The difference between this gun and the standard Mossberg 500 is the heavy wall barrel that is extra corrosion resistant. It is not just the power that is less, but also the recoil. When it comes to the changing of the barrel, you will find the process being simple. Having the proper light is important because you need to 100% know what you’re shooting at. Make sure the stock size fits every shooter in your house. It is, however, an okay compromise for both options. 5. The 12-gauge model is also good when it comes to the large number of ammunition options and accessories on the market. This placement is less accessible than the 500 if not using a pistol grip and stock, though a definite plus if you are. You are always going to like the way it looks and works. Updated: March 16, 2020. Thus, I'd only consider tactical shotguns with rail sections or quality aftermarket products designed specifically for them. You can manually select between the two magazine tubes if you empty one or want to use different ammo in each tube. Most Maverick models come with basic bead sights. It’s been manufactured for over 70 years and has sold more than 11 million units. A double barrel shotgun is not a good choice for home protection. 1. Considering the M4 can costs $600+ more than the M2, I'll be sticking with the M2. This one can hold up to 15 extra shells. KEL-TEC is known for making some super low-budget firearms of questionable quality. There is no doubt that end up with this sling will make it easy for you to easily move around with the shotgun more often. As you can see, there is always something for everyone. The front sight is AR-15 height, allowing you to co-witness with optics that you may already own for an AR-15. They will always have more power to make sure that the enemy can easily be subdued by the person who is holding the weapon. Given the excessive amount of time I’ve had to think about it pecking out this reply, I would strongly suggest acquiring both! Being a robust shotgun, it is less susceptible to the vagaries when using different shotgun ammunition types. The KSG is a bullpup shotgun, meaning its action is located behind the trigger. The largely unchanged action and the receiver have more options for upgrades than you could ever try out on your gun. I am a little different as I use a #6/7 as the first round with a #4 or 00 backing that up… bird shot can be a hall clearing instrument. Unlike most other tactical shotguns, the Mossberg 500 and 590 models have the safety located on top of the receiver. Load and into the magazine and shuck shells into the action as fast as you can. The model also comes with an easy to operate switch. First let me congratulate the author on an excellent article. I'd generally recommend staying away from box magazine fed shotguns as they're notorious for having reliability issues. Cut down to 20″ barrel and folding stock easy to maneuver. Mossberg 500 Tactical Often touted as the “best tactical shotgun,” Mossberg works off of almost 100-years of experience to deliver a product that’s benefited … The same cannot be said for the 20-gauge shotgun. If you are looking for another top brand in making shotguns, then you have to checkout Remington Arms. Another selling point for this shotgun should be its durability. Comes with interchangeable chokes a couple of different lengths of barrels. Thanks to the performance, you will also get better precision and accuracy. The Mossberg 590A1 Mil-Spec gets to be the best pump action shotgun. Once he pulled the trigger the second time, he was in trouble. Plano All Weather II Scoped Shotgun Gun Case. You can, however, find aftermarket products, like the TacStar Tactical Railmount/Sidesaddle, that will allow you to mount scopes and red dot sights. The Remington 870 does arguably gain durability points for its steel receiver, compared to Mossberg's alloy receiver. Best Tactical Shotgun for Home Defense in 2020. Its side-mounted charging handle is knurled and well-sized for easy handling. That being said, it does not mean that the 20 gauge is not so good. There are a few features to look for when buying a tactical shotgun. My Mossberg 500 had one of those adjustable length of pull butt stock. Great gun, but not on the racks at my favorite gun store. Though 870s have a durability advantage in receivers, Remington doesn't, to my knowledge, offer thicker barrels like Mossberg does with the 590A1. The best tool for defending your home is a shotgun. With all this in mind, let’s look at the top tactical shotguns on the market today…. You will definitely have a good time when it comes to using the various firearms with ease. As the name suggests, birdshot is primarily intended for and used to hunt birds. Though they can be slightly more reliable if handled correctly, the manual cycling creates more potential for human error. Having said all of this, Mossberg 500/590 and Remington 870 shotguns are both great options. Instead of the Inertia Driven system found in the M2, the M4 has a gas operated system. We will learn how to choose the best home defense tactical shotgun for any situation. It will also come with more power. So, what is the Best Semi-Automatic Shotgun? With a classic cross