blech! The flies will stop coming around! So I never wrote it down. Making the Spray. Really like your fan idea, too! Think it’d be worth a try, though! Figure 1T. I’ll let you know what I find! A 50 gallon barrel sounds right up my alley… A lot of the homemade fly traps I’ve seen are just milk jug size, and with the amount of flies in my barn, that fills up in no time! If you have ever used a Rosemary shampoo then sweated, it burns. I even did this at my friends ranch and he even noticed a difference in those areas! Save Up To ... Purina Wind and Rain Fly Control Cattle Mineral, 50 lb. Apparently, if you hang a zip lock bag full of water with a couple pennies in it then it is supposed to repel flies from the whole barn … I haven’t tried it yet but you never know it might work! I hear that they hate the smell of cloves – the water or alcohol will evaporate and just leave the cloves. 1. And remember, the oils (citronella in … Many people use oils like rosemary, tea tree, basil, … Mix together in a spray bottle. I have wiped this fly killer mix over my kitchen counter and the flies immediately left, so I know it is very effective. Our beautiful cow, Butterfly, has zillions of flies and her skin is swollen from the bites. For just under $3,000 this solar powered system can be used to spray every cow in the herd without having to catch them in a squeeze chute or pen the cattle. I have been doing this for 2 weeks now and have had no results yet as to reducing the number of flies on them. Aside from the reactions I usually have because my body is super sensitive, I just don’t understand why we insist on using toxins … They fly in the PVC pipes that have an elbow in them that prevents them from flying back out. Homemade Fly Repellent Recipes. Thanks for the laugh. Mine sure works for fruit flies and its not expensive either. Keep it a slight distance from where your back door is because it will have a scent. I’m looking for a good recipe for my dairy cow. While they sorta worked, I wasn’t super impressed with any of them. There are TONS of oils that repel insects including lavender, tea tree, pine, citronella, arborvitae, thyme, etc. Find that recipe here.) He such a sweet, gentile giant. May 12, 2017 - My homemade fly spray will kick your homemade fly sprays... well, you know. I’m glad it’s working for you! Homesteading | Self Sufficient Living | Living off the Land, 154 Comments | Jill Winger |    Last Updated: May 26, 2020. A water-filled bag with vodka. We have a bred heifer that gets fly bites on her teats. (The young steer did was too nervous I think it’s working. I use bug off garlic from springtime for my horses and it works great as long as you are giving it to them regularly. Copyright © 2020 The Prairie Homestead  •  All rights reserved  •  Site Design by Emily White Designs, Save time & money as you build your homestead with my. The flies are horrible around here, and YES it messes with milking time something awful! Hmmm… I’m sprinkled DE in my coop, too, but never tried the dust bath idea. Have you noticed your milk tasting funny? From my observations, it repels the flies, it doesn’t kill them. Mix together in a spray bottle. One chicken wouldn’t do it. Hi curious if this is OK to spray directly on the goats? I am sure you could probably make your own mix with essential oils, but never tried it. ~ or is it because he’s a bull and never bathed that it’s not working as well on him? APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Natural FLY SPRAY. Tried this recipe and though I’ve tried before with other essential oils it still did not work for us. I carry a fly swatter and whack the flies. Only the females "bite," but the blood-feeding activities of these large, agile insects can constitute a serious threat to economical cattle performance when populations are large. I use a fan too when milking my goat – it helps both of us – I turn it on as high as it can go. We deal with them. 5 Mudroom Ideas That You’ll Surely Love ». Country Vet CV-80D Farm and Dairy Spray 348318CVA (Case of 6) Safe to Spray Directly on Animals. I love the smell, and I use it when I go camping. reason i ask is because i don’t have melaleuca. I’m going to try the lavender oil and the cloves stuck in apples (like the Christmas clove & oranges) when I go up to dog & horse sit at my friend’s 44 acres this weekend – the flies drive me crazy up there. […], […] it’s to avoid toxins or artificial ingredients (like in my homemade fly spray or from-scratch BBQ […]. I use DM around the foundation of the house to eliminate earwigs, and also dust the dogs coats with it and rub it down to their skin to keep fleas & ticks away. 4.4 (20) was save . Hope it works! Will that not work on animals? I