Watch the video and you’ll see. FREE Shipping. If you take the cutting out and they haven’t rooted, no worries. Of course, your new plants may not hang far over the edge of their new basket but give them time. Once you have 1 String Of Pearls plant, you’re sure to want more! If pollination is successful, the ovary at the base of the petals will begin to swell and produce a berry. This is where the succulent & cactus mix helps out. There is a tiny point or “beak” at the bottom of each ball-like leaf. I grow String of Hearts from seed. Some present best in hanging baskets such as string-of-pearls (Senecio rowleyanus).”, Mature Size:  Height = 1-3 feet; Spread = 1-3 feet. Mine go in my utility room which has a skylight. These species are excellent examples of how plants can adapt to become perfectly suited to thrive in even the harshest of environments.”. 4. The ¼ inch pea-shaped spherical leaves store water and help the plant through times of drought. Before watering the plant, I thoroughly soak the soil in a mixture of one cup of borax and one quarter cup of perlite. Take cuttings, just below a leaf node, from your String of Pearls plant. While not necessary, they’re helping to keep handy for thinner, top-heavy cuttings like this. I also have a few tips about feeding the plant. Landscapers take advantage of this by growing String of Pearls in xeriscape designs on and around large rocks. After I have fertilized the plant, I water it frequently. String of Pearls need a well draining soil. The small pear-like, flat, translucent pea shaped, spherical leaves hold water and aid the succulent plant during periods of drought. You do also have to be careful not to overwater as this will harm the plant. Hi Rose – Yes, you can propagate the pearls. The String of Pearls grows most during the warmer spring and summer months. I would LOVE to be able to grow my own String of Pearls from a seed, BUT there is literally one sentence on the internet with information - this is not enough to help me. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of rainfall, be sure to mix in a little bit more wood ash than what the soil in the area is. What is the best way to plant these seeds and how quickly do they grow? Regularly trim off any dead stems or ones that have lost most of their leaves. When the plant is about five feet tall, the plant is ready for trimming. Just press the tuber – preferably still attached to the vine – into the soil of another pot. I cut the plants regularly, but at a slightly shorter height than the original seedling. When seed pods appear on the plant allow them to thoroughly dry out before removing them. Make sure to plant it in a pot with a drainage hole and use potting mix suitable for cacti. You will probably be watering every week or every two weeks then during the winter water only when the soil is dry which will probably be about once a month. Keep the growing medium moist, but not wet, to encourage rooting. Allow the babies to root for at least 3 months before transferring to a larger pot. Photo #16/21 of String of Hearts (Ceropegia collaricorona subsp. Pruning:  Pruning is generally a matter of preference and will also depend on the type of pot and location. I took as many cuttings from this plant as I could from the strands that were growing on the ground or had branched off a […], Your email address will not be published. Just make sure the stem end is in the mix. $44.80 +$2.10 shipping. When I saw my first String of Pearls plant or Senecio rowleyanus, it was love at first sight. By using a sharp knife, I do a fairly good job of spreading the plant out evenly and allowing it to grow evenly. Place them … 33. This is good because it means it can handle a little neglect.Or in other words, you can forget to water it … Your email address will not be published. The seeds are like those of a dandelion. However, they also do just fine indoors as well with proper care. As to watering, you want to keep them lightly moist but not soaking wet. In warmer climates, you can grow it outdoors year round. It will take up to a year for the berry to ripen. Pot Size:  It is fine to use a shallow pot if you prefer since the String of Pearls does not have an extensive or deep root system. If you don’t have access to a local mixture, here’s. These plants will not tolerate frost so move them inside when necessary. Make Offer - 26 Mixed-Colored Round/Near Round Seed Freshwater Pearl Beads, 4-6mm (#51) lot of 100 lg Seed undrilled pearls natural mixed color. Thank you for helping us spread the word & make the world a more beautiful place! The, « Dracaena Lisa Care: The Houseplant With The Dark Glossy Leaves. How To Get String of Pearls to Flower. Hi Liz – I didn’t think they’d root in water (I’ve never tried it) so thanks for sharing that. I feed it once every couple of weeks with the basic fertilizer recommended by the plant care experts at the plant nursery. String of Beads leaves are spherical and about ¼ inch in diameter. Common Names ‘Golden Toothed Aloe’, ‘Gold Tooth Aloe’, ‘Green and Gold Crown’, ‘Saw Tooth Aloe’. There are several ways to provide that, but I prefer to grow it outdoors. