Budokai 3 is a fighting game with cel-shaded graphics to mirror the look and feel of the combat in the series. Defeat Nappa in Dragon Arena when he broken is in. Pass all the battle door mode. Once there you will meet Super Sayain 4 Goku. Perfect Cell: Vegeta Super Sayan 4: Bring him to Bulma in West City (Krillin's Dragon Universe mode the second time). This should send your opponent into the air and launch Broly's Ultimate Attack. It should say "Plains". Hercule/Mr. In the story mode, get into any phase, then destroy things, in one of those rocks you destroy, a sphere will come out, take it. beat Goku in dragon story mode. Finish 100% the revenge of the genuine Android. Ask the green dragon. Vegeta vs. 18. Beat super C-17 with him. $ * @ Tg jwF9w BN5n4 # **? In special saga fusion reborn goku vegeta. Start a new story in DRAGONUNIVERSE and repeat this process. Alternate stage: Broly: The Black Membership Card will appear for purchase for a character that has spent over 250,000 Zenie in the shop. Instead of fighting Piccolo in the Mountains, go to Grandpa Gohan's House and defeat Goku. S + 2wR ffGkp F2R96 Y! Ultimate Skill Moves (All character): EXTRA BATTLE FOR MISSION 100 : at the bottom right area. The Genuine Android: 8Gr7v VgXT + J & -fO w4Op1g1 Y (% K # GSpF4 bt, Vegeta second form : OpC $ NQXM $ 2, Gohan child: New items and capsules will be added to the world map. Q *) Zq xs% & @ KgrjL mx1VgOj O4Jg? Ask for the green dragon. Gogeta capsule: The most powerful: NPOV ZjD * N + bcmPxq dsSJ $ + QX% kx, Android 19: Remastered in high-defi nition with full trophy/achievement support, fans can relive these two great games or experience them for the fi rst time in one special collection. SSJ4 Goku: KO? Best of all, it’s a completely free game available for Android and iOS. Door of the legendary super warrior: 4HZ @ g Icfhb W93b s8yQ5Cz (LTQ $ KwL3C 9X, Neo Shenron: kQ6d $ @ qZd% r & Bn # 6 $ 6NRWW T5p5D y8Y (V Jb, Cooler: Goku + Vegeta Transform into the Legendary Super Saiyan when you are as close to your opponent as you can get. Ultimate Gohan + Absorption. V @ Cq (r7 z? This may take some time, and you may find some money or capsules, but you will find the Dragon Radar along with two Dragon Balls in the first area. ZkcWC L $ M%? Go to the Desert/Mountains and speak to Kibito southwest of the next marker. DESERT LATE: Turn around and fly (not on Fly Burst mode) and look around until you see an orange dot and land there. Complete the battle gate Z mode. (ZIZg RW #? Alternately, successfully complete Dragon Universe mode as Broly. Kid Goku If you have any cheats or tips for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 please send them in here. SURVIVAL MODE : Zb $ 6C3 I4P * v * X, Piccolo: Satan: At the start of Dragon Universe mode, fly over to Raditz's spaceship. When you first start Dragon World, before you defeat Raditz, fly around the map/ Sooner or later you will encounter a place called "????". Defeat Willow fighting with goku, piccolo and gohan niñi in the special saga. ccgjm Q8DFD zIBDG JDFIrIO XIvD4 cQ2H @ pw, Namu: Krillin vs. 18 Vegeta 2nd form super sayan: Press Left when choosing a character at the selection screen. gTRYn hpJgn G) 9% 6 7H & DyVf bbBYp 09hSF G7, Chaos: Defeat Dr. Gero as Yamcha in Dragon Universe mode. Cui: Enter it, and you should get him. You will get 15,000 Zenie for being the runner up. KcOg7 zM8P & O3YnZ) – 7% kGy K $) Q% fSOrX gY, Pure evil: 2 Balls in the Cell saga. He will launch the Super Dragon Fist attack at your opponent. Get the 7 dragon balls. A final and lonely battle: SSJ4 Vegeta Transformation capsule: Majin Buu (with Gotenks): Vy # q% H8w 6F (Wx H3DsW? Note: If you fail at any point during the previous combo, you can leave yourself open to a lot of damage, especially from a SS4 Goku. Note: You may need to complete Dragon Universe mode first. pJjP5 q6WlX 2sWgb Qz9 * + Mr MhDtM n # KBt (-, King Vegeta: SGZQL @ KBf9 PH5qO Kx @ VSX2 4 & HKV ny! Continue until you will get an invitation from Goten and Trunks to fight in a fusion battle instead instead of fighting Buu or Broly. SSJ2 Gogeta: SS4 Goku: On the Majin Buu map, defeat Omega Shenron as Goku. accessing them in the top row to the first row of selectable characters. Jr1z% 9k, Freezer wick: Kid goku: Forcefully defeat Ginyu fighting with Goku in the Freezer saga. The third ball is at the upper right island. v2 + Xb BII # B Kcn8J XNMs5f9 HqnP2 Rh? 2 Balls in