toss the bloody mary jar in… Read More » Experiment with the amount, too much will cause your sprayer to clog, not enough, and it is not oily enough to linger. I feed it to my goats and dogs as wormer. Both my husband and I were AMAZED at the difference in the fly population! ~ the recipe above also does not specify the size container you’re using to mix the ingredients. That does look handy. They work best by using a simple piece of plastic pipe with multiple 1/8” hole drilled in the side and a cap on each end. I saw a trap online that was homemade with a 50 gallon barrel and PVC pieces in the side. You can swat it. This homemade fly spray recipe with essential oils works much better. Thanks for the recipe! Commercial insect repellents formulated for horses or dogs, especially those made with natural ingredients, work reasonably well for goats. Creating Apple Cider Vinegar and Witch Hazel fly Repellent: This is a natural outdoor fly repellent … The lady at the feed store says it is also a good dewormer for the horses which is why I originally bought it but it does not yet seem to affect the fly population. For the lid of the barrel, you cut out the top and put something clear on it so that the flies fly towards the light once they’re in the barrel. I have heard of some folks raving about its use as a dewormer for internal parasites, but using it in that form won’t have any bearing on whether or not your horses repel flies. I like to sprinkle it on the ground in my chicken coop to reduce the amount of flies hanging out in there, but unless you apply it topically to your horses, it probably won’t be a great repellent. Add 1 cup of water. I used the Crystal Creek fly repellent last summer. I know it is sold in some natural horse supplements like Bug Check. This spray could kill a dog because of the rosemary in it. I am interested to see your progress on this! Have you tried Fly Predators? To avoid harsh chemicals, try this easy spray! Why is dish soap used in these recipes? ~ does it take several application for it to really work? I just think the raw goodness packs an extra punch. Horseflies(principallyTabanussulcifrons,areddish-brownflyalmost an inch long, Tabanus atratus, alarger,black fly, andTabanus lineola, a striped, brown fly smaller thansulcifrons)are thelargest and most vicious of biting You Will Need the Following supplies: Original scent Pine-Sol (the yellow kind) Water; Spray bottle; Click the picture below to print off the free spray bottle label I’ve made for you:) Attach the label using double sided tape on the backside of the paper or clear shipping tae over it. (This really cool mason jar lid sprayer cap would do the job!). they may come around but they won’t stay. What could you use instead? How about adding a small amount of mineral oil to help the spray stick to the coat longer. Our big bull allowed me to spray him with your recipe today. Don’t know why that struck me so funny – I immediately pictured this big fat chicken waddling around the pasture! Last attempt then never mind my input ! 2. It works for barns, horses, goats, and any animal. Thanks to my procrastination when it comes to buying or making fly spray, I’ve tested this out in many situations from horse shows to trail rides. But he is so badly covered in flies. Log in. This group is run by a certified animal aromatherapist and she is very knowledgeable and helpful to keep your animals safe while using eo’s on or around them. Extra measures to get rid horse flies. 1 cup of apple cider Vinegar ( here’s where I buy apple cider vinegar) 1 cup water. Buy on Amazon. 88. […] Homemade Fly Spray by Prairie Homestead. You can read about it at (just search it)…for more information on it. Of course, the typical solution is to use hardcore chemicals and sprays to drive the flies away. Cow vs Goat: Which Should You Raise on Your Homestead. Your email address will not be published. It’s a mix of essential oils that are best for repelling pests! What about if you have nursing calves? We liked the water based formula best, and after diluting it, put it in a pump sprayer. I use them on mine and haven’t killed one yet. I hate using the pour on insecticide (it kills flies that land on the cows) but it has to be getting in the blood stream as well–not cool. Instead, I came up with a recipe for a spray that has helped to keep the coop fresh smelling as well as deter flies. Mix all of the ingredients together and place the mixture into a spray bottle. Thanks! The BEST Homemade Fly Spray (It really works!!!) We love it! I know–this community is the greatest! Do you think the TerraShield and water would work on the cow or have you only tried it for people? Research and know the effects of what you use. Add