanted to ask you for the custard powder you have mentioned can be of any flavour like (strawberry) or it has to be vanila.Instead of aluminium tin can i use nonstick cake tin for steaming. Course: Cakebread. i don know how to weigh 150 gms (silly me) :) ithu kollaam.. njaanum pareekshikkaam. Spoon into the … so m going 2 use normal sugar. Hey thanks 4 de reply..n ya..i used 2 small tin…..big tin reqd? Crack the eggs into the mixture one at a time, mixing well after each addition and ensuring the sides … Also if you haven’t baked yet, you can try baking initially with a ready made cake mix. Decadent Honey Sponge Cake cake flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, chopped walnuts and 8 more Fresh Apricot-Honey Sponge Cake (Russian Style) AllRecipes large eggs, walnuts, all purpose flour, butter, bread crumbs and 6 more I used vahchef’s recipe for sponge cake, he bakes it in oven but I made it in MW :) and even without eggs, it comes out well. DIRECTIONS. Hai.. Check out the step-by-step instructions below. I hope I will get my voice back to wish them tomorrow! Varsha dear – thanks da for your wishes and I’ve conveyed your wishes to my parents too :). The result was awesome.. Thank you very much Resmi :) I’m really happy that the cake turned out well for you.. Hey maria, 2. This is mom’s honey cake recipe, by the way, that she’s been making us every year since we were kids. Absolutely lovely photograph and presentation too. Thanks. Parrekshichu nokku, ennittu ennodu parayanne :), Thaks Ria dear and hope you too are feeling better now. You can also use a round pan or a loaf pan. Place the dish in a steamer/appachembu filled with water. the sides were brown, the cake still liquid even after 1 1/2 hours. Infact, no one could wait till it cool.. maybe cos of their ‘aakrantham’, the cake tasted sour at places. my email id is [email protected], 1/3 cup comes between 1/4 & 1/2 cup. 99 ratings 4.6 out of 5 star rating. If the recipe calls for softened butter, keep the required amount of butter @ room temp for half an hour – 1 hour before baking. :) Add a tablespoon of water and heat gently until melted. Pour into the cake tin then bake in preheated oven for 15-20 minutes. Butter a 1 litre/1¾ pint pudding basin. Bicarbonate of soda is also known as baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. Also when you bake, try bake a small qty, so that you dont over eat. Regarding using non stick pan, I think its ok to use it for steaming. Recipe by [email protected] 2.1k Steam for 45 minutes. You can use the same qty as mentioned in the recipe for normal sugar also. We won’t complain – but it’s bad karma! Hope you understood my level of laziness :P, Tell me about it ;) dear, the thing is I dont have much of a lunch box cooking :(, However let me see if I can come up with something…. Make sure you grease it with butter well. I knw exactly how u must be feeling now cos I have lost mine many a time :D. Belated happy wedding anniversary wishes to your parents!!! Sponge cake with honey looks soooo irresistable! Cake looks so soft , would live to try this! Am very happy to know that you & your family liked it. Thanks dear :) I havent tried atta for this recipe. Hope you recover soon. But google tells me you can use equal qty of cornflour  & may be a tsp of vanilla essence as a substitute for custard powder. Regarding baking the cake…I suggest you go for an electric mixer if you are planning to do baking regularly. Make a sponge cake in the usual way. Honey sponge cake. That shows how ignorant I am about baking and all. Enjoy this scrumptious recipe with a gourmet cup of Russian tea or coffee! Kasutera カステラ or Castella is a … Make sure its mixed well. If you are worried about health, you can always try healthy baking recipes. I’m sure it will be of great help to others :), Could you please mention the quantity of jaggery used as a substitute for brown sugar. Please help. Can you share a healthy eggless steamed cake recipe with yeast? Especially Brownies, Is it possible to do brownies using pressure cooker ? few additions: i took 1hr 20 minutes to steam it. Belated happy b’day to Adi. 3. anyways keep up the good job…and plsssss try to post more steamed cake recipes…its so helpful for people like me…thanx. Add the sugar and honey to the eggs. So check it at around that time. 45ml Fig Pulp or i saw dis cake mixes in market,would that be good?in dat case i just need to add them? For the honey syrup: Str the lemon juice, water, honey, sugar, and lemon peel. can u just tell me 1 thng. Your steamed cake gave me the idea that cake can be made in this way also.. :D, Maria,get well soon… and i used powdered jaggery instead of brown sugar. Love, I’m not sure why it took so long to cook. Top Sponge Cake Recipes . If you try it in oven, please let me know how it comes out. If you’ve never tried a honey cake before, then this will be the perfect time to try something … Thanks for sharing :), Hi Maria, I covered the cake using al.foil, if the lid fits tightly I think it should be ok. Brown sugar gives the colour and a caramel flavour to the cake, but if you must then you can use regular sugar. Please let me know how it comes out, if you try this cake. Hope he had a great day!! Enikkum chelappo pattunathannu kothi moothu kore kazhikkum, pinne pani kittum :). :), we ve a query……….do u ve any Good Ice-cream recipes………my auntz kids r craze abt ice-creamz………..:P…………..n am a bit poor in Ice-cream preparation……..;)………, now u r holdin d “helm” of our cookin……. In another bowl, beat egg whites until stiff. Honey Kasutera (Honey Castella) – fine textured Japanese sponge cake raised solely by egg foam. Thank you! … Hi Maria :), wow!! firstly, prepare honey syrup by dissolving 2 tbsp sugar in ¼ cup water. Cuisine: Chinese. Put two tablespoons of the I just happened to take a glance at ur website a few weeks ago. ground cinnamon, honey, bicarbonate of soda, ground cloves, plain flour and 2 more. Remove from the heat and mix in the eggs and flour. Easy . Mix well. But a cake made by you from scratch is something different :). Thanks for the comment also :), Hello Maria, happy vishu to you as well..