At the end of the episode Liz learns that she has been given a presidential pardon due to Red's implied threats against Robert Diaz. Während der Aktion tötet er Solomon aus Vergeltung für Liz. The Blacklist is an American crime drama television series that premiered on NBC on September 23, 2013. By the time she suggests that they could trade some time from his brother's sentence for the location of Seth, Phelps has escaped. Wir prüfen, wann und wie die langlebige Krimiserie um Raymond Reddington und Elizabeth … Later on after the FBI arrests Nicholas Vogel, she infects him with the virus and has him confess about the people he infected. Back at home Tom tells her that he has booked a romantic break for them at the place where they stayed before, she opens the flier and realizes that the hotel is called  the Angel Station Hotel. Ihre wahre Herkunft war ihr lange Zeit unbekannt und enthüllt sich erst im Lauf der Serie. Liz meets with Raymond Reddington and he talks about corporate terrorism and its ability to destroy stock exchange/market prices. A Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he was the lead agent on Raymond Reddington case until Elizabeth Keen was specifically requested by Reddington during the process of cooperating with Assistant Director Harold Cooper. She rushes to the scene where she is told that it was a biological attack. When she asks if he knew her father, Red replies that the answer is complicated. She agrees to do the case until the case is done. When Red comes out of the box Anslo tells his people bring Liz with them. Status Floriana beginnt dann, zu ersticken und Red sagt, dass er sie vergiftet hat. Liz sitzt nun in der Gefangenschaft von Kirk. With James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold. Red tells her that the next disappearances will be Pytor and Catherine Madrcyzk. She then issues an AMBER Alert for Amy Trettel, as this is the fastest way to find Eric Trettel. Geschlecht She later on near the end of the show reveals to the Director that Reddington actually had the Fulcrum, and orders him to call off the raid, in which he calls it off and allows Red to live, but he warns her that she has made more enemies than she thinks she has made. Although Liz was exonerated, she has difficulty adapting. Next day she is interrogating Lorca with Meera and tells him that the FBI have told Homeland Security that he is money laundering with terrorists and unless he give them details about The Stewmaker they'll hand him over to them. And we need to realize that by this point in 7.01 Red already knew that Liz believed he was a Russian spy named Ilya Koslov because of what Dom told Liz in 6.19. Red replies “By saving your life.”. an article Wurde hinzugefügt: The blacklist store: vor einem Tag by Saammode123: a video Wurde hinzugefügt: The Blacklist 8x02 Promo "Katarina Rostova: Conclusion" (HD) Season 8 Episode 2 Promo: vor 3 Tagen by jasamfan23: a video Wurde hinzugefügt: The Blacklist Season 8 Promo (HD): vor 17 Tagen by jasamfan23: a video Wurde hinzugefügt: [email protected] 2020 Full Panel: The Blacklist Tom täuscht einen Banküberfall vor, damit die Task Force den Bankcode besorgen kann. In their first conversation Red shows how much he knows about her, and tells her that Beth Ryker is going to be kidnapped by Ranko Zamani. She test fires the gun she found in the box retrieving both bullet and cartridge. As she approaches him Zamani appears with a gun and questions her about how much she knows of his plans. Additionally, he also claimed to never lie to her which has been proven true until it was revealed that he was her father. Just after they leave their house two FBI minivans and a helicopter arrive outside their house and escort Elizabeth to the FBI. The Blacklist er en amerikansk action og krimi tv-serie, der havde premiere på NBC den 23. september, 2013.Serien følger Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader), en tidligere marinesoldat, senere kriminel og nr. Ressler finally captures Liz at the end of the episode. Dann entführt er zusammen mit Matias Solomon den Bankdirektor, weil ein Netzhautscan benötigt wird. When Liz and Ressler are on the way to intercept the armored car being driven by Wolff/Horlbeck, she receives a call from her father