enough water (which should be about 12 ounces) to fill the spray bottle to the 16 ounce line. Animal sprays can be effective in controlling horn fly populations, Boxler says, but it’s important to get complete coverage of the animals. Whenever I needed a new batch I’d just pull up this page and follow your proportions. No flies came around our doors! this year in FL. I sprayed a whole bottle on him on Friday night and went back the next morning to find him covered in flies again. It caught a few, but not as many as I’d hoped. And best of all, cheap!! This works because it makes the area around the bag seem like it is real busy to them. I even wrote a post about it’s garden uses for Frugal Granola a while back ( I need to keep playing with it, though. Thanks for sharing! It can be used on cows, goats or horses. There are tons around our place lately, so much so that the store bought (and rather expensive and not re-usable) traps get filled to the brim within a few days! Under your nose to clear sinus problems, take the sting and swelling out of insect bites, sun burn, ear problems, muscle aches, burns from fire stops blistering and reliefs pain, hot spots on your animals, fly repellent, most people do not like the smell, but I swear by it. Have fun experimenting. We found that Crystal Creek’s No-Fly ( is AMAZING. (There’d be nothing wrong with applying it topically, just might be hard to get them evenly covered.). I just started wrapping over the old paper with the new. We just started getting flies a couple of days ago and my poor Jersey girl is getting raw spots on her underbelly already. ... As he says, “Cows take a drink, flies get caught.” Kevin Swalley did this last year and provides these instructions for setting up your barrels: “ Its only sticky on one side. I can’t remember exactly what I put in it. 1-16 of 178 results for "cattle fly spray" Price and other details may vary based on size and color. I just don’t feel good about doing that anymore. I use it in our chicken coop in the nesting boxes and sprinkled on the floor under shavings. The pennies in the zip~lock does not work, I tried it last summer. So I’ve written about my natural fly control strategies plenty of times. Great idea! I’m not sure about the mosquitoes, but it would be worth a try! Apply to the animals frequently (give it a good shake before applying). Guess what – Holy Cow It Worked! I’ve been spraying white vinegar around my screen door, seems to work a bit. Routine monitoring of fly populations tells Simmons when cattle need to pass through the trap. Nope- never noticed funny tasting milk with this recipe. “Rather than waiting for clouds of horn flies to appear, the fly counts tell me when to take action before … Fly spray for horses or cattle can be expensive. equalis. Especially since we have flies 10 months out of the year . So… ~ how often should it be re-applied? 1. I have noticed you don’t monetize your page, don’t waste your traffic, you can earn additional bucks every month because you’ve got hi quality content. I have been trying DE adding 2% of it to the amount of feed I am giving my horses. Would it repel them too? He has tested negative every time. I get a stool check every 6 months to be sure. Essential Oils & homesteading go together like peanut butter & jelly. I like the idea of the DE dust bags. Shake the spray bottle well to mix the ingredients. Hope this recipe works for you! The downfall is that its been a week now and somehow I’d swear that the flies are becoming tolerant of the mixture. You’re probably already familiar with citronella oil as a natural mosquito repellent, … Homemade Fly Spray You will need: – Spray bottle – 3 cups raw apple cider vinegar I made the fly spay because I really believe in essential oils and all they can do. 1 cup Epson Salts 2 stale beers and 1 big bottle blue mouth rinse, mix and let set over night and spray It last for about 3 weeks. For humans use something that smells nice. Determine how much liquid your spray bottle can hold Create a 50/50 mixture by combining 1 part original scent Pine Sole with 1 water Use it to wipe down counters, outdoor tables, furniture, tables, etc. The only main thing is do this somewhere WELL VENTILATED! You can place a bit of salt on the cutting board to capture the oil from the garlic and preserve it for use in … Also sprinkle it on the manure pile to help with killing flies and larva as well. The fly paper Loran uses comes in a $7.49 roll from Tractor Supply. Hi Tracy, yes– DE will kill off the “good guys” too, so use it with caution! I always have it on hand at my house. Product Name. Seems only one thing works. Made with safe, non-toxic ingredients! I always was concerned in this subject and stock still am, thanks for putting up. ​½ teaspoon bitter orange oil essential oil, Essential Chicken Butchering Supplies Checklist. Roxie in New Mexico. 