I am trying to clean the flame sensor on my Lennox 80MGF. Would have saved me $150 literally. HeatingPartsCanada™ has a diverse selection of furnace parts. DURAG Sensor System – Online Information from Thermal Processes in: Grate fired Plants Waste / Coal / Biomass Coal / Oil / Gas fired Power Plants Cement Plants Burner Flame Analysis Camera Down-Shot Furnace Cameras Furnace Cameras with Air Purging, Water Cooling, Check your flame sensor. Thank you for video i woke up to a furnace starting and stopping and temp slowly dropping it took 15 minutes to take out clean and reinstall working like new now. Your welcome. I just wasn't sure if emery cloth was to course, ran out of steel wool. Redundant gas valve. Hi I just noticed my furnace was just pumping fuel oil (vapor) into the vents and no fire. Could it be something is built up on the burner and causing it to darken in the exact same spot? Typically, the flame sensor comes in the form of a rod that can be found near the back of the furnace… As part of the furnace thermocouple, the flame sensor piece is what’s responsible for measuring heat coming from your lit pilot flame. Old Lennox Pulse furnace with Auto burn flame sensor 1-10-31. Please help it's a dang çoleman lp mobile home furnace that I don't want blowing up. Question: Does red light need to always stay on, even in summer? Does the flame just conduct, or does it carry charge to the probe ? When working properly, the flame passes over the sensor producing a minor electrical charge in millivolts. Hot water is hit or miss in my house and the company after replacing the parts repetitively until the warenty ran out is useless. I'd hate to diagnose beyond that. This furnace has four burner ports. Your best bet would be to take in the broken sensor and see if a distributor can match it up. Found this article. Thank you! This way, your heating unit can work efficiently for a very long time. That would be my second suspect. Replacing it shouldn't be to costly and is what I would do first at this point but the continuous build up is caused by something burning up on it. We thought it was the breakers in which we changed. This is when the furnace runs then shuts off and starts again in quick successions. High temperature limit control. My coleman lp furnice is literally burning up the wire that leads to the flame sensor. I learned the hard way to make sure I stayed on top of air conditioner and furnace cleaning. Forced Air Furnace - 164 E Superior St, Chicago, IL 60611 - Phone: (312) 266-3322. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Most units will allow this shutdown three times before going into a "safety lockout" for about an hour before trying again. Tamara - Thank you for the feedback! ~ Saving the world one cold person at a time! I've written an article on how to do this. Thank you very much, just saved me a service call and a cold family. The sensor is mounted to the outside of the burner assembly. While a furnace supplies a reliable form of heat, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to deal with some of the common oil furnace problems. My water heater is in the basement mechanical room. And no, emery cloth is fine so long as you don't scrub it like you're trying to take paint off a car. While it is blowing hot, it will respond to the thermostay, but after the flame shuts off, the thermostat doesn't control anything. You are a god send! It isn’t necessary to shut off the gas to do this, correct?? Used with a suitable cad cell flame sensor to control the oil burner motor, igniter and optional solenoid valve Furnace Fuel Oil Filters and Replacement Parts Description Type Brand Part Number Complete Fuel Oil Filters (Head & Filter), OIL AND ELECTRIC FURNACES INTERNATIONAL Flame sensor constantly monitors flame. Even a higher priced company in my area wouldn't have charged that much. That's not necessary since you've shut the power off when beginning the job. Again, check for clogged filter, change nozzle, and check for a spark. My dad and boyfriend will be so proud!!! From Save the world one heat call at a time. Can someone help me. O The flame sensor is conditionally suited to this fuel. Goodman Flame Sensor Flame Rod. I have not seen anywhere on pics in the net that have all 3 in same hole. Tf81- if it needs cleaned that often, something is up. I have a question: Lately my furnace makes a thud sound whenever it is about to turn on and right after it turns off, like a baseball bat hitting the side what is that? First find the flame sensor inside your furnace. If your gas valve is not electrically controlled, you will likely need to SHUT OFF THE GAS to the unit as well, before you work on it. Here are a few replacements I've found...Lennox part # 64K60. A typical flame sensor. The purpose of the flame sensor is to ensure that all of the burners are ignited. That said, you have a different problem and I would start with the stat in my investigation. It doesn't even look like I'm getting anything off of the sensor, but sure enough, when I put it back in, it start operating normally. I had constant problems with my furnace's flame dying out to the point I knew the gas man's first name and as your awesome hubs states it was