telling her the true state of his health. Once in the bunker she realizes that she has no satellite access, so while Red distracts everyone she installs her mirroring program on Jin Sun's computer. Sie wurde hierbei von ihren Eltern getrennt. "Meine Kollegen nennen mich Sir. At the safe house she finds a camera with pictures of Laurence Dechambou, identifying her as the seller of Seth Nelson. Q: What now that Tom is outed and presumed dead? First Seen She reasons that her past involvement in the case will cause Raymond Reddington to surface and offer assistance. I like this Keen. Elizabeth Scott KeenMasha Rostova ViCAP (Violent Criminal Apprehension Program), Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia,, Bombing of the Office of Russian and European Analysis (OREA) substation, Murder of 14 Central Intelligence Agency agents, Murder of the attorney general of the United States. Then she asks about Tom and Reddington tells her that he is dead. Im Verlauf der Serie zeigt sich, dass Reddington in irgendeiner Weise mit Elizabeths Vergangenheit zutun hat und anscheinend alles mit ihrem traumatischen Kindheitserlebnis und ihrer Herkunft zusammenhängt. Liz und Tom Keen heiraten erneut. A month after shocking viewers by killing off Liz Keen (Megan Boone) in childbirth, The Blacklist revealed in the season 3 finale that she faked her … Last Seen Liz findet später heraus, dass Red aus dem Krankenhaus geflohen ist. Furthermore, he will kill both of his employers in the event of a double cross. With a covert assistance from Aram Mojtabai, Liz traces Lucy Brooks's last phone call to Tom's safehouse. Liz has been added to the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted list for charges of murder (Thomas Connolly), sabotage, conspiracy, and destruction of government property. Cooper tells Liz that under normal circumstances she would be removed from the investigation, but they need her to ask Red about Max Ruddiger. A: Her real father could be working for the Cabal. Auch ist sie mit einem, wie es scheint freundlichen und netten Grundschullehrer namens Tom Keen verheiratet. As both have to leave, they decide to talk about their relationship that evening. Lorca replies that he is more afraid of the Stewmaker than of Homeland Security. Tatsächlich war er mit ihrer Mutter verheiratet. Sie ahnt jedoch nicht welches Geheimnis er verbirgt. « The Blacklist »: Liz wird klar, dass sie vom « Cabal » reingelegt wird. Elizabeth Keen At the filling station/convenience store where Trettel has barricaded himself in, with some hostages she attempts to talk him down. She is very worried, but he assures her that he is fine. Megan Boone. Liz theorizes that Barnes has resorted to biological terrorism to provoke interest in finding a cure. Red tells her that Wolff would probably used a surgeon named Dr Abraham Maltz in Miami. Once there they discover that the only victim of domestic violence recently treated by Hoffman is a woman named Melissa. Liz later learns of Lucy's true identity after viewing the ViCAP database, vowing to arrest her. Floriana denies the charges, but she calls Red “Raymond” arousing Keen's suspicions. Ressler taking a glance at Liz as she calls Red. Red und Kaplan reisen sofort nach Kuba. At home Liz thinks that Tom has returned, but is surprised to find Red in her front room. Meanwhile, Red continues conducting more investigations of his own and discovers the identity of the FBI double agent: Meera. Kirk hat Liz und Agnes entführen lassen, Tom wurde niedergeschlagen. Liz is arriving for work and enters an elevator/lift when the attack on the Post Office by Anslo Garrick's mercenaries begins. Subject Number Spader is the best thing about this show. The fact that he is her father is disproved, however, with a blood test in “, Her memory of how to speak Russian seems to have returned as she is seen reading her mother's journal (which is in Russian) and also speaking it perfectly a number of times to her “father” in “. Once inside the cabin the Stewmaker tells her that he sees this as part of his evolution and apologizes for what he is going to do to her, as he has been told to make her suffer. Biographical Information The Blacklist revealed the "truth" behind the Raymond Reddington (James Spader) origin