They are not invasives. It forms a dense carpet about four inches high, has dark green leaves, and is almost evergreen. It blooms a long time and looks interesting in the winter, too, if you don't cut back the flowers. Is the ground extremely hard? In early spring, it produces small white or pink flowers. They also develop wilt if they're not regularly thinned. Phlox subulata cultivars come in a variety of flower colors, including white, blue, red, and pink. Not sure what to do. The downside of planting thyme as lawn replacement is the cost. How many creeping thyme plants do I need? They set back my spirea. Struggling to grow grass in dry shade? We live very rural and the slope leads into a grassy gulley on the north and woodland on the east. I would like to just throw seed down and see what will come up. It likes full sun and grows close to the ground at only two to four-inches tall. At just two inches tall, mazus is the perfect ground cover to plant between stepping stones and along walls. Creeping thyme isn't just for replacing grass or filling in space in a walkway. Best, Jill. So, I think a combo of ice plants (6 total max), stonecrop (I have 6 total i can use and 2 of those are Fuldaglut - which you've mentioned), and creeping thyme, or mazus. Pshaw! The phlox is a live but not spreading at all. Groundcovers sprawl across the ground but don't grow tall, eliminating the need to mow, providing the perfect alternative to grass. If you really want to know, take a photo of it with your phone and send the picture to, Hi, i have a flower bed that is constantly overgrown with weeds. These low-lying plants do not choke out other species, but they can hinder their growth with proper maintenance, especially during establishment. What service each of these plants does perform, however, is that where they do grow, they grow tightly, making it less likely you'll have to weed. All the best, Jill. ‘Elfin' has less scent than grass, but it forms a dense mat of tiny, bright green leaves. 400+ Creeping Thyme Seeds- Ground Cover Seeds-THYMUS SERPYLLUM- Magic Carpet...low maintenance ground cover seeds. Coccineus Thyme (Thymus praecox ‘Coccineus’) Other Lawn Thyme Varieties. Sedum is fairly easy to start this way. 6574. Help! I am excited to try all of these next spring. Pull the Creeping Charlie out of the ground and dispose of it as you would in the hand pulling method, or it could come back from the nodes and roots. To choke out weeds. BEST article I have found! Again, just check first to make sure they're appropriate for your zone. Does Hermione die in Harry Potter and the cursed child? Creeping Jenny covers large areas quickly, putting out roots all along its stems and choking out weeds. Thank you. The water pours out of the mountain and from what I can see on the Highlands Water Preservation it is the headwater to the stream. Like creeping Jenny, dragon's blood sedum has trailing stems that root easily, so it's a snap to propagate. photo via Flickr by Katherine Creeping Thyme Planting, Care, and Propagation Tips In the summer the slope is covered in weeds. Most of the thyme is dead. Soil compaction will probably be your greatest challenge. Thyme is an ideal grass alternative. It does well in containers, rock gardens, and places where little else (besides weeds) will grow. Answer: Some ice plants are hardy in Zones 9-11. I live on a corner lot that neighboring dog walkers use too often. I will add a bright crape myrtle in the fall - UNLESS you have a suggestion for a long or multi-season interest tree. Thanks for stopping by. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Do any of the others have that quality? Maybe white groundcover? If so, you may have to add organic matter to ameliorate the problem somewhat when installing new plants. Wow! Planting a creeping thyme lawn with plants set 6-12 inches (15-30 cm.) Likewise, will creeping thyme overtake grass? It looked nice at first but now weeds have taken over and the yard looks awful. Can you recommend a nice looking and colorful covering that does not require much work to apply? . The creeping lemon thyme that my friend was growing, sported the same pink flowers as creeping caraway thyme and creeping spicy orange thyme. However, Johnson grass and weeds grow great! You will probably want to choose native plants, which will require less maintenance than non-natives. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. I am going to plant some Spring bulbs and some trees and bushes now during Fall here in Northern Utah. House is at 5,500 elevation, 18 miles south of Big Bear. Will this bother the rose? Answer: You're in 7a or 8b, depending on your location. It was going to be on top of a slope, but now I think it will be on the actual slope - so that people will see it. Creeping phlox is a classic perennial ground cover that's hardy in Zones 3-9. ... including creeping thyme, sweet woodruff, lambs ear and liriope. Thanks for commenting! . I find that ice plants "travel" on me too. Copyright 2020 FindAnyAnswer All rights reserved. Generally, creeping thyme takes one year to get established, and then begins to spread in its second season. Jill Spencer (author) from United States on April 06, 2018: Hi Scott, weeds around your roses will attract pests. Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on October 24, 2017: Hi Jill Such helpful information...I am looking for ground cover and it looks like I came the right spot. The area is approx 40’ x 15’. In mild climates, it remains green year round and begins blooming in early spring. How do I replace grass with creeping thyme? The problem might be compaction. It even makes a great spiller in mixed container gardens. Mazus reptans, commonly called mazus, is another low-maintenance perennial ground cover. I think using sedums on the slope is a great idea, but you probably will need to weed a little bit until they get established. A lot of mullein and lambs ear which I don’t mind but then there are huge thistles that are just scary. Disparately seeking help! Also, epimedium. 'John Creech,' is a smaller, slower growing cultivar that produces pretty pink blossoms in fall. Potentially a gardens because I may have a spare later. Its long, trailing stems have round chartreuse leaves and yellow flowers. Click to see full answer Accordingly, how fast does creeping thyme spread? Jill Spencer (author) from United States on July 06, 2018: Ooh, Ruth, that's a type I've never grown. We use weed eaters for the efficiency, and all you have to do it have your hive 5-6 inches off the ground and you can easily mow around them without harming them. It's deer-resistant, too. Planting thyme instead of grass for a lawn will save not only water but also time on things like mowing and edging, as Christina Frutiger has beautifully demonstrated at her Gig Harbor home. Jill Spencer (author) from United States on August 03, 2015: Hi "Leafy Splurge." There are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the most important one is to work within your zone. Do I need to remove grass before planting? Jill Spencer (author) from United States on January 11, 2018: Red creeping thyme will grow out of the bed, but . And it's easy to propagate; transplant small plugs from established plants in early spring or fall when they're not in bloom, or root cuttings during the summer and plant them in autumn. One is extremely wet all year. I've used Creeping Jenny before around the house, and it grows very nicely and I never have weeds around it. Without seeing the area, I'm not sure what to say except perhaps two things. Definitely! Mazus works best in shade, but some cultivars of creeping phlox will also work. Especially the thyme. The other plants could be considered deer resistant; however, that doesn't mean deer won't sometimes eat them or at least take a bite and then decide they don't want to graze those particular plants. That's what I've found in my garden, anyway. I’d rather replace my front lawn with ground over that dogs won’t want to walk on. I will cage them this fall. GREAT article! Press Photo/T.J. This low maintenance turf alternative requires no mowing, fertilizing, thatching or watering. Hi, we just bought a new house and there is no landscaping at all, just dirt and weeds starting to grow. I need weed control, and hopefully something about 8-inches tall or so. The pictures were great! It has needle-like evergreen leaves that form a dense mat to effectively suppress weeds. Jill Spencer (author) from United States on July 02, 2013: Thanks, Patricia. Answer: Phlox borealis (Arctic Phlox) might be a good choice. An evergreen perennial, heuchera is known for its vibrant foliage, which ranges in color from silver to green to brown. I love the creeping thyme. Question: I live in Puerto Rico. Answer: Gardeners do use ground covers like a mulch, to hold moisture and prevent erosion. We desperately need to put down a covering this year as the work to cut down the overgrowth of weeds is to difficult for us. Great choices! I have been trying to choose some groundcovers for 3 areas - and I have been studying the ones you listed. STEP 3: Remove the dead Creeping Charlie by hand. Question: Can I use ground cover plants as a mulch in my flower garden? A thyme lawn made from the soft yet tough species and varieties of creeping thyme might just be the most wonderful thing to ever happen to your garden. Thank you... Jill Spencer (author) from United States on April 14, 2018: Thank you, Roberta! Own Herby, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. For extremely high-traffic areas that don't bear up well when planted with grass. Secondly, what is the best low maintenance ground cover? Creeping Thyme (Thymus Serpyllum Magic Carpet) - If you have a stepping stone path or a flagstone patio, growing Magic Carpet seeds is a great way to add lovely, low-growing thyme to the walkway and patio crevices. It is sometimes flooded by the pond but only for a few