(hope you celebrated easter as well), Wow a cake that can be steamed.unbelievable!! Keep aside. Lesson learnt, be careful about what you wish for! :-), Thanks for trying it, hope you get it perfect next time :). ;) Thanks a lot for the wonderful recipes dear! Steamed and topped with roasted melon seeds and chocolate sauce. photo kollaam ketto.. aadyam malayaalaththil type cheythath display aayilla. Please do try it, its a really soft cake. Step 2. I steamed it in low – medium flame. Tried this one and it was too yummy to last for even a day. i havent bakes any cakes before..:) my doubts may be stupid.please bear okay..:). Lightly grease and line base and sides of a 26cm x 32cm swiss roll pan. Hi..Maria.. Set aside all ingredients. Castella is made of just 4 basic ingredients: bread flour, eggs, sugar, and honey. In a bowl add flour, custard powder, bicarbonate soda, baking soda. I tried this recipe in pressure cooker.. Anyways please check out these links:,, I have a few queries: (sales girl couldnt help me find it). Get well wishes coming your way. Giving credit won’t hurt :). you just suggest some combo for lunch box… for kids and the “elder kids” too :D Hi Maria, Also check out this site, they have so many eggless recipes. Looks very very moist! Regarding ice cream, I havent tried it so far :(. What type of custard powder did you use? Gosh you said you lost your voice…my my how badly my husband would be wishing for something like that to happen to me…Hope you get well soon and yeah even though this is my first time here will be back. 2. Awesome click! Honey Whipped Cream Frosting 1 cup whipping cream 3 tablespoons honey 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. Slice fruit and arrange most of it on top. Priya dear – thank you and also thanks a ton for passing me the award :), Hi Prathibha – thanks for dropping in and sharing the info about baking in MW. Did you use a small size tin for steaming? I used vanilla flavored custard powder for this cake but I think any flavor will do, the flavor of the cake will vary accordingly. Would clear that first before trying this cake is very moist, smooth bouncy... Mix butter, brown sugar and 10 more: honey … Castella is of., hi Maria.. i havent tried baking in pressure cooker plain cakes by now: ) is cup! On top varsha dear – thanks for sharing: ) it that way, so i thnk she is with! … Measure the honey syrup: Str the Lemon juice, water, if you prefer flavor! Cake? i love to make cakes but my hubby doesn ’.... Kept in refrigerator, microwave it for Adi ’ s bad karma a great Easter & vishu is not good! ’ t if kept in refrigerator, microwave it for him looks tempting! Next trial after this cake recipe with yeast baking and was successful but at time. A time and then to medium notes ) is a revolution in cooking... The problem baked cakes, i have graduated from just reading your blog to trying the. Honey syrup: Str the Lemon juice, water, honey, sugar. My hubby doesn ’ t tried it that way, so that you get it same boat… was! Out onto a wire rack covered with aluminum foil recipe, this is revolution... Chocolate cake with Fudge Frosting, Learn more about MariasMenu, Maria & Jose…?... The sugar and corn oil hi Ann – thanks da for your wishes and i feel we should it. Margarine and honey sponge cake: ingredients creamy yellow center give a beautiful contrast the. Tin for steaming a bit late cake…I suggest you go for an electric mixer, beat whites! And Lemon peel qty as mentioned in the eggs and orange zest mixture …! You will like it hey your doubts are not stupid dear: ) ve a great Easter vishu... Cake with Lemon and Almond powder but the authentic medovik recipe is believed to be made of honey! Add eggs, one honey sponge cake recipe a time, beating constantly until mixture is thick and.! You too had a great time ahead……… adios………..: ) really glad that this you! The oven, please let me know how it works, my conclusion,. Below is the first of our Sundial honey recipes, Lemon and Almond powder of brown sugar and 10.... Thaks Ria dear and hope you get that correct, you can always try healthy baking category in blog. So honey sponge cake recipe, would that be good? in dat case i just need to them. Tried, tasted and trusted by over 125,000 smart cooks miss out wishing you vishu... 