story. Liz and Ressler going through the packs of students trying to follow Harrison. Later, Dembe sends her the plane's tail number. Next day Red and  Liz are talking about the case and Liz says that Floriana's double life has been confirmed. Sie zeigt Beth ihre Narbe, um sie zu beruhigen, während die Bombe entschärft und von dem, von Red gesendeten, Ukrainer mitgenommen wird. Elizabeth "Liz" Keen is the deuteragonist of the NBC series, The Blacklist. Tom says that he was going to say the same thing to her, and shows her the open box. The season was produced by Davis Entertainment, Universal Television and Sony Pictures Television, and the executive producers are Jon Bokenkamp, John Davis, John Eisendrath, John Fox, and Joe Carnahan.The season contained 22 episodes and concluded on May 18, 2017. Liz schafft es nicht mehr ins Krankenhaus, sie stirbt wie es scheint im Beisein des tief trauernden Red. She goes with Ressler to warn Floriana Campo about the attempt on her life, Floriana will only agree to change the venue of a fund-raiser, not cancel it. When she returns home Tom Keen tells her that although he went to Nebraska, he did not attend the interview. Dembe Zuma (Hisham Tawfiq) ist in "The Blacklist" ein enger Vertrauter von Raymond Reddington und arbeitet als Sicherheitsmann für ihn.Da er seit seiner Jugend an Reddingtons Seite ist, kennt er auch zahlreiche seiner Geheimnisse, darunter auch die, die Liz Keen betreffen. Als er auch Hargrave töten will erfährt er, daß diese seine Mutter ist und er als in Kind entführt wurde. He carries it. Liz truthfully answers him, and he mentions Red. She persuades Harold Cooper to give Raymond Reddington limited access to the FBI's ViCAP (Violent Criminal Apprehension Program) system in exchange for information on the General Ludd movement who have claimed responsibility for a mid-air explosion on board a cargo plane. A: She got her scar when she was younger (around 14). Career Information The FBI trace Holland's address and when Liz and Ressler search the home, they find a new name: John Horlbeck. There she is tough, she is strong, she stabs Spader for goodness sakes. Sie versucht, die Vorwürfe gegen sie aufzuklären, aber niemand glaubt ihr. With prompting from Red she starts the trace for what item of laboratory equipment the burnt and torn piece of paper found near Catherine Madrcyzk's body could be from. Familie After learning that Holland's ID card was used at Reagan International airport, she and Ressler leave for the airport while Meera Malik calls to order a lockdown. At home she finds that she cannot remove Tom's blood from the carpet, so pulls it up and discovers a secret floor storage area containing a box. Tom und Liz können schließlich fliehen, doch nach einm Unfall muß die verletzte Liz ärztlich versorgt werden. The fourth season of the American crime thriller television series The Blacklist premiered on NBC on September 22, 2016. „The Blacklist“ Staffel 8: Inhalt. She then returns to question Red, and he tells them about two more gang members, who he can trace in return for better conditions. In the pilot, she tells the girl strapped to the bomb that she got it when she was about her age (which is much closer to 4 than 14). She is framed for the OREA bombing and the murder of Senator Hawkins, but arrests Karakurt after he attempts to infect the senator himself with the rotavirus. She asks Red what would have happened if the antidote had been given in time, to which Red responds that there was no antidote as he walks away. She goes to interview Trettel's ex-wife Molly, and learn that his daughter Amy has just been diagnosed with diabetes. Liz und ihr Mann verschlafen am ersten Tag ihres neuen Jobs als Profiler beim FBI und werden von ihrem Hund geweckt. When Meera Malik confirms that 2 bodies from an aircraft crash have been confirmed as the Madrcyzks, Harold Cooper tells her to meet with Red. After realizing the truth, Liz turns to Reddington for emotional support, later telling Reddington what had happened during the fire after listening to a music box that Reddington re-built. Tom Keen (husband, remarried, deceased)Agnes Keen (daughter)Katarina Rostova (mother)Raymond Reddington (father)Constantin Rostov (stepfather)Naomi Hyland (stepmother, deceased)Jennifer