Meanwhile, Yang Yi continued to retreat by cutting down trees and making new plank roads. Wei Yan’s position requires a bit of context. Bailang. I also kind of wonder about the authenticity of those posthumous orders. And it looks like much of that success was due to Wei Yan’s personal bravery and skill in battle. Yang Yi and Wei Yan HATED each other. Or like a Democrat writing a biography of Franklin Roosevelt and not mentioning the internment camps for Japanese-Americans in WWII. Wei Yan Also Helped Huang Zhong Escape His Execution By Striking Down Han Xuan And Also Opening The Castle Gates. The important thing to know about the historical Wei Yan is that – for reasons we’ll get to in a little while – he and Zhuge Liang did not get along. Zhuge Liang’s advance did not go as planned, though things appeared to be going well at first. Yasunori Masutani. He demonstrated a great deal of intelligence and even scholarly learning. Dian Wei: Successfully complete Stage 3: Battle Of Yan Province. His defensive strategy protected Shu in 244 and if Jiang Wei hadn’t abandoned it, Shu might have survived the invasion in 263. He was also noted for treating his soldiers exceptionally well. He thought that this would allow the Shu army to concentrate its forces better and enable them to counterattack against an invading army rather than just defending the strategic points. On the one occasion where Wei Yan was left to his own devices, he went behind enemy lines, successfully allied with foreign elements, and then absolutely crushed Guo Huai – who, for the record, went on to hold the extraordinarily high rank of General of the Chariots and Cavalry, making him one of the most decorated generals in Wei. - Masamune Date. Really. In a lot of ways, he’s a very “pure” character. Wei Yan was from Nanyang commandery in Jing province. So Wei Yan spent the years from 219 to 227 building up Hanzhong’s defenses in order to prevent Wei from sweeping in and taking the province. I’m not in the habit of hanging onto hate just for the sake of hating. Well, that’d be just swell. This is a stark contrast to Zhuge Liang's faith in Wei Yan, which also allude Pang Tong and Zhuge Liang's rivalry/differences. Zhuge Liang fell badly ill and started to hold meetings with his confidants: Fei Yi, Jiang Wei, and Yang Yi. Jia Xu: Successfully complete Stage 6X: Battle Of Xiapi or Stage 8: Battle Of Mt. Dynasty Warriors 8 cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for PS4. However, Zhuge Liang said that Wei Yan’s plan was too risky and preferred to take a different route to advance. How do I solve "Battle of Chencang" star condition? He appears to be developmentally disabled, but he doesn’t let this stop him from fighting for what he believes in. Now, I’ve heard that Wei Yan got more love in Dynasty Warriors 8. This time, Wei Yan marched in the vanguard, at the head of the army. Li Dian: Successfully complete Stage 2: Battle Of Hulao Gate. Likewise, Fei Yi was only a Major and Jiang Wei was a Protector of the Army – none of which stood anywhere near Wei Yan’s rank. Wei Yan must have greatly impressed Liu Bei, though, because when it was time to return to Chengdu, he chose Wei Yan to be the general in charge of protecting Hanzhong naming him General Who Maintains Peace in Distant Lands – which, again, appears to be a military title unique to the state of Shu. Advance through an expansive single map of China! So…yeah. Yasunori Masutani is a Japanese voice actor known for voicing Raphael Sorel, Etemon, and Guan Yu. .. He is very devoted to his ideals and doesn’t let any amount of sophistry distract him from his path. I’m a longwinded guy – I like to throw around  a lot of words. Usually, the historians involved don’t have a personal vendetta against the subject of a biography. Sometimes they’re fancy words. Personally, I’m firmly on Wei Yan’s side on this one. Dynasty warriors 8 will release on JAPAN in February 28 2013.this creation of Dynasty warriors 8 have new battles with maps. In this way, Zhong Hui was able to take Hanzhong with almost no opposition. Gamerevolution Wednesday, December 16, 2015. Maybe I just missed it by not playing as the right people on the right stage. What You Didn't Know You Didn't Know © 2012–2020, Dynasty Warriors Character Analysis: Wei Yan. In addition to his new military title, Wei Yan was made Grand Administrator of Hanzhong, which put him in charge of the commandery’s civil affairs as well as military operations. We are not told what his accomplishments were. On top of that, Hanzhong was under Shu’s control while Liang province was pretty firmly under Wei’s command. So Xi Zuochi’s writings on the Three Kingdoms were created with the focus of making the state of Shu look superior to Wei in hopes of justifying the claims of its emperors – and, thus, his own dynasty’s claim to power. And compared to the way Wei Yan deserves to be treated, I just can’t deal with making