hours at a time, sometimes very wet but can be very dry in late summer. I have very sloppy, sunny hillside with many weeds. Tufted creeping phlox (Phlox stolonifera) is a North American native that prefers partial sun or shade and moist soil. Use it to ring a pond, trail along a wall, or edge a walkway. It really, really chokes out the weeds, forming a thick mat. Water drips from it sort of like it does from an umbrella. Full/Partial sun. Voted up and useful: I've been looking for some weed-choking ground cover, and here you supply the very ideas I need! One of the perennial ground covers below could be the perfect solution to your problem. Answer: Could it be phlox? Jill Spencer (author) from United States on September 04, 2019: Hi, Kathy. It might not be a tall plant, but it would spread out with vine-like threads, hence the name, creeping. Bricks, wood or anything that sinks a few inches in the ground to stop the grass from overtaking it. SOMETHING has to fill in the dirt before the weeds come back. Jill likes cooking, writing, painting, & stewardship, and studies gardening through MD Master Gardener & Master Naturalist programs. Ajuga is tenacious spreading by means of runners, or ground-level stems that root and form new plants and chokes out weeds along the way. Excellent for sunny or shady spots on a slope. Thanks for stopping by! Walking on it will cause little bursts of thyme scent to accompany every step. For erosion control, few ground covers work better than creeping phlox (Phlox subulata). Over the last couple of years it has moved itself away from the bush toward the rocky edging. Wish you luck! I'm passing along to you a link to your area extension service so that you can ask a gardening expert in your state (mostly likely a professor) about the best choices for that area of your yard. I had to leave at least 12" to walk through to prune and treat roses. I have a pollinator garden in Florida. It is an area about 140 feet long and about 55 feet wide from the back of the house to the back property line. May 23, 2014 - Explore J S's board "Creeping Thyme" on Pinterest. Hope it works for you! I have a Limelight Hydrangea tree nearby, but it hasn't grown much in two years. Dragon's blood sedum looks good year-round. Thymus praecox 'Coccineus' SKU. I think creeping thyme and/or creeping phlox would work well in the sort of mixed bed you're describing. We grew our thyme from seed, but you can also purchase organic plug trays for quicker results. Your pearls of knowledge are heartily welcomed! I have read again and again about creating thyme fast groth but I have no success with it I have a big front lawn that I want to convert to no grass lawn. Question: Why did my creeping thyme seeds not germinate? Thank you for the great information. Answer: It varies by county. Golden creeping Jenny is also called moneywort. You may want to ask your local extension agent. Thanks to your Backyard Gardener link, I determined that I'm in a zone 9 region. How fast are we talking about? Question: Are these ground covers all okay to step on and soft enough for bare feet? Ground covers that crowd out the weeds are a perfect solution. Jill Spencer (author) from United States on May 09, 2011: thanks, we were just talking about a problem area in our yard and you may have solved the problem. i have a 200sqm area that was a lawn area before i travel.. Creeping Thyme for Landscaping Using creeping thyme as groundcover chokes the life out of invasive weeds, keeping your flowerbeds free from weed growth. USDA Zone? :). Very helpful article. Jill Spencer (author) from United States on July 04, 2017: Paddy M, lots of herbs are distasteful to rabbits, including thyme and Greek oregano, both of which I use as a groundcover. Plants have a way of doing that! Jill Spencer (author) from United States on June 21, 2011: Awesome! It has become a weed area, i am planning to design it next year..however i need to clean it and grow land cover in the mean time. I live in NC, Zone 7b. Several 6 inch pots of red carpet thyme in the corner and couple of 6 inch pots of phlox as well. fdoleac from Hollis, New Hampshire on August 04, 2011: Thank you for this information. It's rather sweet to see it growing between the cracks of a stone border or draping out of the bed onto the sidewalk. How do I keep my ground cover from spreading? Second, I need something over and around my oriental lilies. The dripline is the area below the outer circumference of the tree branches. I'd like something that is only a few inches tall and flowers would be a definite bonus. Take care, Jill, another great Hub! Great hub! Cannot ask for rabbit proof, no such plant. Jill Spencer (author) from United States on June 06, 2020: Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. If i don't mow, the frog fruit looks great but weeds take over. I love creeping thyme and have some near a rose bush. Dry and dusty hard packed clay soil on a dirt road (lovely!) Do you have to remove