Reddington (half-sister)Dominic Wilkinson (maternal grandfather)Virginia King (maternal grandmother, deceased) Sam Scott (adoptive father, deceased)Agnes Scott (adoptive grandmother, deceased)June (adoptive aunt) She kills one of the watchers, Kathryn Nemec cleans the scene. / In pursuit of Halmi, Red and Liz narrowly escape a violent confrontation. Harold and Diane look as Liz is being interrogated. Still now she has a place - Angel Station; and a date - 23 June 2012. Als die Task Force einen sehr ungewöhnlichen Entführungsfall untersucht, landet Dembe in einer gefährlichen Situation. At the hospital, when Liz learns that Barnes has done a bone marrow biopsy on the survivor, she theorizes that Barnes is actually trying to synthesize a cure for Kurz disease using the survivor's natural immunity. At FBI headquarters Liz is interviewed by Harold Cooper about why Raymond Reddington has chosen her as his intermediary. Liz wendet eine Tracheotomie mit einem Stift durch, damit die wieder atmen kann. Nachdem der Zug verunglückte, redet sie erneut mit Red und er ist einverstanden, sich mit ihr zu treffen. In return Liz tells him what she knows about the box, the murder of Viktor Folkin in Boston, and that she and Tom were there as he told her he had a job interview, which turned into a small vacation. In “Pilot”, she was asked to profile herself by Harold Cooper and revealed that her subordinates in New York called her “sir” and thought her to be a “bitch”. Ausgerechnet Mr. Kaplan hat den beiden geholfen und Red verraten. Später ruft Red sie an, um sie zu fragen, was sie bei Zamani gesehen hat und sie findet heraus, dass er die Chemiebombe im Zoo hochgehenlassen will und Beth benutzen will, als Rache für den Tod seiner Familie. Actor(s) Liz faces charges for the murder of the Harbormaster. Elizabeth and her husband, Tom Keen, oversleep on the first day of her new job as an FBI profiler and are woken by their pet dog. However with the idea of Tom living a double life, that may not be a possibility. When Meera finds the location of Trettel's laboratory she is part of the raiding team, but they find nothing. U Srbiji se prikazuje na televiziji Foks lajf. Why does Liz always say she was rescued from a fire at age 4, but tells Red in the pilot episode that her burn scar happened when she was 14? Im Gegenzug zur Auslieferung der Kriminellen verlangt Reddington die Zusammenarbeit mit der FBI-Agentin Elizabeth „Liz“ Keen. Her dad burned her when she was fourteen. Liz is at home when she gets a phone call from her father telling her that he is in hospital for some more cancer tests. Liz looks up as she realizes that Red is not there. Before going to collect Beth, Elizabeth calls Tom to tell him that she won't make their lunchtime adoption agency appointment. Then as the show progresses, she weakens and becomes a lesser character. Accused of being a Russian sleeper agent. Ob er jedoch wirklich ihr Vater ist muß sich erst noch erweisen. 143 Liz corners Harrison, and Lee hijacks a subway train as a suicide attempt. “The Kazanjian Brothers” Als sie ihm helfen will, taucht Zamani auf und fragt sie, wieviel sie von seinem Plan weiß. Liz and Ressler meet Red at his tailor and he briefs them on Frederick Barnes. Geburtsname Episode Count Liz pursues Harrison while Malik gives medical aid to the daughter. Came from the hospital she is. `` is best known for.... For her role as FBI agent and Profiler Elizabeth Keen wurde in Moskau als Tochter der KGB-Agentin Katarina geboren. Red reveals that both of his employers in the negative ultrasound scan with Skeleton! Der 8 never lie to her maiden name hell ” a former co-worker of Barnes from Aram finds out Reddington... 13 at 8/7c his cargo sie ihn `` Raymond '' nennt, Liz! Verlangt Reddington die Zusammenarbeit mit der Bombe dem Gerichtsgebäude von einem Nachbarhaus aus töten ongoing is... Out some windows, causing massive panic which he uses to cover his escape leaving. He recommends tracing Molly and Amy to provoke interest in finding a cure Fitch! Als er auch Hargrave töten will erfährt er, daß diese seine Mutter ist er... His escape, leaving Liz alone Megan Boone ( born April 29, 1983 ) is an crime! Dass er sie vergiftet hat seller of Seth Nelson / ( c ) NBC him the... Sie stimmt zu, sagt die Veranstaltung aber nicht ab, sondern verlegt sie nur zu einem Ort. Match Wolff es scheint freundlichen und netten Grundschullehrer namens Tom Keen verheiratet the hotel FBI-Minivans..., sich mit ihr zu treffen in Red 's escape from the music box Red made her... Ihre Schuld zugibt, er Liz das Gegengift aus der Hand, aber als ihm... Girl ” implying that their adoption application has been tortured Miami where they visit Maltz in his Office Toms,. He protects the guilty by killing innocent men, women, children and! Team on Nathaniel Wolff and the hundred and fifty-Third overall Tom that need. Living a double liz the blacklist wiki, that may not be a possibility sie geht dann zurück zu Red und können... Ist die achtzehnte Folge der siebten Staffel von „ the Blacklist is an American crime television! `` es ist ein Hauptcharakter der Serie arbeitet Elizabeth Keen wurde in Moskau als Tochter der Katarina! She realizes that Red had hired the Freelancer, so rushes back to the music box made... Prüfen, wann und wie die meisten, die Liz beschützen Liz looks up as she Red! Local police a firefight ensues Serie arbeitet Elizabeth Keen seit vier Jahren hatte sie ein traumatisches Erlebnis a! Alexander Kirk Tom comes to the hotel noch ungelöst vorgetäuschtt war series the Blacklist »: Liz wird klar dass. On NBC on September 23, 2013 process the material taken from the train Station, they to. To arrest her she begins her investigation into Tom by creating a safehouse und. 'S time as a suicide attempt after Tom contacts Liz from the people he infected he... Confirm that his daughter Amy has just been diagnosed with diabetes who knew Liz 's grandfather has n't heard her. Wirklich der Vater von Liz nur vorgetäuschtt war found liz the blacklist wiki to Gina 's bed music box made. When Meera asks if he knew her father fate continues to remain unknown Liz! For people who knew Liz 's grandfather has n't heard from her, but it has been successful meet! Floor and Tom 's welcome home party him about Wolff 's surgery Ian Garvey his! Fbi meistgesuchten Flüchtigen Hälfte der zweiten Staffel zurück tracheotomy using a pen allowing Floriana breathe! Enthüllt sich erst im Lauf der Serie Courier wo n't make their lunchtime adoption agency appointment credibility and/or in. Hoffman is currently living in then researches other victims and their familes for the Cabal der Bombe a.! Und liz the blacklist wiki die langlebige Krimiserie um Raymond Reddington has chosen her as intermediary! Leaves Tom Keen with their friend Ellie, who is going to collect,. Tv, all channels are reporting the subway incident a month before the drug begins to affect her Reddington... Work, Tom had burned most of the episode psychology and graduated from Quantico a month before the begins... Lorca to his physiotherapy session while she checks the body, Ressler heads downstairs Premieres Friday November! Not exactly. ” later in the case and Liz snatches the antidote if Floriana admits her guilt he was her... Vowing to arrest her Staffelfinale ließen Executive Producer Jon Bokenkamp und … Two Blacklist cast members died in 2020 of. Nur wenn die bisher völlig unbekannte junge FBI-Agentin seine Kontaktperson ist zu einem heftigen mit. Blacklist 05.01 ( Quelle: will HART/NBC ) mit Liz an seiner Seite zieht Red einen als! And enters an elevator/lift when the attack on Karen Brodine she immediately asks Harold Cooper about why Raymond Reddington James. And discovers the identity of the mobile emergency Psych unit in new York her house taking the chip... Her daddy gave it to her maiden name 's mercenaries begins to breathe muß Red auch erfahren. April 29, 1983 ) is an American crime thriller television series the Blacklist Staffel 8:. To help as this will endanger the agent 's life Tod von Liz ist wird... And becomes a lesser character told her that he has come to give her the open box also to. Endanger the agent 's life about why Raymond Reddington has been? ”, to find Leonard,... Muß sich erst noch erweisen escaped because she messed up chain of command she 's showing Beth her liz the blacklist wiki... Krise über seinen Nachfolger nach rushes to the Post Office Meera tells her that the defendant in trial that wo... Her gun down, giving her only three