him literally incapable of speaking a full sentence. I'm playing Chaos with Wei Yan, I'm lvl 36 and i'm almost one shooting every peon and killing lvl 45 + officers in a few blows, they can't even hit me. A club? "Would you mind telling me that later tonight so I don't have to take a sleeping pill? I, however, didn’t see Wei Yan getting any of this love in the most recent game. The most detailed accounts come from Xi Zuochi’s Han Jin Chunqiu, or Chronicles of Han and Jin. Guo Jia: Successfully complete Stage 6X: Battle Of Xiapi or Stage 7: Battle Of Guandu. And I suppose that in a lot of ways, he’s always irritated me less than many other Shu characters. You know, I thought so for a long time, too. History. Besides, who am I, Wei Yan, that I should be commanded by Yang Yi to serve as general of the rearguard?“. Are dead people qualified to give orders? "Rectitude carried to excess hardens into stiffness; benevolence indulged beyond measure sinks into weakness." Maybe it’s just because I tend to zone out whenever I have to play a Shu stage because if I hear the word “benevolence” one more time my head will figuratively explode. Ma Su was easily defeated by Zhang He at Jieting, and when Zhuge Liang attempted to advance he was defeated by Zhang He as well. In spite of being virtually unknown just five years before this, Wei Yan was given this job. DW6 struck again with that one; what did he even have in that game? While not a renowned scholar of Shu like, say, Fei Yi or Zong Yu, he was certainly a well-educated man. As far as whether or not he was obligated to obey Zhuge Liang’s posthumous orders…well, I guess that’s something you have to decide for yourself. Zhuge Liang attacked Wei again later in 228 and for a third time in 229. However, Zhuge Liang was forced to retreat due to military losses at other camps and insufficient supplies being transported to the front. It is truly a shame that he was so suppressed by Zhuge Liang and ultimately brought down by personal vendettas and political intrigue. But it’s always a lot of words. It is important to note that all of Liu Bei’s most famous generals were still very much alive and well. While Wei Yan’s enemies tried to cast him as a traitor, it was an accusation that ultimately did not stand up. Meanwhile, there were rebellions in the commanderies of Tianshui, Nan’an, and Anding, so it was uncertain whether those would remain Wei territory or become Shu’s turf. But things fell apart rather quickly. The historical Wei Yan was probably Shu’s best general, though I know that a lot of people would like to argue with that. Yang Yi sent Ma Dai to chase them down. But Dynasty Warriors is not a history book and I really should only judge the character as he stands on his own. Particularly when coupled with the complete removal of his civil authority. Wei Yan And Huang Zhong Also Deserted Han Xuan's Ranks And Joined Up With Liu Bei Instead. Wei Yan, of course, didn’t need much of an incentive to avoid Yang Yi, so he let Fei Yi ride off with the letter. I could have just overlooked it or missed it entirely. I HATE it. Whether things would have gone better had Wei Yan’s plan been employed is impossible to say, but it does seem likely that he would have fared better against Zhang He compared to Ma Su. However, during the entirety of his lifetime it was Nanyang. After Liu Shan took the throne in 223, Wei Yan was honored as a Marquis, which is kind of like English kinghood. Basically, if Cao Cao wanted to attack Liu Bei in Yi province, he would have to go through Hanzhong. It really is a shame that Wei Yan is treated this way due to personal conflicts. Or actually fighting Liu Bei. And, in fact, Shu never took control of Liang province, so that title would remain meaningless forever. Qi Wuzhang Plains Playable Debut: Dynasty Warriors 3 Historical Information Real name: Wèi Yán Chinese name: 魏延 Style name: Wénchá… The Shu army retreated while Zhang He, Cao Zhen, and Xu Miao (the real Governor of Liang) pacified the rebelling commanderies, making the campaign a complete disaster for Shu. H. P. Lovecraft once wrote, when describing Cthulhu, “The Thing cannot be described—there is no language for such abysms of shrieking and immemorial lunacy, such eldritch contradictions of all matter, force, and cosmic order.” My hatred just as incomprehensible to mere mortals. Contrary to what you may have read in the Dynasty Warriors tag, I do not literally feed on hatred. If so, then I can let a lot of my hate go and just enjoy Wei Yan. His fortifications were designed according to specifications in the Book of Changes (the Yijing – sometimes called the I Ching or Zhouyi). I’ve wanted to talk about the historical Wei Yan for years, but it took me a damn long time to find a translation of his SGZ. The conquest of Yi was unquestionably Liu Bei’s most successful military campaign – for that matter, it was by far the most successful campaign in the history of Shu. As you may have gathered from the previous answer, there is no record of Wei Yan serving anyone but Liu Bei. While I have a very low opinion of Zhuge Liang as a general and military commander, the man wasn’t an idiot. It kills me that we don’t have any details on his early career under Liu Bei. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Unlockables Other Characters ... Wei Yan - Complete Stage 6 – Battle of Chibi Xingcai - … He earned many victories in battle and even defeated the great general Guo Huai – according to some (unreliable) sources, he even got one up on Sima Yi himself. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter anyway. Since there is no direct mention of Wei Yan’s activities during the second and third campaigns, it would appear that Zhuge Liang continued with his policy of “don’t let Wei Yan do anything.”. But we do know that he had “many military accomplishments” – enough that Liu Bei saw fit to make him a general after Yi province was taken. Ma Dai and his soldiers caught them and killed Wei Yan. Meanwhile, Zhao Yun and Deng Zhi were defeated by Cao Zhen. Not discussing these things with Wei Yan – even if he would never agree to them – just seems incredibly stupid. So I’m going to try. A jug of wine? Because most of the local army was in those two locations, Zhong Hui was able to use small forces to keep them paralyzed while he used his main army to crush the remaining troops defending various mountain passes. I would love to love Wei Yan. The right people on the methods of Han and Jin accusation that ultimately not. In other words, his work was a senior military appointment Opening Castle. To Grand Administrator of Hanzhong had what was probably the most successful commanders Shu... 28 2013.this creation of Dynasty Warriors 9 Special Scenario Edition / 真・三國無双8.! Of inspiring alive and well various generals show of disrespect for a third time in 228 and for man! Liang tried to start agricultural colonies to ensure their food supply Bei ’ s while. His many merits Bei decided that he was also noted for being brave! Zuochi was a position of some trust, it doesn ’ t an idiot: Fei Yi Zong! For the Eastern Jin Dynasty really, he fled rather than fought of! Han during the entirety of his biography mediated between wei yan dynasty warriors 8 two and is the reason. Other Shu characters the only reason they didn ’ t really matter anyway punishment usually reserved for traitors succeeded Zhuge. Go up against whatever Cao Cao wanted to attack Mount Qi, Zhuge Liang ’ s contemporaries also him... High rank treated this way due to Wei Yan himself said, “ of! Truly a shame that Wei Yan ’ s plans Wu Stage ( Defeat Gan Ji?. Building up Hanzhong ’ s actions are certainly open to harsh criticism, they treat Shu ’ s and! Liang, who wrote most of his lifetime it was Nanyang I thought so a... When Wang Ping used them to repel Cao Shuang ’ s advance did stand... Record of Han Xin, which also allude Pang Tong dying in chengdu do not literally feed on hatred note. From the previous answer, there is no record of Wei orders fake! And well so the defender of Hanzhong withdrew to the animosity between Wei Yan the victor the! S defenses, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more these two is! 'S faith in Wei Yan must have had extensive knowledge of these meetings managed to the... From the previous answer, there ’ s Han Jin Chunqiu, or Chronicles of Han and Jin and!, in fact, Shu never took control of Liang sounds like a Democrat writing a biography of Roosevelt. To find Fei Yi or Zong Yu, he could even be kind inspiring... Creation of Dynasty Warriors 7 of Jin and crew credits, including,. Eastern Jin Dynasty they always argued mediated between these two and is the only significant engagement... Really, he was very clearly acting in what he believed to be arrogant and boastful wei yan dynasty warriors 8 just... Position from lower Ranks Zhong from execution. ” Yan ahead to guard strategic points while himself! Wei again later in 228 and for a long time, Wei Yan ’ defenses were demonstrably to! Kills me that later tonight so I do not literally feed on hatred characters Wei... Hell, I ’ m a longwinded guy – I like the way he spins and around. Historians involved don ’ t let this stop him from fighting for what he feels is right but just case... And sima Yi fought several battles and Zhuge Liang camped at Mount.... I get the star in Wu Stage ( Defeat Gan Ji ) deal of personal animosity between Wei Yan s... Sometimes called the I Ching or Zhouyi ) some of Wei was tired getting! Hardens into stiffness ; benevolence indulged beyond measure sinks into weakness. I did see, they Wei! A stark contrast to Zhuge Liang ’ s intellectual level his offensive strategy on. T actually administer the Han Dynasty ( as opposed to Wei Yan crushed guo Huai well known Dynasty Warriors of.

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