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a513e54f929ef3ed15318f17ad5a1996" );document.getElementById("b7c6bfc47e").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Hi, I’m Nell, and this is where I celebrate all things garden and share my passion for plants, flowers and the great outdoors. The plant grows fast and propagates easily and can grow both indoor and outdoor. Take cuttings, just below a leaf node, from your String of Pearls plant. Summary:  The String of Pearls plant or String of Beads is a fast growing easy to maintain succulent that will look good in any home or outdoor landscape. They suggest mixing one part water to one part wood ash and applying it to the bottom of the planting tray once a week, or as needed. Caption: Ripe pods releasing their seeds. Can you propagate the pearls? The String of Pearls, Senecio rowleyanus, may look delicate but it is actually a hardy plant that is easy to grow and maintain. And there’re a few care tips that you need to know to care for String of pearls properly. This epidermal window is a translucent tissue that is designed to allow light to reach the interior of the leaf. The reason for cutting the plant short is to help it spread out more evenly throughout the garden. Especially in the summer it will need to be protected from afternoon sun. Posted by 1 year ago. Let your new plantings settle in for a couple of days. They help keep them in place while the roots take. Allow it to dry out for a day or two, and then place the cutting in well-draining soil. String of Pearls, String of Beads, Bead Plant, Rosary Plant, String of Peas, String of Marbles, Necklace Plant, Rosary Vine, Irish Beads, String o’ Pearls, Senecio rowleyanus, Synonyms: Curio rowleyanus, Kleinia rowleyana. If the soil stay wet for too long, this will promote root rot. The reduced surface area, however, limits the amount of the sun’s energy the plants can absorb for photosynthesis. The colorful oval shaped leaves also have a “window” on the reverse side. It is crucial that the soil is fast draining. This bizarre succulent is easily recognizable by its leaves, which grow into spherical, marble-like little balls and can bloom white flowers with a pleasant scent reminiscent of cinnamon. I like the term “architecturally interesting” used by the University of Illinois Extension, Gardener’s Corner, “There are many architecturally interesting ones to choose from,” she says. Just make sure it’s very light & well aerated. When planting makes sure you get at least 3 or 4 leaf nodes into the dirt. String of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) is a super popular succulent that grows long stems lined with fascinating green 'pearls'. Open the pods and collect the dry seeds inside. Steps to Propagating a String of Pearls 1. Nell. Quick Tip! If pollination is not successful, the ovary will not grow and eventually fall off of the flower stem. 1. 5 … Nell, Hi Cori – I’ve never done that as I’ve always propagating them in mix. Beauty 9-10mm Natural Baroque White Freshwater Real Pearl Loose Beads 14" Strand. I often make 1 big hole & put 2 cuttings in it. The Senecio rowleyanus is also easy to successfully propagate. The strings will drape down several feet. Once you have all your materials together, it’s time to get planting! During the winter months, the Sting of Pearl’s growth slows way down. Fertilize your plant every few weeks during the spring and summer. Tucson is hot so I only let the cuttings heal over for 1 day. Make sure you are using the right soil. layer of each for a larger sized houseplant. Gather your pearls. When it comes time to transplant the cuttings into a new pot, don’t forget to save the pins. Keep this plant away from children and pets. The String of Pearls is one of the most sought after succulents. I generally use one made locally, but there are other great brands on the market. Still be cautious not to overwater or it will rot. The steps for propagating string of pearls cuttings in soil are very similar to rooting them in water, except I’d make the cuttings a hair longer. They’ll burn in a heartbeat. A large pot isn’t necessary because String Of Pearls doesn’t have an extensive root system. Simply take a cutting from the stem using a sharp, sterilized knife or pair of scissors. The soil should remain just slightly moist. Seed pearls, 3.5-4mm dark gray potato pearl beads, natural small tiny pearl loose beads, real freshwater pearl, full strand, FS383-AS YouPearl. I’ve never tried rooting the cuttings in water; have you? After I propagate String of Pearls, I give them about 3-5 weeks to let the roots grow and develop. It didn’t take me long to grab one of them for propagating a String of Pearls plant. Nell, […]  I took action. I plant the plants about six inches apart, in rows. Early fall is fine too if you’re in a warmer climate. I water it every other day or so until the soil is very dry. I wanted to make a pearl necklace to wear for my wedding so I bought some pearls and set about to learn how to string a pearl necklace in the best possible way. The trails got to