grass before landscaping? Jill Spencer (author) from United States on June 29, 2019: Before you select any plants, make sure they are right for your growing zone.You might try creeping raspberry, Rubus rolfei, which is a ground cover that does well in areas where moisture fluctuates. Do you have any recommendations? Answer: Hi, I don't have any experience growing gardenias, so I'm including links to two articles you might find helpful: AND Best to you! Mine is growing in a flower garden. (I belong to the MD native plant society.) I am using drought tolerant plants, and I do NOT want to have to weed every week OR drag in tons of mulch every year. . And each requires little care to thrive where few other plants will grow. prefers part shade but will grow in full sun, in some conditions, it will bloom spring through fall, needle-like evergreen leaves form a dense mat to suppress weeds, fairly quick growing; heat-tolerant and deer-resistant; grows like a tightly-knit mat, hardiest and most versatile; thrives in poor soil. Asked By: Stephania Feas | Last Updated: 16th March, 2020, The less space between leaves, the slower your, Plant groundcovers to transform challenging bare spots in your landscape into a carpet of color. Jill Spencer (author) from United States on August 20, 2016: Hi Melissa! I killed my St. Augustine grass several years ago and last year planted frog fruit. It really is a remarkable plant! I have a spot with limited sun and in need of ground cover so the dirt will not wash away on a slight slop on the East side of my yard. here's the link: I'm in Zone 8. Ruth Coffee from Zionsville, Indiana on June 11, 2018: Great information here. Exploded pumpkin daylilies won't choke out all the weeds like a thick groundcover, but deer don't seem to like that particular cultivar, and they bloom more than once. Here are some examples: I'm looking for ground cover for the island so I don't have to wade through the pond to maintain grass or other plants. I want to plant it and forget about it! When flowering, it can reach up to 12 inches high. Creeping Thyme Once creeping thyme (Thymus spp.) Depending on your soil and situation, any of these ground covers could be used to replace a lawn. Hope you give dragon's blood a try. But knowing that they serve the purpose of helping them to control weeds makes them all the more appealing. Any suggestions. I use it in our landscape and rarely have to weed it because it forms such a thick mat of vegetation. It is too steep to mow effectively. ... Plant evergreen ground cover plants in areas where grass won't easily grow, or to replace grass with something that requires less maintenance. Does creeping thyme stay green in winter? I was thinking Vinca or a hardy Phlox as we need fast growing. It loves full sun, it's drought-tolerant, and it isn't picky about soil quality. Liz, Sorry it's take me so long to respond. I am in 6A, NJ and have several problem areas. You mentioned in one of your comments that roses need ventilation. Yes No. (Major drought last year - ceaseless rain now). It is hardy to USDA zone 4, can be walked upon and will rapidly spread to fill in a space. Each grows thickly, choking out weeds as it spreads. White clover, dandelions and thyme shouldn't get too tall. Could you recommend a colorful ground covering that would be tolerant of that. ground to cover. Jill, Looking for a ground cover that is the most rabbit resistant. Thanks! Take care, Jill, Thanks for the information. I was wondering if you might be interested in using a ground cover like red or white clover? What plant will best suit my growing needs? 'Tricolor' has green, pink, and white variegated leaves. The drip line area is also called the Critical Root Zone (CRZ) or Root Protection Zone (RPZ). With lawn thyme you not only have a choice of height, but leaf and flower colour as well. When that happens, I take small chunks of established plants and plant them in the bare patches, then water them well. Many factors affect germination. Purple mixed with lavender butterfly bushes, pink cotton candy muhly grass, pink armeria, probably Lord Lieutenant Windflowers (blue-ish purple), French Lingerie reblooming daylilies, maybe a Millenium Globeflower, maybe Lilac Sensation OR Josee Lilac. Good hub! The creeping thyme I was looking for turns out to be Thymus praecox and is sometimes called Mother of Thyme. Creeping thyme is a 2- to 3-inch tall aromatic creeper that may spread several feet across. One area is by my hedge roses - in the flower bed between them and the next row. Red creeping thyme adds attractive, deep green color to your landscape throughout spring, but it's most beautiful in summer when it erupts in gorgeous crimson flowers. Thanks for sharing. We have a bed with Bottle Brush and a white rose with Lipia Nordiflora ground cover. Jill Spencer (author) from United States on April 08, 2019: Have you considered putting down cardboard or plastic for a few weeks? I also have a full sun area that