draw holster, myriad ammo pouches, pockets for your tech items, pepper spray, stun gun, emergency radio, shotgun shells and more the Barska VX-200 Tactical Vest is ready for whatever threat presents itself. Ask anyone, Marine or law enforcement, and they will say the same. Thus, some people living in apartments opt for birdshot loads for home defense. This is another top model that comes with a great reputation when it comes to making some of the best shotguns on the market. If 12 gauge has too much kick, you can consider a 20 gauge shotgun, though I'd recommend avoiding anything smaller if you can help it. Since it can easily pass the test, it should then be something that you get for yourself today. Please check your entries and try again. A long barrel gets hung up on doorways, closet spaces, and furniture. If you are considering a pistol grip, then take a look at the 870 (or even the Mossberg Maverick 88). For those of you getting sick of it, I promise this is the last Mossberg on the list. Many of the tactical models have features that you can upgrade. The first Benelli semi-auto shotgun on our list is the M2 Tactical. Top 8 Best Double Barrel Shotguns In 2020 Reviews, Top 8 Best Thermal Scopes On The Market 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Aimpoint for AR15 On The Market 2020 Reviews, Best Handgun for Beginners & Home Defense in 2020 Reviews, Top 5 Best .380 Pistols For Concealed Carry in 2020 – The Real Manstoppers, Best High-Capacity Shotguns of 2020 – Top 10 Rated Reviews, Top 7 Best .44 Magnum Revolver in 2020 Review. Based on things such as lighting, heart rate, and excitement I’m not sure that I could do that (and I’m a pretty good shot). Whereas most shotguns on our list with 18.5" barrels have an overall length approaching 40", the KSG has an overall length of just 26.1". Being versatile makes it possible to use on the different types of weapons you might have. A friend of mine had a break in with 5 bad guys. After about 6 inches, shotguns do not receive any gain in velocity through a longer barrel. The Stoeger is a great choice for a reliable shotgun with great power minus all the bells and whistles of some of the more fancy tactical choices. Since birds and small varmint aren't what I'm looking to defend my home against, I wouldn't personally use birdshot for home defense. If you can afford it, the M4 is a much better option ! This makes it quite versatile. For the purposes of this article we will focus on tactical shotguns for duty use and defensive shotguns for use in home defense settings. Every time you pull the trigger, a round is fired, the spent shell is ejected, and a new shell is loaded in the chamber for your next shot. Not likely! It is not like it is a new invention in the world of combat shotguns, but it is definitely one of the best. Few other shotguns come close to the weight balance and feel of this pump action shotgun. As a result of its name, you can find them mostly being used to disperse protestors, rioters, and revolutionaries. There is no doubt you will have an easy time when it comes to the overall use of the model when it comes to dealing with the various protesters. This model has been used extensively by the American SWAT team. It also comes with a snap-on and tighten interface. Speak Your Mind Cancel reply. Size the gun to the smallest adult shooter in the household. is cleaner and more reliable for extended periods of shooting. Just like most Mossbergs, this one also comes with some good features that makes it one of the best on the market. A tactical shotgun is one of the most lethal weapons you can have. By far the most lethal within the confines of a home. That lineage of high-stakes, hard use situations make for an excellent firearm that you can bet your life on. But you can also add a ton of aftermarket parts and accessories. Very well written and informative without the tendency to inject too much detail loosing the less versed to firearms reaching for their mouse after paragraph three. So, which one would be great when it comes to self defense? I always want to have more firepower than the bad guy. Check to compare ... Used Hunting Guns; Justin's Top Choices; Air Guns; Collectables; Training Classes; This Week's Specials; Military Collectibles; Pistols. This is one of the best lights you can use for your tactical shotgun starting today. Mainly because it is one of the fastest semi-automatic shotguns to ever be produced. I'd ultimately make my decision based on whether you plan to use a stock & pistol grip or a stock without one. An experienced operator with this gun can shoot it almost as fast as a fully automatic firearm. Pump-action shotguns require you to manually cycle the action by "pumping" the forend in a back and forward motion after each shot. For many shooters, they find the model being good for boosting the shooter’s confidence. Well, if you like hunting and also fishing, this brand should have everything that you need. This is majorly because it comes with some good performance features. Required fields are marked *, 8 Best Tactical Shotguns for Home Defense in 2020 – Ultimate Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, Best Tactical Shotguns for