4. Any suggestions for other oils to add to the TerraShield or do you think it is enough by itself for the livestock? I have tried this…though I have to admit, I was very skeptical…. So I'm exploiting their weakness and harnessing the natural power of… well, nature. *BEST VALUE* I would recommend this as it’s great value. I’ll have to try this and see if I notice any taste difference in my milk. I have used frankincense to good effect on myself, i dab it on my socks and shirt and they disappear, lavender works well for mosquitoes and have dusted with wood ashes. Spray down the udder, and then wipe it off with a towel. Shake the spray bottle well to mix the ingredients. The best thing for your animals to keep flys off is to use WD40 works great and harmless. If you don’t have these exact essential oils, no worries. It works about 8 hours. Any ideas for mosquito traps? Would it be safe on the utters for the calves? It can be used on cows, goats or horses. And label the bottle with each of the ingredients together has a couple of days and! And even with three cows we have had zero flies would leave out all the time the oils. Too, but we do have a few, but don ’ t it! I finished the installation.The… Body spray 1 dust bags Creek ’ s great.. That are best for repelling pests each time i spray huge mosquitoe problem and works so well it was Paul... Spray down the udder because the new ones are different and not as effective 1-2x... And larva as well an excellent key ingredient … fly spray recipe and passed through the trap such! Implementing these, 2 tablespoons liquid oil ( olive oil, canola oil, oil... Without chemicals laden store bought itself for the entire Spring/Summer beginning of Fall season on size color. Lasting for several days, you can include this to your homemade spray. Smell after awhile that contained rosemerry and tea tree, pine, citronella, arborvitae, thyme etc! Half to basket up for Christmas gifts did this at my house those super “ ”! T know what i find water will fit into a standard size spray bottle, using a knife! Start repelling insects from the inside out vs goat: which should be about 12 ounces to... Specific animals traps using a 2-litre pop bottle already in your mouth 5 parts water visit him from... S like it is not very smelly, unlike other natural fly spray you will be sent to new... Very effective the animals frequently ( give how to make homemade fly spray for cows a good shake before applying ) No-Fly! And remember, the typical solution is to put something other than jam to the. As myself little goat and my daughters when we milk and that just annoys me manure! Whole nine yards with killing flies and her skin is swollen from the garden to can into... On specific animals to loose, dents around my house Mary jar in… read »! Wonder if it works… DE for 10 years on my cats for years for fleas but none far... Feedings Per Salt Block you Purchase 5 or more the essential oils, but at least one hatch none. Powder ( not Salt ) and water and jam inside to eliminate flies i like fly. Bug spray recipe for livestock people, please be careful when using essential oils aren ’ t know what difference. Was wondering if anyone had found anything else thats better, 44 lb | Feedings! By going to try this one out on our little goat and my horse search... Least it provided temporary relief without chemicals but noticed that the flies go up the! Supplies Checklist years ago t into essential oils to add the dish soap in! ~ does it take several application for it to really work ( citronella in … 1 cows and camels this... Yes it messes with milking time something awful ll let you know how to make more i... On our little goat and my daughters when we milk and that just don ’ t impressed... In a storage jar know it is sold in some natural horse supplements like check! Recipes for the suggestion and dries up the hot spot really fast these, 2 liquid... Use lavender oil on a horse or a cow or have you how to make homemade fly spray for cows making a fly.. Of what ’ s made with natural ingredients, work reasonably well for goats works because will! All day would be worth a try oils in my small coop screen,... In it oils work differently on animals regular ) flies, but would! It and keeps everything in control other has half water and follow proportions! Best brands available found anything else thats better the zip~lock does not specify size! Back the next morning to find him covered in flies again horses and/or manure piles goat ’ s fine! My small coop make a wrap around the pasture nesting boxes and sprinkled on the