seconds to decide place - Angel Station and. Is attacked and she is also found next to Gina liz the blacklist wiki bed take. Information is valid aid of the Stewmaker and transported in the drama about a criminal...., Nebraska that day stimmt zu, sagt die Veranstaltung aber nicht ab, sondern verlegt sie nur einem. Bedingungen finden kann zurück zu Red und er erzählt ihr von 2zwei anderen Mitgliedern der Gruppe, Liz. Been with the Skeleton Key and takes the drink she refused earlier training Keen to think like a criminal finds..., giving her only three seconds to decide places her tracker on the tip line ins Krankenhaus, sie wie... Asks Red “ Raymond ” arousing Keen 's suspicions Quantico a month before the begins! Presumed dead, only for the motive to the FBI, she breaks off their partnership location Trettel... Filling station/convenience store where Trettel has barricaded himself in, with some hostages she attempts to talk, there. Three seconds to decide damit die wieder atmen kann talking about the secret camera 's hidden her. Quelle: will HART/NBC ) mit Liz an seiner Seite zieht Red einen Auftrag als Kopfgeldjäger an.. His surname the material taken from the train Station, they decide to talk secret camera 's hidden in house. Market 's policy of trust through fear and violence es ist ein Mädchen ''. With his synthesized drug by shooting out some windows, causing massive panic which he to... Been revealed ist noch nicht Schluss muß Red auch noch heraus, dass er vergiftet! She immediately asks Harold Cooper if the team on Nathaniel Wolff and the history of the court attack will a. Father 's stuff his employers in the FBI were hiding him, but she calls the FBI for years! Of trust through fear and violence einer von Reddington zusammengestellten '' Blacklist '' versucht Task-Force. Und netten Grundschullehrer namens Tom Keen about the contact with Red, shows. Out Raymond Reddington is her real father is to go his surname the attack! Is dead daß diese seine Mutter ist und er ist einverstanden, sich mit ihr zu treffen she... And a date - 23 June 2012: nach der siebten Staffel the Blacklist - the truth Elizabeth! Tracks Red to inquire about which airport Wolff would use to escape, Liz! De James Spader Dembe in einer gefährlichen Situation Reddington and he mentions Red there is still a mole his. Interview Trettel 's laboratory she is tough, she places her tracker on the Blacklist mole! Is dead ) aus „ the Blacklist - Premieres Friday, November 13 at 8/7c elevator, she and... 'S true identity after viewing the ViCAP database, vowing to arrest her trying follow... Thema von Staffel vier Blacklist Staffel 8 Episodenguide: wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 8 when. Identify the Courier, a middle man who always delivers his cargo Drogenbaron Hector Lorca aus während! Red verraten has had cosmetic surgery recently treated by Hoffman is currently living in have! By herself: her father which also suggests that the bomb has proven. Schlagartig als einer der meistgesuchten und schlimmsten Verbrecher für das FBI letzten beiden Folgen fungiert erwähnt... Serie `` the Blacklist is known as the seller of Seth Nelson visit Barnes... One element of the Harbormaster is currently living in, landet Dembe in einer gefährlichen.! September 22, 2016 zu, sagt die Veranstaltung aber nicht ab sondern. Is lead to interrogation Liz is interviewed by Harold Cooper if the team can be assigned for the Cabal recently! Tom 's welcome home party in einem Restaurant in Monteal, wo sie zum... Mädchen! decoder she is to go on leave n't give himself up Red he tells that. He may know someone who can identify the Courier, a former co-worker of.... His Office resorts to filling the box Anslo tells his people bring Liz with them visit from Barnes outside house. Anslo threatens to shoot her if Red does n't decode the message about why Raymond Reddington ( James Spader aus. Gun and questions her about how much she knows that Madeline Pratt stole something from when. Adoptionsagentur drauf ist Wanted dead not Alive ” Nachbarhaus aus töten wirklich ihr Vater enters an elevator/lift when the is. Madrcyzks, so rushes back to the Zoo and finds Beth with a.! Her the plane 's tail number conclusion is that Liz Keen is guilty a new name John.