I want a ground cover for that is non-invasive, low, perennial with some added color as it is in front of the house. Phlox stolonifera is a wonderful weed suppressor for shady spots. In summer, it has showy red flowers. Needs to be deer/rabbit resistant. Landscapers always want to use PREEN and Roundup--I won't let them jeopardize the oak, but I was wondering if ground cover will take too many nutrients and water? H. Zell via Wikimedia Commons, CC SA-BY 3.0. I have young baby, so don't want high maintenance, and currently have a lot of wasps living in the front bushes as well... Is there something you would recommend to plant here? that is excellent at breeding waves of weeds. I have slope areas to cover, and would love to see more options, particularly plants that get along with minimal to no care aside from watering. Just be sure to choose the type of phlox that prefers moist soil. Enjoyed this post on ground covers. Central Florida on November 07, 2017: Hi Diane the oregano to a! With you about the size of it, and it is n't picky about soil.. Thyme varieties plant to go on a corner lot that neighboring dog walkers use too often keep insisting on the... Aggressive grower, the disturbed area looks good within a day or.. Cultivating more weeds because the sedum does n't seem to grow in gardens '' on Pinterest not... Thrive where few other plants will grow in full shade, but it barely the! Looked nice at first but now weeds have taken over by weeds or landscaping fabric and top with mulch use... Thyme variety hillside with many weeds delicate leaves two inches tall, this spreads... Prone to mildew, so good long and will creeping thyme choke out grass 55 feet wide from the bush toward the rocky.! Thyme and have attractive blooms covers grow dense enough that they serve the purpose of helping to. A nuisance and i don ’ t mind but then there are thistles... Need daily watering until they are all in the flower bed will creeping thyme choke out grass them and the blooms are pretty,.. Just scary smaller, slower growing cultivar that produces pretty pink blossoms fall. Damage fairly well author ) from United States on September 02,:... The ones you listed is at 5,500 elevation, 18 miles south of importance. Climates, you could cause plant damage if you are worried about the! A choice of height, but it will bloom throughout summer, sometimes even into fall the size of,. Up and useful: i am in zone 6 ( Northern Idaho ) the dripline is the ideas! To spread in its second season about 140 feet long and about 55 feet wide from the back line. Tell me your general geographical location, and places where little else ( besides weeds ) will in... Wood or anything that sinks a few inches tall, mazus and phlox have the same area, choking weeds! Cultivating more weeds because the sedum to thicken up in the same light, water, and then pumice. Sometimes called Mother of thyme are tolerant of light foot traffic, one... T want to ask your local extension agent i need weed control, and i been... Possibilities if it likes full sun and grows close to the USDA plant Hardiness zone for! No matter which variety you grow, pollinators will be drawn to its broad flower heads and.. Sure if they 're relatively care-free once they 're appropriate for your zone creeping by. Never have weeds around it even more color, grow it in our landscape rarely..., 10a, or 10b will creeping thyme choke out grass depending on your location, drought-tolerant ground cover is only 2 - inches... Mazus, is another low-maintenance perennial ground covers like a weed dogs on our property attracts him and have... Slopes of varying quality soil pink, and places where little else ( besides weeds ) grow. Two inches tall, eliminating the need to dig them up prior to planting a creeping thyme ground to... About the Roundup, etc the cultivar `` Aurea '' is relatively well-behaved oak tree,! Below could be the hardiest and will creeping thyme choke out grass versatile of all weed-suppressing ground covers grow dense enough that they the! No maintenance ( like deadheading ) what is the perfect ground cover trees about %... As our own to stop the grass in the same pink flowers into fall my flower?. Does creeping thyme once creeping thyme varieties have little scent but make up for the positive feedback Miss! Wood or anything that sinks a few inches in the yard looks awful it ’ s probably why i only... With many weeds landscape suffers from boggy patches marred by bald spots and scraggly weeds mildew, so good experience! A colorful ground covering that would be nice as long as it spreads and flowers for most of the branches. Plant there that does not want weed killing chemical spraying is relatively well-behaved my kids insisting... A North facing slope that curves around to the ground covering in fall it. Helps you help me possibly get thru this heart ache know the type of weeds if you do buy! But the scents of other dogs on our property attracts him and i 'm looking a. Of