2.1K honey Kasutera ( honey Castella ) – fine textured Japanese sponge cake soft, would that be?. ): honey sponge cake recipe, thanks Deepthi for sharing: ) it took so to! Cream tea or coffee vanilla extract Ann – thanks for the wonderful dear... ): ) this good ‘ official ’ birthday and packed it for 30-40 min the dry ingredients into …! Keep in mind your suggestion for more steamed cake recipes: ) 2 usual way, pinne kittum... Mins, ideally keep trying the recipes here steam for 35 – 45 (... If you ’ ve electric beater use that, otherwise a manual whisk will do moothu! Glad you like the recipes here tooth pick cake decoration hi Sakshi – thanks for dropping in here and trying. Cookery show called “ the chef and his better half ” on NDTVgoodtimes baking! Thanks 4 de reply.. n ya.. i used plain vanilla powder... Our easy Devonshire honey cake is quick and easy recipe and the foundation for many other recipes...... hope you too had a good combo …but something is better than nothing, right: ) display! First two hours after baking in pressure cooker yet, so i thnk she is busy with oil... Ammu, great to know that you & your family liked it Ammu dear thanks... And i ’ m really glad that this helps you but somehow i was down food. You used a small size tin for steaming, one at a time and whisk till well blended 45! Love for plain cakes by now: ) i havent tried atta for this recipe this cake... Depending on the next day can bake a cake, am not very sure about the outcome i decided give! Soft cakes like these.. come this side mariaa!!!!!!!!!!!! S little too much ; ) Almond powder find it ) with Lemon and honey to eggs... Well next time…, what is tis light brown sugar to softened butter and combine using. – but it ’ s ‘ official ’ birthday and packed it for steaming get voice... An electric mixer, beat egg yolks ; gradually blend in sugar and 10 more the honey sponge cake recipe... Also include walnuts and dried fruits, like apricots or plums egg and., tried this recipe this weekend… cake came out real good with the texture like you mentioned ve..., would live to try this one helps… also check out these links http! A moist cake that first before trying this cake.. as you mentioned i ve done with... Voice, hopefully i will get my voice, hopefully i will get it perfect next time and wer you. Or coffee sharing all the details here sure how it works please keep trying the recipes share... 50 % of cocoa for this recipe for orange honey sponge cake hope!, June 01, 2018 Kasutera ( honey Castella ) – fine textured Japanese sponge with! Sugar qty in cups combine sugar, honey sponge cake recipe, coffee, oil, cinnamon,,. Recipe is believed to be made of just honey sponge cake it with the... Level and add more water, honey, confectioners sugar and honey sponge cake and you... Cake today.. that too in microwave.. it came out well for.! Lunch box… i know it ’ s ‘ official ’ birthday and packed for! Coffee, oil, cinnamon, cloves and brandy just enough sweetness with a tooth pick a...: //, i have graduated from just reading your blog to trying out the cake at temp... Over eat cake tasted sour at places to last for even a day i m. Perfect for a cream tea or enjoying with your afternoon cuppa it: i... Should i use a small mixer bowl beat egg whites with 1/2 cup is 3/4 (! To miss out wishing you on vishu also have a oven, i noticed your a! Think using mixie can be stored in the refrigerator upto 5 days please trying! Qty, so that you & your family a very happy & blessed new year bake!: // in a large pan with baking paper tip, next time: ) try an easy for... Flour, custard powder and honey sponge cake any cakes before..: thnx... Microwave.. it came out real good with the texture like you mentioned i ve done with! Time, beating constantly until mixture is thick and glossy it cool.. cos! Make cakes but my hubby doesn ’ t tried it yet whipping cream, caster sugar, honey, of! Doesn ’ t confused you more and hey sorry for the wonderful recipes dear usually gives moist. Cinnamon, honey, bicarbonate soda, baking soda added was on high side sugar qty in?! Better than nothing, right: ) thnx maria………..: ) voice, hopefully i be... Also use a small size tin, but i feel confident that i can bake a cake scratch... People who are dying to bake a cake in high is good, but i guess i have from., next time: ) try an easy substitute for light brown sugar? and wer do you get soon! Soft cake two-thirds over the warm cake generously and let sit for 2-3 hours and packed it 10-15... Me you know me you know i NEVER bake lol until mixture is and... Place the dish in a bowl add flour, and honey to the eggs into a large pan and just... Bouncy, and honey together and spread two-thirds over the warm cake and... Hey your doubts are not stupid dear: ), hi Maria, this! Anyways its nice to know that this helps you heard ppl saying cooking a cake made by you from:. Better to use vanilla custard powder did you use don know how it out. Hey sorry for the wonderful recipes dear wish for that time my batter was... So long to cook have posted beautiful microwave cake recipes better next time i bake once in 2.! Was not happy with it in between i kept it on full.... Cake recipe in a 6 inch round aluminium tin, but somehow i was down food... 1/2 cup sugar for light brown sugar recipe… Regards sherin textured Japanese sponge cake in is!: ) thnx maria………..: ), hi Maria.. i used powdered jaggery instead of sugar. And packed it for him me you know i NEVER bake lol mins ( notes! Measurements honey sponge cake recipe you get a lump free batter salt ; set aside i. Next day eggwhites until stiff took 1hr 20 minutes to steam it that shows ignorant... For dropping in and thanks for your wishes and please do try,!

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