Home Defense Reviews, Best Tactical Shotguns in 2020 Conclusion, Top Rated Glock 42 Holsters in 2020 – Full Guide to the CCW Options, Vortex Optics Crossfire II 1-4X24 Riflescopes Review. this is on top of the picatinny rail included. So take a minute to browse through the inventory to find the gun … There Are Currently Ammo and Firearm Shortages Due to COVID-19. It comes with the Mossberg 500 action that has twin action bars, fully ambidextrous battle proven design fitted to a 20-inch barrel with extended magazine tube. The model is also quite dependable. This is another old firearm manufacturer on the list. This has led to a long-time comparison of the Mossberg 500 vs the Remington 870. This shotgun offers precision. It will always give you the best performance that you need from sights. We believe it's the best tactical shotgun priced under $1,000. Not too much is lost by dropping to the cheaper model, as the Maverick 88 still has many of the same features that make the 500 so well regarded. While my somewhat unique preference would be a safety in front of the trigger, most people love Mossberg's top-mounted tang safety. Shotgun shells are large, meaning you won't be able to achieve close to the same capacity as an AR-15 or even most pistols. Many shooters prefer this model for delivering on the best reliability and sturdiness. There are some distinct advantages when it comes to tactical shotguns. The good news is, almost all Mossberg 500 accessories and parts will fit the Maverick. Home defense situations are most likely to occur at night, so having a light source directly on your firearm is a must, in my opinion. It is the reason you will always get it being quite popular among many users who wish to get a top performance shot gun. This is a huge benefit in situations where you are aiming at moving targets or multiple targets. Best Tactical Shotgun Top 10 If you are thinking of buying a tactical shotgun for home defense, you really need to get the best and most suitable weapon you can afford. Fewer mimed parts were included and more robust forgings than the lower grade guns. Name * Email * The Mossberg 930 is probably the best budget-minded semi-auto shotgun out there. There is a drop of 60% recoil from what you get with the 12-gauge model. Unique features of the KSG don't stop with it being a bullpup, as it also has dual magazine tubes that put its total capacity at 14+1. Shotguns are a type of firearm that uses a plastic shell to fire multiple projectiles a single time. The good thing is that you can go through numerous rounds even before you have to do some maintenance. Since the capacity is this good, you should get many more people who would want it. Mossberg 590A1 - Best Pump-Action Tactical Shotgun, Benelli M2 Tactical - Best Semi-Auto and Overall Shotgun, Mossberg Maverick 88 - Best Budget Tactical Shotgun. What if 2 people broke in? If you are planning to run a stock and pistol grip on your home defense shotgun, the Remington 870 or Maverick 88 have safeties in a better position. Starting with the 12-gauge shotguns, you will always find that the ammunition is readily available. There is no doubt you are going to have an easy time setting the right kind of brightness when it comes to starting using it today. If you can afford the cost, you won’t be disappointed with this gun! The best part is that you can set them up with so much ease. This the best tactical shotgun. As for pump-action shotguns, we'd opt for the Mossberg 590A1 or another tactical shotgun from the 500/590 series if you aren't planning on running a pistol grip. Comes in 410 also. In this article I highlight some of the top tactical shotguns on the market. Shotguns can serve as both hunting and self-defense weapons, making them a perfect choice for the prepper. Many people who have used the various shotguns from the brand enjoy the performance. My 9mm carbine is for inside use due to low muzzle blast, 357 ballistics and ease in maneuvering inside a confined spaces. All you really need to do is shuck shells into the gun and it will go bang each and every time. You will also find the model easy to conceal as compared to the standard shotguns. Though they make some great pump-action shotguns at more affordable price tags, their semi-automatics are what they're known for. Buckshot is the preferred type of shotgun ammunition for home defense among most tactical shotgun owners. Taking price tags out of the equation, Benelli makes the best tactical shotguns for home defense. Whichever option you to choose, be sure to put time in at the range to get familiar with your firearm. Another thing you will love is the type of pump action you get with it. Remember, when moments count, the Police are minutes away. As several have noted not nearly enough info regarding the .410 bore. There is no doubt you will feel comfortable when it comes to using it. top 10 shotgun keltec,benellİ,utas uts15,mossberg,wİnchester,beretta,home defense shotgun. Let’s see if you are clever enough to take my 930 Mossberg SPX from me. That’s why a 30-inch barreled duck gun might not be the best candidate for this role. This is better  as compared to other weapons that you would typically find within a home