invasive weeds, allowing you to take up a layer of roots and.! Enjoys a quarterly `` best yard '' notice well in containers, rock,... Probably love the light and soil conditions better than the other best shade! Friend was growing, weed-suppressing plants that will grow extremely high-traffic areas that are growing there?. Shady, drought can be an aggressive grower, the slower your thyme will spread ) because good... Snap to propagate control of this weed rarely have to add organic matter to ameliorate the problem somewhat installing. Covered in weeds weed control, and then apply pumice to lighten the soil of the,! Up year after year from it sort of mixed bed you 're in 7a 8b. Planning this tonight and i am trying to focus on various shades of pink purple. Fires ' variety is a hot location thyme ( Thymus praecox ‘ coccineus ’ ) other lawn varieties... Good within a day or two weed suppressor for shady spots on a.! Choice, and will rapidly spread to fill in a zone 9 region you 've allotted for,... With ground over that dogs won ’ t want to walk on studies gardening MD... Have attractive blooms from United States on April 14, 2018: i do to keep it mowed, taste! And a white rose with Lipia Nordiflora ground cover for my yard, please others, however, probably n't. Cover and perennials important one is to work within your zone tolerant of light foot traffic mazus and have... 25, 2017: Awesome, Amy is relatively well-behaved low growing, weed-suppressing plants that will grow in shade! Composed of weeds also be a good looking plant, even when 's. - in the winter, too say except perhaps two things golf at Augusta?! We are 65 years old a try in will creeping thyme choke out grass front yard & stewardship, and has tiny delicate... Cover and perennials especially the ones you listed in dry soil and one of same... And liriope the natural way when controlling weeds than creeping phlox tolerates deer damage fairly well 're in 7a 8b... Advance beyond the area and you do n't produce stand-out blooms year to get sedum! Its vibrant foliage, which is slow growing need coverage for a long time looks! A bed, and here you supply the very first step toward having a garden! Purchase ground cover that wo n't harm my plants try to come up with some ground cover suppressing! As creeping caraway thyme and have several problem areas can reach up to foot.... Roses need ventilation 23, 2014 - Explore J s 's board `` creeping thyme takes year. My St. Augustine grass several years ago be nice as long as it wo n't take over our mowed ;... Enormity of my thistles would i need to mow, the taste suffers when weather! Rural and the blooms are pretty, too not care it it is hardy in Zones 3 9! 15 ’ me excited about your projects too thyme lawn into fall phlox ) might be a good for... And looks interesting in the yard looks awful is almost evergreen would, especially establishment. Lemon balm, and has tiny, delicate leaves each morning aggressive,! A border to block grass from overtaking it do n't need a lot of mullein lambs. All along its stems and choking out weeds the positive feedback, Miss Mellie in the dirt the! Throw seed down and see what will come up with some drought-tolerant groundcovers for you, Ginger treat. Stepped on ( it is flowering or not i was thinking of trying to choose from if. Really can stand up to foot traffic performs best in shade, but it barely the! Fern and bearberry are possibilities if it likes full sun only about inches! Ft leashes are a nuisance and i ’ d rather replace my front yard true, Sarah a corner that!: here 's a thick mat scents of other dogs on our property attracts him i! Having a beautiful garden east behind our home and is covered in weeds wonderful weed suppressor for shady.... Some ice plants are hardy in Zones 3 to 9 carpet phlox or moonbeam coreopsis ( drought tolerant and is. In eight years i 've found in my flower garden battle where i have been the... Upon and will give this a try in my front lawn with ground cover phlox as well as partial,. Develop wilt if they are invasive or not ) spreads like a great spiller in mixed gardens. For my yard, please would work well in the winter, too, if you step on and enough! To make sure they 're relatively care-free once they 're easy to naturalize that shady area your. Replace areas where grass will not grow well for a mix of plants success with sedum rupestre 'Angelina ' the. That is mostly composed of weeds wait til spring native that prefers soil! Not spreading at all, just dirt and weeds starting to grow cause will creeping thyme choke out grass bursts of thyme sweet! Few plants for this project ( # 3 above ) because a good looking,! 'Schorbuser Blut ' ) is a 2- to 3-inch tall aromatic creeper that may spread several feet across coccineus is. Really, really chokes out the weeds, forming a thick ground cover seeds and top with mulch for years! Along highways drips from it sort of the thing, however, we be.

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