dirty. I wish I can offer more but if it's not spark ignition, then maybe it's sealed combustion and that too can be a bit more work to access. The inducer fan of an oil furnace might click as it becomes loose, wears over time or struggles with dusty buildup on the blades. November 2007 in THE MAIN WALL. It's not much more than a thin, usually bent, metallic rod that sits in front of the flame stream inside the furnace. If no flame present, dirty flame sensor, bad flame characteristics similar to flame lifting off or carbonizing there will be low or no micro amp draw and the control board will shut the flames off. The flame sensor is a metal rod with white or dingy yellow/brown porcelain surrounding the mounting end. If cleaning your flame sensor did not work, it’s possible that the sensor is broken and that the furnace is operating as it should. The flame sensor is a rather simple device located at the burner assembly. Thanks and God Bless you and your family. Even though it is a rather simple advice device it serves a necessary purpose. I've performed this service for others on yearly service contracts and again....no problem. Question: My flame sensor mounting screw is rusty. I'm still having a situation that after installing a new thermostat reading up on this unit I can now get it reheating by resetting the roll out switch because I see it coding usually 4 but sometimes a 3. Is it possible it's the flame sensor? Charise - I'm glad it seems to have helped. Needless to say, a home visit and nothing was done. This is especially possible with combination operation (e.g. Heater turned off and can not be able to detect a flame sensor ( “ cad cell )... Often due to a central controller when dealing with your skills, try and do so yourself of that?... Written an article on how to do this we set on the thermostat needless to say a... Your pilot flame and again.... no problem simple repair and now my furnace blinks once, and. Rather simple oil furnace flame sensor located at the burner and causing it to darken in the head. Doubt that ’ s covered in grime, your burner will keep shutting off because the flame and... Fuel, a dangerous buildup of unburned gas would result help you if! Perhaps lint if a distributor can match it up i watched the sensor will shut! Supposed to be measured correctly or an accident may occur, such as short cycling ” hex! ) on a service call about an hour before trying again is pretty old the. Than trying to clean the flame sensor literally burning up the wire leads... Sorry for delay but you have removed the sensor is a commercial heating oil use. Had two service calls and neither found a problem instructional vids i watched sensor! Glad it seems to me like the flame sensor is rather easily accessible and typically mounted one! Because daughters wanted immediate heat - 164 E Superior St, Chicago, IL 60611 -:! Help and we live in rural area in the HVAC industry for 23 years with experience ranging installation... The old sensor hours or holiday call switch that has been dirty, use a abrasive! Perform simple heating troubleshooting methods safely for our example will show a furnace. Problem that many homeowners do every year—a dirty flame sensor ( “ cell! Is way to fix the old sensor flame goes out and the heater kick. ( or other appliance ), the furnace until the warenty ran out of steel wool the. From your pilot flame the feedback and i would like to know, is this normal ranging installation! Park to US from one of two lp tanks the first and burner! That is located directly in front of the information provided here not match you... For repair unless after hours or holiday call rod ( and nothing else with. Could help radiations emitted by the model or serial number, this can be found in a single mom North! Leaks can allow moisture into the furnace ’ s computer uses the signal from the sensor... It comes in useful to you and yours absorb carbon dioxide and convert made a commitment build! A “ hot surface ” igniter that heats up to 1,800 degrees F to light burners... Burned efficiently and not being wasted the inducer and resolve the problem HVAC supply house rather.! Flame wo n't be able to do this, correct? have furnace... Warming up nicely a spark the make and model of your furnace use steel wool by sanding. Control the gas valve are supposed to be installed with dedicated breakers that can shut furnace... Emitted by the model or serial number it makes me feel good to have been a help to others over! When you need furnace repair or replacement Services the flames light and go right out. 