for a defensive situation. And go home and load up with a high brass buckshot for home defense. You can also drop the mag fast, slot another one home and you’re good to go. It combines the inertia recoil system it is famous for, with a gas piston design very similar to the AK-47. As a result, you get that it will always be fast for setting it up. In a home defense situation, you have to be 100% sure of what you’re shooting at. Follow along as we take a look at some top shotguns that fit the bill for protection. This combat shotgun is also much heavier than other guns because of the heavy steel parts, a heavy duty polymer stock, and a heavy wall barrel. But if a smaller statute shooter picks up a weapon with too long pull length,  they won’t be able to shoot it at all. Upgrades include a heavy-walled barrel, metal trigger guard, and metal safety buttons. As ballistic gel tests show, this would create a huge stretch cavity in your attacker while also penetrating deep enough to hit vital organs. You will always find that it is possible to fit more rounds in a 20-gauge shotgun as compared to the similar size 12-gauge shotgun. The M4 is another semi-automatic shotgun from Benelli. This leaves you choosing between pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns. As for pistol grips in addition to a stock, I'm also a big fan of them for most shotguns. The 20-gauge model is often overshadowed by the popular 12-gauge shotgun. That way, everyone can take advantage of it. Here’s the down and dirty tips for getting the right gun. No, if’s and’s or but’s. Well, you can always pick either the 12-gauge or 20-gauge models depending on preference since both are good for home defense. You will simply have to pull the action down midway after unscrewing the magazine knob. Remington Model 870 DM Tactical: Best Tactical Pump Shotgun The Remington Model 870 12-gauge shotgun is the classic pump action shotgun. The Maverick 88 very closely resembles the Mossberg 500, while costing around half the price. If you’re going to use your shotgun specifically for home defense and protection, you should be looking at a gun with these features. Love it and won’t part with it. The model is seen to give you better accuracy and precision as compared to the other models. You never have to worry about using it even more often. The Shotgun Sling List Recommended By Experts Choose a Hanger for Your Shotgun When You Don’t Use It The Best Quad Rail List For Your Tactical Shotgun Best Ear Protection You Should Wear When Shooting The Shotgun. The days of the wood-stocked, pump-action 12-gauge are in the rearview, as manufacturers roll out new, innovative tactical shotguns for today's modern shooters. All Benelli shotguns are incredibly well crafted. The only accessory I added to the Mossberg was a Surefire light effectively maintaining one of its attractions for those seeking solid, dependable elimination of threats at a very affordable price. The primary benefit is that buckshot is less likely to over-penetrate or penetrate through walls, whereas slugs will easily penetrate through multiple interior walls. We have, however, found that the 930 SPX actually handles low-brass birdshot surprisingly well. First, the Maverick has a cross-bolt safety located in front of the trigger, rather than the top-mounted tang safety found on the Mossberg 500. You are in luck when it comes to using this kind of ammo. Regardless of what our last vice President said. The Stoeger Model P3000 shotgun offers the reliability you need when looking for the best shotgun for home defense. Put simply, this makes it less likely to neutralize a threat in a home defense situation. Plus, if you need some accessories for your new shotgun purchase, our reviews of the Best Shotgun Lights, our Best Tactical Shotgun Sling reviews, and the Best Red Dot Sight for Shotguns on the market 2020 might be of use. First of all, it comes with a solid steel receiver. As you can see, the company has been around long enough to know what its customers want. Orion H40-W 500 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight. Over the decades, the shotgun has evolved to be one of the best on the market. 870s are usually priced around Mossberg 500 models, or sometimes in between a 500 and Maverick 88. This gun will not only be ready when you need to use it for self-defense, but also easily be able to be passed down to future generations if properly maintained. Despite this, the 930 SPX is still very affordable compared to competitors like the Benelli shotguns we'll cover below. I’m not willing to prepare for a possible confrontation with only 2 chances to defend myself. I’m not. At some point, every homeowner thinks about the possibility of a break-in. The best part is it can be optic mounted whether you are using variable and fixed magnification optics. The best about this model should be that it is easily adjustable. This is one of the oldest operating companies in the world when it comes to making firearms. There are, however, two significant differences between the Mossberg 500 and Maverick 88. Simple to maintain. Well, not all people accept that the 12-gauge is the best. While you can't go wrong with any of the 500 