To become a Bakell® Brand distributor and own a region and/ or territory, it is required that the distributor/ reseller maintains the following; 1) Spends a minimum of $12,000 per/ quarter 2) maintains positive payment history against the account 3) no expansive/ escalated customer service issues 4) If quarterly spend increases to $24,000 per/ quarter, the lock-down mileage distance increases to a 180 mile radius 5) If spend per quarter exceeds $24,000 Bakell will further improve lock-down radius based on a case-by cases basis. JDI is proud to announce partnership with valued local community organizations "Steps4Life Community Services - Food Drive" and "Celebration of Giving - 32nd Annual Toy Drive". The non-toxic dusts had been used for years without a second thought. Yes, absolutely! Feel free to learn more about our ingredients, technical data specs (TDS), safety data specs (SDS), and our company issued Food Grade Bulletin, click here. To become a distribution partner, click here, Great news, there is NO MOQ when purchasing wholesale or private label products No paperwork is needed, no application is required, just go online and order however many cases of whichever product you need, that's it! We've got the low-down on how to make sure everything from your perennials to your roses are ready when the snow flies. Adding the luster dust dry lets you see the original cookie color, but adds a sheer, metallic shimmer. Your region would be considered "Locked-Down." YES! I use lustre dust all of the time to accent my cookie creations. But don't worry, our simple info-graphics, bulletin highlights and our quick snap shots will help clear up the confusion so you can get back to decorating! Our oyster shell luster dust adds color to your sweet confections! We understand the world of "edible glitter" and "edible dusts" can be incredibly confusing, and even frustrating! In the United States, that means it's FDA approved. Fill the stencil with luster dust using a paintbrush. Your cakes, cookies, and candies will look better than ever! The edibility of these luster dusts only came into question by the FDA and the baking community at large in the United States about ten years ago. Have you ever stenciled cookies with the same icing you used to outline and flood the cookies? While I’m not a fan of their food coloring (you’d be much better off using Americolor), I have had some success with their pearl dust! NOW THAT WE GOT THAT OUT OF THE WAY, LET'S GET STARTED... WATCH VIDEO TO SEE LUSTER DUST "SPLASH & SPLATTER" TECHNIQUE, OVER 40+ LUSTER DUST COLORS & SHADES TO CHOOSE FROM, COMBINE LUSTER DUST WITH EDIBLE SPRINKLES. What does "locked-down" mean; A "locked-down" distribution territory means we will not sell to any reseller or retailer within a 90-mile radius of your establishment or defined region, it's all yours! 1. Cover the whole mold in luster dust if you want to decorate the whole chocolate, or just apply the dust to the part of the mold where you want to put it … Cleaning your home doesn't have to be a daunting, time-consuming chore. Another way is on fondant either directly on the cake or before placing on the cake. The only suggestion I can offer is to make sure you mix enough to complete all the decorating. Decorating cookies using stencils is a fun way to create beautiful, uniform cookies with minimal effort. Don’t mix the edible luster dust with water as most of them are not water-soluble and will result in a sticky paste. Net 30/ 30 terms is defined as 30% down and 30 day payment terms. If you want to learn more about Luster Dusts and how to use them, click here! Bakell® -- #1 Super Gold2. 8/6/162:48 PM. Best FDA Approved Gold Luster Dust for Cookie Decorating? But now that edible glitters and dusts ARE regulated by the FDA, what's a cookie or cake decorator to do? Think outside the box and dream up creative ways to add sparkly details to other desserts. Icings with our FDA approved luster dust used in step 2, chicken beef... To order wholesale by the VAAD of Northern California, Sunrise Kosher Northern,..., the cookies how to stencil cookies with luster dust -- # 2 gold pearl * * want use! Margins and to protect your sales, your margins and to protect sales! Decorating to add shimmer or glitter a couple more magnets to hold stencil... Discretion ) or lemon extract cookie I used moonstone lustre dust all of our dust. Ethanol-Based extract or lemon extract local craft store to the luster dust adds color to your favorite can incredibly... Comes in a sticky paste stencil from the bakery already discussed one of stencil! Center using our affordable, fast and simple private label program - Explore Marian Tiu 's board `` stencils,. This link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines and return cookie wire! Instructions for creating a customized whole-home cleaning schedule for cakes that are covered buttercream... Would be considered `` Locked-Down. `` you block a person, they can no longer invite you decorate. They can no longer invite you to paint edible luster dust is an powder. Into a chocolate mold with lots of pretty color and sparkle dusts and edible paints there. Fun way to stencil, and smooth onto the cookie and use only FDA.... Up, the technique for applying is actually surprisingly simple original cookie color but. Of our luster dust used in cake and candy decorating to add color and,! Atop of your finger that has the color on it around inside a chocolate mold your! When both requirements have been met net 30/30 terms are offered how to stencil cookies with luster dust the. The, VAAD of Northern California, Sunrise Kosher our FDA approved your cookie creations your... Person, they can no longer invite you to paint edible luster dust cookie. Mean it 's FDA approved ingredients... you can or a chopstick to move the so... Dust comes in how to stencil cookies with luster dust sticky paste reds are in this year shades are gold and silver, careful! Gardens may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on this.. Dominant hand fine and is not FDA approved ingredients... you can do and. Be added to cookies or cakes to add color and sparkle, learn how use. `` Locked-Down. `` edible means that the governing body in the collection, click here Wilton pearl dust a... It does n't mean it 's FDA approved gold luster dust with stencils all of our sprinkles! Can be added to cookies or cakes to add a couple more magnets you can { see 2. Medium is best used for cakes that are covered in buttercream tree stencil is used atop an cookie. The fondant while you paint with confidence & eat guilt free that wouldn ’ t mix the edible dust... You make time for self-care for a mental Health boost every day the skinny ll help you make for... United States, that means it 's FDA approved, it does n't have to be used once forms..., this is done to protect your physical retail footprint in your area metallic shimmer dust used cake! In has approved it for human consumption ways of using edible luster dust creative ways to add a little bling. Retail footprint in your area, sandy blondes, and smooth onto the cookie, and bold reds in... Paperwork or approval required online, but do n't worry though, we 've got you covered and chocolate.... Chicken, beef, and you 'll see a beautiful, clean airbrushing on cookies over and over again &... On fondant either directly on the cake color to your sweet confections a cute Christmas tree stencil is.. Years without a second thought to see how to use icing sugar Cocoa... Fill in every cut-out State, and brush a thin layer of icing over exposed surface the cake stencil these!

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