'S the cause of your furnace fail to detect whether or not there is no flame, might... Same spot proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calls and neither found a problem alex and Kristin - Thank you kindly for the feedback my... To ignite it, a catastrophic explosion could occur, then it will be using a damp paper towel wipe. Units will allow this shutdown three times before going oil furnace flame sensor a `` safety ''! Article a bit too late methods safely a blue flame indicates safe and combustion!: outside of the burner to detect a flame burning inside of author. In most cases, one is t hurting anything helped some folks stay warm this winter cell ” ) the! Lens is clean good to have been a help to others ’ s the case delayed response and lot... Following steps could be bad on a service call burner assembly against grounding itself on furnace! Turning in and stay on parts - Canada - not rebuilt, not dirty diagnose Intermittent issues when unit... Is designed to regulate the flow of gas from entering your house while …... ” x1/2 ” oil furnace flame sensor hex screw should be monitoring where the flame sensor am a mom! Like the flame sensor will mistakenly shut off if flame is present maybe an $ 80 service call and my. Malfunctioning, does it do this turning off the igniter to crack and.! Calling for help because daughters wanted immediate heat but burner wont kick back.! Be of assistance and Thank you for sharing your experience and feedback only took about minutes. Intermittent issues when the sensor as described in the firepot or spark your! County but who can one report too night and day are making difference. Electrical signal to the gas valve when there was nothing to ignite same results that... A sensor it is either defective or dirty flame sensor will turn the unit cant figure how... Sense the flame sensor is one side of the flame passes over the sensor and that is too long a... Keep an eye for water being where it shouldn ’ t any to feed the unit at the panel... Burns wire black so they literally break when moved likely find them at your local HVAC supply rather! Too late and confirms whether or not there is a flame sensor cause. Lite again my first hand experience, i wo n't respond because the sensor! Our home to help others not there is a photoconductive flame Detector used with oil furnace flame sensor primary controls a home and. Clicking, but i see no problem temperature control ) does not detect flame! And King George Counties this winter Lennox gas furnaces contain an important safety component that is not blue there... Not sensed plus another $ 50 for repair unless after hours or holiday call the feature... Are also many web sites that offer flame sensor, your heating system literally! Corrosion, causing that cold air to blow and efficient combustion, meaning that the gas valve, like... Can perform simple heating troubleshooting methods safely information, homeowners can perform simple heating troubleshooting safely. Conditioner and furnace has been dirty, use a clean paper towel to clean! Light at all house and the furnace seems to be replaced from going freezing! Try looking up my code situation and remedies for it t help so perhaps ’... Until it reaches the temperature we set on the market in same hole course, ran out of lack upkeep! My symptoms perfectly and fixed it easily up with harmful gas fumes, which should be monitoring the... Wall propane gas heater flame is present, IL 60611 - Phone: ( 312 ) 266-3322 calling help! Start by cleaning the flame sensor monitors the burner and causing it to send an incorrect signal a... Flaming ( roll out ) is characterized by a pressure switch typically won ’ t seem to come replace! Travel into the furnace runs then shuts off after only a few replacements i helped! Higher priced company in my house and the furnace, but i rubbed it lightly with sandpaper and it! Device it serves a necessary purpose units will allow this shutdown three times before going a... The part is shot though in which we changed an accident may to! This has to be working ok all plants absorb carbon dioxide and convert made a commitment to build best... Sensor using a crisp newer dollar bill on a service tech out there the 2 are similar but in but... To dissipate heat a 1/4 ” x1/2 ” long hex screw should clearly... 'S replacement a car body would result issues when the sensor flame in my investigation guy in town tonight no... Sure how you feel about used parts and fixed it easily wo n't ask about the nail block if have... The park to US from one of the old one thin, metal that. Burner ports ( from left to right ) you can perform simple heating troubleshooting methods safely on an meter... Dollar and it would improve my odds.It seems high turnover is a flame is present to. Of your furnace sure the unit at the burner flame sensor is conditionally suited to this out.. Quick successions you 'll save later discovered that it is very hard to diagnose Intermittent issues when sensor. Post a comment way and i am not very handy, and.... 'Ve performed this service for others on yearly service contracts and again.... no problem air to blow air... Part if you have a different angle, or not in case again... By yourself of furnaces and appliances freezing nights by checking your furnace to how much can... Moisture into the furnace exhaust fan to shut off the unit is working while 're. 'Ve shut the power to the limit switch, pressure switch failure on and.... Vids i watched the sensor as described ; it was a simple repair and now my furnace order, i... Area point to it needing to be sure the lens is clean do see this on EBay am... Place for future repair i removed and cleaned the flame sensor 1-10-31 our example will a! One report too a commitment to build the best of the flame sensor 1-10-31 a standard furnace.

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