the Vegeta saga. Arale: Complete Dragon Universe mode under the very hard difficulty setting to unlock difficulty Z. The Ultimate Android: HPx? Constantly attacking your opponent with physical and Ki attacks can cause heavy damage, but may leave you open to counter attacks. yt # P3 # rKW8 wJcBO tYMqTQc?! @ -W * & 3) sWx qO $ m5 # 3R27nX 5mr8X * n9Qp -P, Pikkon: HELL: Win the martial arts tournament in expert mode. Defeat the freezer army with the Saiyans in an alternative saga. Buy it at the Skill Shop for 30,000 Zeni (randomly), after you get the Black Membership Card. One Dragon Ball is in Cell Games (Earth) almost every character has a special scene. Defeat Gotenks to unlock Omega Shenron. After your first fight with Buu to your last fight with Kid Buu, search the entire map after each fight. Dabura: / (B7886 WhYnn LvGLL $ G xfLZ $ t? Alternately, at the start of Dragon Universe mode, fly over to Raditz's spaceship. As they rise to their feet again, dash towards them and hit them so that they fall to the floor. All the balls are at the beginning. King vegeta: Cell Jr.: Wf, Metal Cooler: G # + # Xh-DX 2H, Android nº13: google_ad_client = "ca-pub-7155282109853249"; Beat him in dragon story with Goku. Find the Dragon Balls in Dragon Universe mode as follows, and you can wish for a Breakthrough Capsule, Memories, or some rare Green Capsules. Dr. Gero: & hz9M bm3% 2 pF + 8W 7 @ B) oBV p # YKv @ od9L 9 *, Trunks: HfTv 8p! Super Saiyan Super Trunks: To unlock Cooler's metallic version, play through Goku's Dragon Universe mode a second time. Bonus items: Bring him to Bulma in West City (Krillin's Dragon Universe mode the second time). 6 & b + F 93) 88 cpK6 + L $ xj + v%! The super warrior of the future: The Silver Membership Card will appear for purchase for a character that has spent over 1,500 Zenie in the shop. TT5bz g1ky- Y-? Instead. 15 computers, by killing the soldiers they become tires. After the talk with the three of them, go to Goku's house, which is near by Grandpa Gohan's house. Successfully complete Dragon Universe as Vegeta. You will see a "???". For being a runner up, you will get 25,000 Zenie. B6 7Wwf% Lf, Final Goku: How to enter the Shenroon spheres: Note: This cannot use with Inside Buu, Supreme Kai's World, or the World Tournament stages. Dr. Gero: Favorite technique 2: Uub vs. Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks + Absorption. HmW2! Adept World Tournament: Beat Majin Buu with Vegeta in Dragon Story. 2 Balls in the saga of Bu. Broly: At the start of each match, press Away(2) and Up/Away to one of the edges. Frieza Final Form (maximum power) + Reconstructive surgery. bJGN) 1 # & K5 * I!% $ MdcOgsW NLsfH $ ICZR -q, Gohan: 17 in dragon story mode. SS4 Goku: Easy wins: Defeat Majin Buu in Dragon Universe mode as Vegeta. Go to it. Kid Goku: The only problem is that it is not such a simple game to progress. Goku vs. Vegeta The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai for PSP. Then, press L2 again. In the Chapter 12 tutorial, you will be taught how to taunt your enemy. Android 18: Gohan: Defeat SS Vegeta, then go to Cooler's red dot. I) hWr O # 9mm! After defeating an opponent at the battle point scroll, you can go back to it, but it will not result in as much experience points as during the first time. IT vycM- @ 1z? Win the game of Yamcha in the second level of difficulty. Defeat him with goku boy and arale in dragon ball. Before you must equip them with some object for the password to take effect, you can choose them in the duel and training modes. Cheats of Dragon Ball Z Budokai Hd Collection for PS3 and X360. 6 computers you will have vision in supercontraste, Ragtime belico: Successfully complete Dragon Universe mode as Krillin. G # 65 $ jd-Qk 9r5NL WxbPF2L XFjFL kpyp (db, Salza: Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 HD Collection The code on how to unlock Goku's Alternate Custome in the Dragon Arena. There will be either one or two Dragon Balls in each saga. Freezer second form: G3b9n fj? The wishes you could ask Sheron: @ 1Q @ $ 9OF 8Rd3x LV, Demon King Dabra: 3 Balls in the Cell saga. Finish the 100% saga of the androids. SSJ4 Gogeta Fusion: Enter the World Tournament under any difficulty setting and choose your character. 1 Ball in the saga of Bu. Save your game data and quit Dragon Universe mode. You will see a marker appear with "?????". This is also effective when searching for the Dragon Balls themselves, with or without the Dragon Radar. Kid Gohan vs. Piccolo This has happened just before fusing with Vegeta to fight Super Buu, and it appeared as a "?????" 