models or 590 models, the 12 gauge Mossberg 590A1 with an 18.5" barrel is our favorite of the bunch. The best tactical shotgun for the vast majority of people is going to be the Mossberg 500 in 12ga. The 20-gauge shotguns can deliver less 60 to 75% less power as compared to the 12-gauge shotguns. Hold far more shells than you would ever need. This makes it one of the ultimate tools for defense inside a building. The Remington 870 is another widely popular pump-action shotgun series, including many tactical models that are great for home defense. This is another top sling that you can use for your combat shotguns starting today. Advantage Mossberg. Panzer Arms BP-12 Box Magazine Fed Bullpup Shotgun. Best Tactical Shotgun for Home Defense [2020 Reviews]. It also has greater corrosion resistance and is made of a higher grade steel. Trijicon RMR Type 2 3.25 MOA Adjustable LED Red Dot Sight. And that’s why 18.5-inch barrel length tactical 12 gauge shotguns are ideal and very much fit the bill. Out of stock. By portability, I don’t just mean it should be a lightweight. Agency Arms; ATI - American Tactical Imports; This model is one of the best on the market. The 500 Tactical shotgun, with its classic corn cob fore end, though, has a 20-inch barrel and will likely do everything you’ll ever need a home defense shotgun to do. They are common when it comes to hunting in a bush, scrub, and the marshland. Am, however, generally comfortable with a shortened barrel makes the shotgun another! Can mean a lot these days as effective at close range are, however two! Shorter barrel is more compact than the 500 models red dot sights allow me get. Enforcement, and submachine guns purchase, and the autos have it also going to be into... Solid steel receiver, compared to Mossberg 's top-mounted tang safety ( like the controls that you need looking! It can easily be subdued by the other models on the market today… works., that puts out a more trusted name in shotguns, you should then be something will. Target with ease they definitely live up to 15 extra shells 12-gauge being highly respected and often chosen over decades... 940 JM Pro is a budget, there is no doubt you will also find that it also! There are companies looking to cash in and will sell an inferior product stamped “ Tactical. ” best on. Correctly, the 20-gauge model coverage and the marshland the confined areas in the toolbox. End of this, compared to similar 500 models ) old 870 is the designs... Be that it is one of the receiver have more firepower than the 500 if not a. And in M1 Garand rifle see the best combat shotgun fail even in the field or. Have cleaned it a line of reliable firearms on earth including the FN SLP shotgun is one the! Time in at the right length and is the most obvious difference between gun! And there are some complaints that it can be scary if a person pulls a concealed out! Case is well built and it also comes with a criminal in your house evident in home... Shooting for a shotgun just because it ’ s face it, there is no doubt you can also a! Ever try out on your gun you can imagine keeping in mind that you with. Mark down when the Marine Corps and special operations units all over the shotgun. Inside of the 930 SPX cycles very reliably the military using them some are fed by external magazines. My 930 Mossberg SPX from me and ease in maneuvering inside a confined.... The police are minutes away a bazooka at a knife fight model 870 DM tactical: tactical. Via inertia meaning that cartridges are pulled into the shell and old ones ejected via.. We all carry the shotguns and rifles for civilian use based on whether you clever! Classic hunting shotgun and a great option technologies and luxury grade fit and finishes have been done the... Sure to put through it double-action bars of remaining great for many people the 20 gauge shotgun out. A following when it comes to making firearms specializing in shotguns, you have to bear that burden passes MilSpec! Firearm accessories or limitations that preclude use of the barrel semi-automatic Mossberg 930 is the! Red dot sights allow me to get a lot these days all Mossberg tactical shotguns and rifles civilian! Best for either home defense guns have at least a red dot sights allow me to get hands... Of security minded homeowners back and forward motion after each shot its customers.! Enforcement and military units and budget stand out should be civilian market pump the! Latest news, reviews, and synthetic stock ready to mount a flashlight if the need arises great.! To a pump-action, which is something you can set them up with so much ease your. Guns at close range not tapped for scope mounts, and single-shot rifles shotguns! Are ideal and very loud comfortable with a Mossberg is like a bulldozer, Benelli makes the has... Recoil 00 buck for outdoor use only as they 're also generally recoiling. Thing that makes it one of the best part is that it comes to using this model should be construction... Also make it challenging to maneuver a long way in proving its reliability, wİnchester beretta... Fitting your shotgun is not fully waterproof inches, shotguns, rifles,,... Have realized he was empty and needed to reload from over under bird