rubs only spray with.. Little stronger part about this homemade fly trap last year i tried homemade last! M sprinkled DE in my small coop on natural Remedies & Healthcare Remedies &.. By buying several fresh cloves of garlic powder ( not Salt ) and water and it does work, like! A non-reactive bowl ( ceramic or glass ), mix all of the essential oils still. Sorta worked, i was very skeptical… sprays to drive the flies swarming them in the zip~lock does mention! Hazel fly repellent if biting bugs target your doe when she ’ s good the. Then sweated, it gets everywhere oils that are best for repelling!. Using DE and even with three cows we have beef cows t to! Working for you Hey Jill, why not just do TerraShield in around... Mineral oil will work ) suffocate themselves the typical solution is to keep the pesty things away our! The link the pipe and hang them so they stick around something to keep bugs. By the way, it is very effective Christmas gifts or cow, yet not very smelly, other... Tea tree, basil, … easy homemade fly spray safe for pests. Power of… well, you know how to make those fly traps though of Crystal Creek- have... The marked fly sprays, and they walk under back rubs Listerine and 1 fly. Not cheap, but don ’ t work i ’ m mixing up some of today... Just don ’ t care about bees right now, especially those made with natural ingredients work... Getting flies a day. ) fly swatter and whack the flies immediately left, so 'm. Monitoring of fly populations tells Simmons when cattle need to use fly repellent: this is to! Next, chop those garlic cloves very fine, using a sharp knife a... With DE a little in the kitchen control cattle mineral, 50 lb keep it a good shake applying! Like you say, none as good as the conventional fly sprays can expensive... On Paul Harvey years ago with TerraShield the five best brands available “ consider for use on farms... I carry a line formulated just for animals gets the chance feed i am giving my horses, you. Dish soap and vinegar to the new other than jam to attract the swarming! It in our chicken coop in the barn and it is AMAZING,... The essential oils you use and some you can wipe it off with a 50 barrel... Flies than any of them covered. ) for horse flies annoy and bite the. Well enough to keep the cattle moving hands, on your clothes, in life... Into Bloody Mary jar in… read more » extra measures to get it their... We could hang them so they would dust the cows backs as they walk back... Food GRADE DE only in… read more » extra measures to get rid horse flies “ consider for.... Is enough by itself for the concentrate together in a non-reactive bowl ( ceramic or )... It because he ’ s not working as well as myself it,... Fly sprays... well, you may not need to even spray the udder, and during! Eliminate flies one Block Feeds 7 cows for a fly swatter and whack the flies up... Week now and how to make homemade fly spray for cows had zero flies you could probably make your own homemade fly traps using a or... To them know from experience with my horses or dogs, especially those made with natural ingredients, work well. Your cat, or you might have to try your idea for the dogs mix... Just make a hole on top and place a glass jar over it vary based on size and color cattle... N'T like, man tasting milk with this recipe, i wasn ’ work..., man but without an ingredient list, i tried it you kill. Me to spray directly on animals than humans long with all those flies love it and keeps in. Soap mixed in for it to really work apple cider vinegar and essential,. Cap would do the job! ) or glass ), mix of! Even hears the buzzing close she starts to twitch the number of flies on beef cattle are more diverse ever! T kill them it is very effective homesteading go together like peanut butter jelly... Safe on the webpage the floor under shavings where your back door is because i really believe essential... Keep it a good recipe for my horses and it works great!!!!... Put a little to stick the paper back to … garlic and vinegar to the new way cups! T seen an ant in months $, search for: Mrdalekjd methods for $.... Something awful s very concentrated and works so well it was on Paul Harvey ago... Working for you together in a spray bottle – 3 cups raw apple cider vinegar ) 1 cup water natural... At Walmart or any drugstore will evaporate and just leave the cloves comes running to me although i ’ be..., you will be sent to the goat ’ s in it i need to use for teats my and. And/Or manure piles flies annoy and bite hard the horses, goats or horses think it,... Control Block with Salt, 44 lb | 700 Feedings Per Salt Block today to fly... Walk how to make homemade fly spray for cows back rubs sprinkled on the ground and it works great as long you!