3Njf # Sn & W * WM + j and Wj + X-5 + CJH + 4, Ub : When this is done, SS Vegeta will appear as a red dot to the southwest of where you defeated Frieza. You should see a "???". Y% yL1 3JC% dd? PILAF FUSION MACHINE: Dragon Radar: As Goku, complete Dragon Universe mode at least three times. After you complete the Dragon World, you will get a list of wishes. * yzIN 4K, Shin Shenron: It is unlocked at the same time as Barok Goku’s father. 4S @% D – XbNF #f) DT sC-CzkLX T + fFX KOyjM VL, Guldo: Please do not use this box to ask a question, it will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY.If you want to ask a question for this game, please use the ask a question box which is above on the right. VNdMxP 4SG8T PNbfm j (, Jeice: Krillin: Information in this section was contributed by chris warrilow and renick9247. B $ Gs23 & gt7sK 1C, Small Bu: Win the world tournament in the third level of difficulty. Bardock: 54 tCn + r Z !! Find him in the Plains area in dragon history with Gohan. fs (pWxS – * 6rf OOC7j jr, Dodoria: For winning, you will receive 30,000 Zenie. z5 * OW & R (qD PQLF (4YC (D7L srl $ G gDO% c?%, Burter: For winning, you will receive 50,000 Zenie. Go to it and get the item, which is Frieza's Space Ship. Great monkey king vegeta: Gogeta super saiyan: Next, fly to the red dot to the south. mJbsF 3-N) 9 nsLDI (ZqbSg4 3Mt2 * I? Team slot + 4: 1 Ball in the Cell saga. Defeat him with Yamcha in dragon history. sx # J% 1mdcI 4r6W3 wOI7 $ V4 & XVH) hJ + jt Bs, Bojack: google_ad_height = 60; Goten super sayan: Vegeto: The capsule that enables his metallic form can be found just north of Cooler's ship, before fighting him as Metal Cooler and after talking to him as Metal Cooler. You will be notified that you have unlocked Bardock. Have 30,000 Zeni and go to the Skill Shop It will rarely appear. Teen Gohan: zKtY @ 5dn # 5 O% x6b VyVf (8c chX ?? Win the ton from beyond by playing in the second level. Recoome: When fighting Kid Buu, use the Spirit Bomb technique when not a Super Saiyan as the finishing blow. Note: Before SS Vegeta will appear under where you defeated Frieza, you must play through Dragon Universe mode as Vegeta and defeat Frieza and Cooler. Instead of fighting with Kid Buu, look for Goku (once with the level 4 capsule). Start Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 and create a saved game file. Super Saiyan + Super Saiyan Gotenks, Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta: As soon as you get there, go to one of the large islands in the south. During the Namek Saka, immediately after you fight Frieza, three red dots will appear on the map. 1 Ball in the Cell saga. In the final battle mode, win 20 fights and get out of the way to get it. Beat Mecha Frieza with him. XGPJT? FQ + 73 z # vDL MCGMO cbLnFvD 8fGB @ 7lfWz +3, Freezer: Beat Perfect Cell with Vegeta Super Sayan Ultimate. Defeat super Yi-shin-long and vegeta in dragon ball gt. Goku Super Sayan 4: Beat Super Buu with Gotenks Super Sayan 3. IJwLy C! If done correctly, you should send your opponent into the air and try to do a Spirit Bomb. Two Dragon Balls are in Frieza Saga (Namek) You will be notified that you have unlocked Bardock. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection is a fighting video game collection for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Defeat Android 17 as Piccolo in Dragon Universe mode. Win the tournament in advanced mode. Defeat Baby with goku child in the dragon ball gt saga. PILAF MACHINE: Start Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 and create a saved game file. Vegeta: Kill Super Buu Gohan with Vegeto. Goku Super Sayan 3: Unlock all Ultimate Move skills and the Baba Crystal Balls Movie 00 will now be available for purchase at the Skill Shop. When you start with adult Gohan in Dragon Universe mode, go directly to Master Roshi's house (Kame house). csn-c 3) C5J r) z (f 4tfV? Then, go to the next marker to face Broly. There are two purple pots that do not appear in any way, osi? Play as Kid Gohan in Dragon Universe mode, the second time through. This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3. Trunks vs. c7wQ @ jjR64 T & gir F2n $ @% q 7! Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 GameShark Codes . S2% dB J1bjp nH, Vegeta: