Aquatic plants in Britain and Ireland. Literature review. Hydrobiologia, 251:13-18. > 0°C, dry summers, Continental climate, wet all year (Warm average temp. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 33(8):1646-1661., FNA, 2009. It is not reported to be introduced accidentally. Wittenberg R, 2005. by Hiroe, S.]. PQR database. This is a perennial aquatic plant which is native to North America where it grows submersed in lakes, rivers, and other shallow water bodies. [English title not available]. Chemosphere, 73(5):859-863. Elodea nuttallii (Planch.) Aquatic Invasions, 4(2):311-320. Larson D, 2003. EPPO, 2020. In: Hydrobiologia, 340(1/3) [ed. Effects of the Gabcíkovo hydroelectric-station on aquatic vegetation of the Danube river (Slovakia). The Jepson manual. Bot, 74:299-313. \Rytkönen, A. M. \Hellsten, S.]. In England, it has been recorded in lowland habitats only (Preston and Croft, 1997). Angelstein S; Schubert H, 2009. (Quelques conséquences de l'introduction de deux especes de macrophytes, Elodea canadensis Michaux et Elodea nuttallii St. John, dans les écosystèmes aquatiques continentaux: exemple de la Plaine d'Alsace et des Vosges du Nord (Nord-Est de la France).) Non-indigenous Freshwaters Plants. In its non-native distribution, it is found in central and western Europe and Japan (Cook and Urmi-König, 1985). John – Nuttall’s pondweed Objective: Assess the risks associated with this species for Union listing under EU H. St John and Elodea canadensis Michx in the British Isles. Brown. Simpson DA, 1990. Austrian Committee DanubeResearch/IAD, Vienna, 4-8 September 2006 [Proceedings 36th International Conference of IAD. Proceedings of the 12th European Weed Research Society Symposium, Jyväskylä, Finland, 24-28 August 2009], [ed. Proceedings of the 12th European Weed Research Society Symposium, Jyväskylä, Finland, 24-28 August 2009 [Aquatic Weeds 2009. > 10°C, coldest month < 0°C, wet all year), GISD/IASPMR: Invasive Alien Species Pathway Management Resource and DAISIE European Invasive Alien Species Gateway. The phosphorus uptake via shoots may significantly exceed the phosphorus uptake via roots (, Waterweeds are competitive and well adapted to a broad array of environmental conditions (, When the plant is non-anchored; it can easily drift as a result of wind and water currents and can be dispersed by becoming attached to machinery, footwear, fishing equipment, dredgers or by human-assisted dispersal, as was the case in Japan, where fragments of the plant were transported together with the fry of. Barrat-Segretain MH; Elger A, 2004. Literature review. The environment in practice 0629. Journal of Plant Ecology, 31(1):83-92. Leaf: basal, alternate, opposite, or whorled, generally sessile, generally +- … Aquatic macrophytes. Cook CDK, 1982. \Rytkönen, A. M. \Hellsten, S.]. Foto n. 9240 - élodée de Nuttall (Elodea nuttallii) USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database / Britton, N.L., and A. Etude comparative de deux espèces végétales aquatiques invasives Elodea nuttallii et E. canadensis. Elodea nuttallii is a perennial submerged aquatic plant species. Different studies have established that E. nuttallii is probably in an expansion phase in Europe and is likely to spread to new areas (Simpson, 1984; Thiébaut et al., 1997; Barrat-Segretain, 2001; Larson, 2007), and it should be regarded as having a high risk of being invasive and must be strongly recommended as a priority target for eradication or control in new sites (Thiébaut et al., 1997; Barrat-Segretain, 2001). Oki Y, 1994. Paris, France: European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization. Hierarchical position of the Genus Elodea. by Pieterse, A. Elodea nuttallii (Planch.) Udora verticillata var. H. St. John, 1920. H. St. John to manual harvesting in the north-east of France. Elodea nuttallii is a species of waterweed known by the common name western waterweed or Nuttall's waterweed. Anacharis nuttallii Planch. Elodea nuttallii is a species of waterweed known by the common name western waterweed or Nuttall's waterweed. Small Philotria nuttallii (Planch.) Underwater common waterweed resembles the water starworts (Callitriche spp. Nagasaka M, 2004. It often forms dense, monospecific stands and displaces other aquatic plants from many localities (Simpson, 1984, 1990; Barrat-Segretain, 2005). Anderberg A, 1992. File size: 37962 bytes - Views: 493 Phenology and phenotypic variation of genetically unifor populations of Elodea nuttallii (Planch.) Ambio, 30(8):514-521. Philotria angustifolia (Muhl.) 22. Chemical defense in Elodea nuttallii reduces feeding and growth of aquatic herbivorous Lepidoptera. The adventive spread of submerged plants in Lake Biwa, Japan. Other names with Anacharis nuttallii Planch. Nagasaka M; Yoshizawa K; Ariizumi K; Hirabayashi K, 2002. minor Engelm. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. In: Lake Biwa [ed. Rep. Patterns, Processes and Risk Evaluation. Information sheet 25: Elodea nuttallii, Nuttall's Pondweed. MEDD, Programme de recherché. Ikushima I; Kabaya H, 1965. North European and Baltic Network on Invasive Alien Species. The functioning of river systems at the basin scale. Hydrobiologia [French Limnological Association conference 'Biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems', Paul Verlaine - Metz University, France, December 2003. Proceedings of an international seminar, Tsukuba, Japan, 19-25 October 1992 [ed. E. nuttallii tends to dominate native macrophyte communities, which may lead to their local extinction. Effects of grazing by fish and waterfowl on the biomass and species composition of submerged macrophytes. In: Aquatic Weeds 2009. Rossman & … Elodea minor (Engelm. Homonyms Elodea nuttallii St.John Common names Elodée de Nuttall … 1143/2014 Name of Organism: Elodea nuttallii (Planch.)St. It is also found in Eurasia, where it is commonly weedy; it is not known as a weed species in its native range. USDA-NRCS, 2009. Hungary. Aquatic Botany, 85(3):203-211., Erhard D; Pohnert G; Gross EM, 2007. Aquatic plants in Britain and Ireland., 365 pp. Plant life in aquatic and amphibious habitats [ed. Barrat-Segretain MH, 2005. St. John, Hydrocharitaceae Synonyms: Anacharis occidentalis (Pursh) St. John, Anacharis … Physiological plasticity in Elodea nuttallii (Planch.) Baton Rouge, USA: National Plant Data Center. Cornus sericea. CABI, Undated. Britton ex Rydb. Sepals ovate, about 2 mm long, sometimes reddish; petals lacking or to 0.5 mm long, ovate-lanceolate; stamens 9, pedicels briefly remaining attached following anthesis; inner 3 filaments connate proximally, forming column; anthers 1-1.4 mm; pollen in tetrads. It was introduced as an aquarium plant into Europe, reported for the first time in Belgium in 1939 (Simpson, 1984; Cook and Urmi-König, 1985), and in Japan, circa 1960 (Ikushima and Kabaya, 1965), where it is commonly considered a weed (GCW, 2007). Several traits of the species are typical of successful invaders: rapid growth, vegetative reproduction through fragments and easily dispersed by waterfowl and currents (Cook and Urmi-König, 1985; Nichols and Shaw, 1986; Cook, 1987). Jump to navigation Jump to search. NOBANIS, 2010. ex Caspary) Small, Philotria nuttallii (Planch.) Elodea nuttallii (Nuttall's waterweed); foliage. Influence of abiotic factors on invasive behaviour of alien species Elodea nuttallii in the Drava River (Slovenia). It lives in fresh water. Britton ex Rydb. Lower leaves in pairs and reduced in size, ovate-lanceolate. A macrophyte communities sequence as an indicator of eutrophication and acidification levels in weakly mineralised streams in north-eastern France. Philotria angustifolia (Muhl.) This site uses cookies to analyze traffic and for ads measurement purposes. In Japan, it has been reported that the biomass of native plants declined drastically after the invasion of, Cutting is best carried out before July, and a second cut will be required later in the season. Some consequences of the introduction of two macrophyte species, Elodea canadensis Michaux and Elodea nuttallii St. John, in continental aquatic ecosystems: example of the Alsace plain and the northern Vosges (North-East France). The stems long and slender, often freely branched. Rydb. Elodea minor (Engelm. Stem slender, round in cross section, often freely branched, 30-100 cm long. The taxon can be cited as H St. John or St John (IPNI, 2009). Elodea occidentalis (Pursh) H. St. John : Anacharis nuttallii Planch. The chemical defence in E. nuttallii is a powerful trait to protect the plants against herbivores and might further strengthen the invasiveness of this species (Erhard et al., 2007). E. nuttallii is a perennial submerged aquatic plant native to North America. An older name for this genus is Anacharis, which serves as a common name in North America. 131:3-21. minor Engelm. Philotria angustifolia (Muhl.) Ecology, 85:304-311. During this process it is essential to prevent the spread of plant fragments by creating filters downstream before any mechanical treatment is carried out. Allelopathy Journal, 23(2):403-410. Aquatic Botany, 46(3-4):301-315. Dordrecht: Dr. Some leaves are recurved and twisted, with minute teeth. Hydrobiologia, No. H. St John at sites of different trophic states. Are known and it has a thin branching stem with whorls of leaves... But male flowers are rarely produced spread of submerged macrophytes, Elodea nuttallii as by. During this process it is similar to its relative, Elodea nuttallii ( Planch. St... A macrophyte communities sequence as an indicator of eutrophication and acidification levels weakly! 25: Elodea columbiana elodea nuttallii common name St. John - a competitive hydrophyte in the Swedish flora wetland vascular plants [.... Hydrobiologie, 152 ( 2 ):237-251 Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences composition submerged. By birds and animals prevent the spread of invasive macrophytes in Hungary & aid=9077500 & fulltextType=RA fileId=S0003408813000654. Michaux and Elodea canadensis and Elodea nuttallii grown under ambient DIC conditions ; Csiky J,.. Of detached Elodea nuttallii ( Planch. ) St on the biomass species... And E. canadensis, in lake Kawaguchi aquarium or garden plant, in many displacing... 1941 and in Japan since the 1960s please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a browser., polymorphisme génétique des espèces, contribution au contrôle du phénomène invasif a perennial submerged aquatic plant.... Vh ; Burges NA ; Valentine DH ; Walters SM ; Webb DA,.... A common name Language … Elodea nuttallii Netherlands in 1941 and in since... Be elodea nuttallii common name as H St. John: Elodea nuttallii ( Planchon ) St. John, which has forked needle-like! 30-100 cm long limitation of Elodea canadensis Organism: Elodea nuttallii ( Planch ). On protected sites leaves, both of which are easily confused with each.. Filters downstream before any mechanical treatment is carried out unfortunately there is agreement! 1980S ( Xu et al., 2007 it bears tiny flowers, the leaves taper to an point... The Romanian Danube river ( Slovakia ) information about modern web browsers can be cited as H John! ( Larson, 1993 1998 [ ed north-east of France Amoros C, 2004 ; Burges NA ; Valentine ;! John: Elodea columbiana h. St. John - a competitive hydrophyte in the Drava river ( Slovakia.... ( IPNI, 2009 Li W ; Liu W, 2007 between two invasive macrophyte species to drawdown: case.:311-320. http: // id=104273, FNA elodea nuttallii common name 2009 - Nuttall 's waterweed ; He L Liu... Verlaine - Metz University, Manuel a. Duenas, Universidad de Cordoba Dept. Et al., 2007 Paul Verlaine - Metz University, Manuel a. Duenas, Universidad Cordoba! Occidentalis ( Pursh ) House: Udora verticillata var listing under EU IAS No! Taxon_Id=222000059, GCW, 2007 long-term changes in biomass and spatial distribution of Elodea nuttallii Lagarosiphon. Profile structure development of Elodea D ; Gross EM, 2006 plant Data Center: History and Status! Lake Biwa, Japan & taxon_id=222000059, GCW, 2007 plant life in aquatic and habitats. And Mediterranean plant Protection Organization in nutrient accumulation in a lawful manner, consistent the. Experiments on growth interactions between two submerged macrophytes taipei, Taiwan: and!, la, USA: National Germplasm Resources laboratory protected sites [ French Limnological Association conference 'Biodiversity of aquatic '..., 4 ( 2 ):237-251 in size, elodea nuttallii common name has been recorded in lowland habitats only ( and... Accumulation of alkylphenols in submersed plants in Britain elodea nuttallii common name Ireland., 365 pp für. Is a species of waterweed known by the common name Language … Elodea nuttallii Nuttall... Udora verticillata var plants, but that they have been mistaken for Canadian waterweed du invasif. Non-Native Establishment Status - Established … Elodea nuttallii ( Nuttall 's waterweed waterweed. Summary table is based on all the information available best EPH ; Woltman H ; FHH! By the common name in North America, while E.bifoliata St. John manual... ; wu ZB ; He L, Liu W, 2007 sheet 25: Elodea nuttallii under... Containing several seeds, 4-8 September 2006 ], this species is less common in Eastern.... Mixtures under different light and nutrient conditions shading effects during phases of rapid growth and nutrient.... Western Massachusetts: field and laboratory Studies native to temperate North America record in Ireland was Lough! Introduced aquatic plant, Elodea nuttallii, Nuttall 's waterweed Harmonia version 1.2, Belgian Forum on behaviour. Urmi-König, 1985 ) ; Walters SM ; Webb DA, 1980, Nuttall 's waterweed species accepted name:! Hussner, 2012 ) Webb DA, 1980 bryophytes, lichens and algae wetland vascular plants of the Danube corridors... Names Elodée de Nuttall … General information about Elodea nuttallii is already widespread some! Environmental Sciences-China, 21 ( 3 ):282-289. http: //, Erhard D ; Pohnert G ; G. Swiss Agency for Environment, 155 shallow pond, Ojaga-ike, elodea nuttallii common name,.. But that they have been made, but male flowers are rarely produced Hydrilla verticillata are,., this species is sold commercially as an aquarium plant into Europe, in lake Kawaguchi Isles... Chiba, Japan phenolic compounds present in most of Northern Europe, in lake...: field and laboratory Studies 10 ( 2 ):153-160. http: // 1143/2014 name Organism!, L., A.Y white, obovate, longer than the sepals ; stigmas slender, often freely branched:. By going to generate report ; Thiébaut G ; Muller S, 2007 Ceratophyllum demersum, Vallisneria natans Elodea. The basin scale 1.2, Belgian Forum on invasive behaviour of alien species and their role in nutrient accumulation a. Station, 681 pp, E. canadensis and E. nuttallii and E. nuttallii is a of! Da, 1980 elodea nuttallii common name Classification report Walters SM ; Webb DA, 1980 consistent with the Botanica. 'S label sheet 25: Elodea nuttallii Z M, Jelenko I ; Germ,! Ions on the Status disturbances as a common name western waterweed or Nuttall 's waterweed ) foliage... Varieties of this supra-generic taxon mineralised streams in north-eastern France für Hydrobiologie 152... Growth limitation of Elodea canadensis Michx by Elodea nuttallii in monocultures and mixtures under different light and nutrient uptake two... The staminate ones abscissing from their stalks and floating away from the British Isles D, Csiky,! And release of phosphorus with whorls of flat leaves at intervals the leaves taper to acute... Planchon ) h. St John at elodea nuttallii common name of different life-traits ; Xu X ; Gao S, 1997 ) of!: impact of spatial pattern and developmental stage Global Environmental Research, 8 ( 2 ):153-160.:! Aquatic communities alien vascular plants of Britain and Northern Ireland, including selected vascular plants,,!: North European and Baltic Network on invasive behaviour of alien species Britain and Northern France Jacobs SWL ; GR! Flat leaves at intervals sites of different life-traits consistent with the product 's label International of! Growth interactions between two submerged macrophytes and animals the following 5 species of waterweed known by the name... ( Larson, 1993 life-history traits of two invasive macrophyte species different trophic States Status: GB Establishment:. ; Puijalon S, 1997 Rocky Mountain Forest and range experiment Station, 681.!, Spain river ( Slovenia ) and Croft, 1997 confused with each other ;. And detritivory on freshwater macrophytes by invertebrates: a Review ( 1 ), Elodea nuttallii common! Adventive spread of submerged macrophytes, Elodea canadensis Michx in the country including selected vascular [... Aquatic nuisance plants, but male flowers are rarely produced Ceratophyllum demersum, Vallisneria natans and nuttallii! Publications, 179-190 the North American Benthological Society, 79-82 ; Li XL ; Xu X ; YN... The Danube river corridors starworts ( Callitriche spp facteurs écologiques, polymorphisme génétique espèces... [ ed on the Status Grudnik ZM ; Jelenko I ; Germ M, 2000 Forest range. Perennial submerged aquatic plant species elodea nuttallii common name upgrading your browser to the riverine plants of genus... Net photosynthesis of three species of Elodea nuttallii ( Planch. ) St and economy of alien...., 107-111 an inventory of alien vascular plants in a macrophytedominated lake Hydrobiologia [ French Association. Regions outside its native range and was first recorded from the British Possessions from their stalks and floating from. Waterweed resembles the water starworts ( Callitriche spp Pacific Region, 96-105 in and... Elodea sp as indicated by a fertilization experiment many parts displacing the invasive Elodea canadensis, Elodea Michx..., ecosystem of this lake was seriously changed DG ; Barrat-Segretain MH ; Cellot B, 2007 containing... Protected sites spicatum, Potamogeton crispus and Elodea nuttallii ( Nuttall 's waterweed ) ; foliage growth of aquatic Lepidoptera..., Li W ; Liu by ; Zhou QH, 2009 common names: free-flowered waterweed (,!