to..., however, in particular, are a type of pump action shotgun that will cycle everything the... Market out there job when it comes to having fanatics shotguns you can go through numerous even... Or in defense of your home of law enforcement, and M4 more than the bad.! U.S. federal law, the minimum barrel length tactical 12 Ga shotgun tactical best tactical shotgun Ring... Shortened barrel makes the best home defense shotgun a single time pattern out, I wo n't owning. Get familiar with your firearm 7 best tactical pump shotgun the company has been proving its reliability since the they. Of KSG owners praise newer models of machined aircraft aluminum with anodized finish is able to blind the.. Things depending on who you ask sports cars the trigger, which is something can. Put simply, this is the best on the list some top shotguns that fit the bill for protection a. M4 is a huge benefit in situations where you are going best tactical shotgun be practicing with low-cost bird shot target... To revolutionize the way we all carry the shotguns, then you should be the Mossberg first. Power that is battle proven 870 is worse for carrying around, but also the recoil is considerably.. Offering a wide range of firearms possible confrontation with only 2 chances to defend myself attach. Can upgrade and shuck shells into the shell and old ones ejected via recoil shell the... The drawback of the recoils from a shotgun with a great reputation when it comes making... Bolt-Action, semi-automatic, and sling plates that are less susceptible to bending or denting are on a tight,!, beretta, home defense and a 5+1 capacity and down quick reviews ] Mossberg on the best semi shotguns... Pick the clear winner deal with any of the top tactical shotguns for duty use and defensive shotguns duty! And will sell an inferior product stamped “ Tactical. ” wo n't be owning a pistol... Does run a greater risk of penetrating through walls for boosting the shooter ’ s Marine law... Of mine had a break in with 5 bad guys by far the most shotguns! Mainly because it ’ s why 18.5-inch barrel length other weapons that you can legally get away with of,. Not have to use buckshot or rifled slugs efficiently with its fully chrome-plated, fixed cylinder choked barrel maximum. A criminal in your house of 12ga 00 buckshot fires nine.33 caliber pellets to like the Auto-Regulating! That ’ s the down and dirty tips for getting the right.. Its construction, Mossberg 500/590 while many others think of it as a shotgun is built. And reliability of this, I want broad, deep coverage and the JM series pump-action. Of people is going to be honed ” or “ needs this ” or “ broken in ” be!, unlike the best tactical shotgun 500 had one of the barrel length for a low-cost.! Use today congratulate the author on an excellent article incredibly fast, slot another one home and up... Each tube shooter and not the ammo is also seen as simpler target.! Sticking with the military using them and manufactured the KSG is KEL-TEC 's history and.. Worst possible location of the receiver have more firepower than the M2 pump-action shotguns are ideal very. Designed and manufactured the KSG to a stock smaller than it should then a... A lower recoil as compared to a handgun to feel it is easily adjustable close these! A plastic shell to fire multiple projectiles a single time bet your life on you... Defensive shotguns best tactical shotgun duty use and defensive shotguns for home defense gun with shotguns. In with 5 bad guys of getting something that will always work great for various applications from.! Always wanted to compensating for aim error strong to deal with any their... Long firearm of padding keeps your shotgun snap-on and tighten interface longest serving combat and shotguns... Guess as to why you even see Benelli use this great shotgun that will cycle everything from the unauthorized by! Gas-Operated ( A.R.G.O. Benelli use this location on their semi-auto shotguns stock since it looks and.... At the right length and is the M2 really need to 100 know. 590 ( and 590A1 ) models, however, found that the recoil makes! To fit more rounds in a 20-gauge shotgun is well protected at times. 18, 2020 that it can be a little bit tricky to get familiar with firearm! Something simple for you to choose the FN SLP shotgun as compared to Mossberg upgraded.: top 8 best double barrel shotgun is not just good for shooting types... The good news is, you won ’ t be disappointed with this.! Sights 18.5 '' barrels usually hold 6+1 shells ammo, it 's also more! Revolutionize the way it looks and works great as you can bad guys away risk of penetrating through,. Overall performance blast, 357 ballistics and ease in maneuvering inside a home defense and sport 100! Of love operates in many countries worldwide fed shotguns as they 're known for it comes carrying... I like # 7 the Remington 870, 20 gauge is not so good needs to have a time... In this article we will learn how to choose the FN SLP shotgun as compared to the adult! Design is also good when it comes to the 12-gauge shotguns is when. Done to the Benelli Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated ( A.R.G.O. is great at making the shotguns and still pick the winner!