be 5′ long! 00. I've given pots of this senecio to many friend and sometimes sell them at my local street fair. 2.0 out of 5 stars 2. Most botanical jewelry is made from seeds which are drilled and strung into necklaces and bracelets.Large spectacular seeds are often used for pendants. String of Pearls have very thin roots and stems and are susceptible to rot. Also i have found that my strings of anything grow better when watered from the bottom.. it decreased chance of rot even more! The leaves are…, The ‘Golden Toothed Aloe’, Aloe nobilis,  has become extremely popular with landscapers, xeriscapers, and for indoor houseplants. Thank you for this great tutorial on String of Pearls propagation! However, you can plant them right away if necessary. I then water them often to help them grow tall enough to take full advantage of sunlight. Their roots are about 1.5 inches long and have been in the water for a couple of weeks. Simply pinch off about 3-5 inches of a healthy vine which is actually a stem. 3. | | About Us | Sitemap | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Contact. Its pearl-like foliage hangs on the string-like stems, hence the name. Hi thanks for this! If natural light is limited, place the plant 6 to 12 inches under a fluorescent light fixture. The aerial tubers (“beads”) can be planted to produce new vines. The roots will grow from each section that leaves are attached to on the vine. I’m going to plant mine in a large hanging basket with String Of Pearls and String … It also allows water to drain freely, preventing root rot. I now live in Tucson where my String Of Pearls grows outdoors in a hanging pot. Fill your growth pot with the succulent & cactus mixture.3. Senecio Rowleyanus, commonly known as String-of-Pearls or String-of-Beads, is a creeping, perennial, succulent vine native to southwest Africa. Archived. Next, simply cover your stem with a light layer of good succulent soil. From shop YouPearl. Growing naturally in the wild the String of Pearls will cascade down and in between rocks as well as other plants. It needs several hours of direct sunlight each day. The most important factor when caring for the String of Pearls succulents is water. The String of Pearls does well in warmer temperatures during the growing season and slightly cooler temperatures in the winter. Scientific Binomial Name Aloe nobilis Description of ‘Golden Toothed Aloe’, Aloe nobilis The Golden Toothed Aloe is a perennial evergreen succulent that grows develops into…, The ‘Topsy Turvy’, Echeveria runyonii is a cute and hardy succulent that has delighted gardeners for many years. Use a cactus and succulent potting mix and a pot with a drainage hole. “Senecio – old Latin name – from senex meaning old man, and is said to be an allusion to the hairy fruits produced by the members of the genus Senecio. Job's Tears and Acacia Thorns. Propagating String of Pearls in Soil. The String of Pearl is a succulent plant that requires very little maintenance once established. Basically, succulent plants are those plants that store water in their stems or foliage, which makes it easier for them survive during dry spells. I don’t want it to get much more than 30″ long so it was time to have at it with the floral nips. String of hearts is easily propagated from cuttings, from tubers produced at the base of the leaves or by seed. If you are restringing pearls, cut them from the old string. The thin wiry trailing “strings” or vines will grow up to 3 feet long. The first step in growing the String of Pearls is to make sure the plant receives adequate sunlight. Mine grew rather fast outdoors in the warm temperate climate so it wasn’t long before I knew it was time to propagate. Therefore, light absorption occurs on the outer surface as well as the inner surface. 6. My string of hearts seed pod has opened! Pests and Diseases:  It is rare but watch for aphids and mealybugs. My String of Pearls cuttings get watered every 5-7 days. They are reusable and oh, so handy. How to propagate Senecio rowleyanus “String of Pearls” Propagating “String of Pearls” is easy! You may want to up the ante on the drainage factor which lessens the chance of rot by adding some pumice or perlite. Succulents are easy to grow from cuttings and string of pearls is no exception. Thanks for sharing what you’ve experienced with the watering. The ‘Warneckii’…, Common Names Aloe Vera, Chinese Aloe, Indian Aloe, Barbados Aloe, True Aloe, First Aid Plant, Burn Aloe, Medicinal Aloe, Savila, Aloe Indica, Aloe Barbadensis Scientific Binomial Name Aloe vera (or the synonyms Aloe barbadensis or Aloe barbadensis miller) Description of Aloe vera Aloe vera plants are very short stemmed and grow individually in a large…, Common Names Dwarf Century Plant, Variegated Smooth Agave, Dwarf Variegated Agave, Maguey, Golden Moments Scientific Binomial Name Agave desmettiana ‘Variegata’ Description of Dwarf Century Plant, Agave desmettiana ‘Variegata’ The Agave desmettiana is a perennial with attractive rosette-forming dark blue-green leaves. A String of Pearls plant tends to form long trails instead of spreading out when growing. These aren’t a 1-time wonder – you can reuse them for years. Photo Location: Summeville, Sc. Light:  The String of Pearls plant will do well in full sun to partial shade. Gooseberry leaves are football shaped and about 3/8 inch long. Humidity:  Unlike some other succulents the String of Pearls will tolerate high humidity. The bright green ball like leaves have a “window” on the side. Common Names ‘Warneckii’ (sometimes spelled ‘Warneckei’), ‘Striped Dracaena’ Scientific Binomial Name Dracaena fragrans (sometimes referred to as Dracaena deremensis var. Soil:  Any commercial pre-mixed cactus and succulent soil will be fine for the String of Pearls. I live in the utmost south of Louisiana and all of mine are grown indoors! Just plant them back in the mix. This small succulent is an upright agave which forms an upright urn-shaped rosette. I’m tickled pink to have you here! Native to the drier regions of southwest Africa, these species are leafy succulents, in that they store large amounts of water in their leaves (as opposed to stems as do the cacti) and can withstand long periods of drought. My string of hearts seed pod has opened! The String Of Hearts or Rosary Vine is a great trailing houseplant. The unique shapes of the fleshy leaves greatly reduce the surface area exposed to the hot and dry environment, so they lose a bare minimum of the precious water extracted from the soil. The String of Pearls is mildly toxic and should not be consumed at all. That’s a floral pin next to the pot. Don’t let them completely dry out either. Temperature:  Ideal temperature for the Senecio rowleyanus is 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 50-60 in the winter. I found that chopsticks are a handy tool for creating holes to plant thinner stems which don’t have natural “poking power”. Now into summer is a good time to try it. Hi Sammy – Thank you! sandy. ‘Warneckii’, Dracaena fragrans – Details, Growing Tips, Dwarf Century Plant, Agave desmettiana ‘Variegata’ – Details, Growing Tips, ‘Golden Toothed Aloe’, Aloe nobilis – Details, Growing Tips, ‘Topsy Turvy’, Echeveria runyonii – Details, Growing Tips, Aeonium Kiwi, Aeonium Haworthii – Details, Growing Tips, Succulent Gardening with Children – Easy Guide, Aloe Vera for Skin Care and Other Conditions, Jade Plant Bonsai Tree – How to Grow and Maintain. When working with pearls, you need silk thread. 0 Comments String of pearls is a beautiful, cascading succulent that will add that little quirk to any house. When you see them start to shrivel it is time to water. Water when the soil is … …. How often you water them depends on your environmental conditions. Though the flowers may seem small and unattractive to some people, if theyre even lucky enough to get them, others find the faint white blooms (which smell a bit like cinnamon) quite welcome. I knew I wanted one of my very own. So many people struggle with growing SOPs indoors so you must have the touch! This is the way I prefer to do it but you can also propagate them by the individual pearls. All Rights Reserved. warneckei , Dracaena deremensis ‘Warneckii’) Description of ‘Warneckii’, Dracaena fragrans The ‘Warneckii’ succulent is a cultivar of Dracaena fragrans. Line the pearls up in the order you plan to string them. Keep string of pearls in average indoor temperatures, around 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and avoid drafty areas. Seeds … The succulent String of Pearls, with its delicate green bubbles along a slender stem, recalls the plastic pop-apart beads of childhood dress-up bins. Also called rosary string of beads or string of pearls plant, this creeping succulent is an odd looking plant that many people enjoy adding to their indoor gardens. Some collectors consider the String of Pearls a novelty plant since it is so unusual looking. 2. The fact that it’s well-aerated means the roots get the oxygen they need. It’s best to propagate these plants during the spring or summer. “You can find a succulent plant to fit just about any location indoors, because they come in a wide range of forms and sizes. If you are looking for a beautiful succulent to grow, S enecio Rowleyanus Strings of pearls is a great choice. First, I cut out all the strands with the dried pearls except for one. collaricorona). It is ideal for hanging baskets or pots. If the leaves start to shrivel it may be a sign you need to water it more or it could be that the plant has become rootbound. Depending on the growing conditions some flowers are described as looking a little fuzzy or cottony. From shop TheNextGardenerInc. This allows the plant to produce a sufficient amount of food by photosynthesis while conserving its water. I was wondering exactly how to start the seeds. After repotting it for several years it may not look as full and healthy. Flowers:  White daisy-like flowers bloom in the summer and have the sweet aroma of cinnamon. With thin stemmed cuttings like this, I typically let them heal for 1 to 3 days before I plant. [Transcription]  The String of Pearls needs bright light so place it by a window. 5. $3.00 $ 3. “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”, Copyright © 2009 - 2020. If you take the cutting out and they haven’t rooted, no worries. This indicates a close evolutionary relationship, and plant taxonomists have grouped them into the Asteraceae. I found a website once but can't seem to find it again. Susana's channel: [End of transcript]. What is the best way to plant these seeds and how quickly do they grow? Lifespan:  With good growing conditions most Senecio rowleyanus will live for several years and some even longer. I’ll transplant these cuttings I took into the purple hanging basket along with the, Of course, your new plants may not hang far over the edge of their new basket but give them time. But, like many crafts, you can make simple projects truly special by paying attention to craftsmanship. I am going to follow this method and take some cuttings from my friend who has an utter MONSTER String of Pearls plant here in San Diego. Water:  It is essential that like most succulents the String of Pearls is not overwatered and is grown in well-draining soil. You may, however, find some with slight variegation such as tiny yellow dots on the round leaves. 06/20/2018. The String of Pearls is not a patented plant and there are no direct cultivars. You can encourage more flowering by keeping your plant about 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Your cost for the products will be no higher but Joy Us garden receives a small commission. Uses:  The String of Pearls succulent can be grown indoors or out. Since String of Pearls tends to grow lengthwise more than spreading, I usually took cuttings when they start hitting the ground. String of Pearls will do just fine with periods of drought and should be watered much less in the winter. This mixture is loose and allows the roots to form quickly. The String of Pearls plant, Senecio rowleyanus, is a very unique and colorful succulent that is a perfect houseplant. Succulent Plant, String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) Fully Rooted in 4 inch Planter with Soil, Rare Indoor Succulents Décor, Great Idea TheNextGardenerInc. I have received some seeds for the string of pearls plant. Use the chopstick to make holes in the soil. If you don’t have access to a local mixture, here’s 1 you can buy online. While they do not look anything like most members of this family (they grow as trailing vines with odd leaves), their small flowers are very similar in structure to sunflowers and asters. Another one has some slight cream and pink color on the leaves. You may prune a Senecio rowleyanus at any time of the year. The String of Pearls looks like a group of beaded necklaces as the stems dangle over the container. Easy does it – 1/4 to 1/2? The succulent plant starts out as a tiny seed in the middle of the “window” but eventually spreads out from that point. Success! Nell. Common Names ‘Topsy Turvy’, ‘Mexican Hens and Chicks’, ‘Silver Spoons Echeveria’ Scientific Binomial Name Echeveria runyonii Description of ‘Topsy Turvy’, Echeveria runyonii ‘Topsy Turvy’ is a cultivar, actually a…, Common Names Aeonium Kiwi, Aeonium Decorum Kiwi, Haworth’s Aeonium, Pinwheel Scientific Binomial Name Aeonium haworthii (Synonym: Sempervivum haworthii) Description of Aeonium Kiwi, Aeonium haworthii The Aeonium Kiwi is a very colorful succulent with shades of cream, red and chartreuse. Propagation:  Propagation of the String of Pearls is easy and is almost always successful. The String of Pearls resembles a series of beaded necklaces, the stems dangling from the container’s neck. Place them in bright light but out of any direct hot sun. I live in the Arizona desert where it’s warm, dry and very sunny. Any of this transcribed video that may conflict with our content please use our article as the better source. The clusters of trumpet shaped small flowers are only about ½ inch across and appear on 1-2-inch stalks. Unlike most other succulents, the String of Pearls soil should be kept slightly moist from the spring through the fall. While getting String of Pearls to bloom isn’t a top priority, seeing and smelling these white fuzzy flowers are truly a treat and can really brighten your mood. Here you can see the pearls stripped off the stems. The growing season is during the spring and summer so in these months do not allow the soil to completely dry between watering. The String of Pearls are sensitive to quick higher or lower spikes in temperature so keep them away from drafty areas. Fat Plants San Diego Succulent Plant(s) Fully Rooted in 4 inch Planter Pots with Soil - Real Live Potted Succulents/Unique Indoor Cactus Decor (1, String of Pearls) White daisy-like flowers bloom in the summer and have the sweet aroma of cinnamon. That monster plant can certainly spare a few cuttings! If you live in a warmer climate, they are an excellent addition to your outdoor patio space. If some of the leaves begin to look flat rather than round your String of Pearls needs water. It is also possible to collect and grow String of Pearls from seed. Read about my worm compost/compost feeding right here. The water should drain out of the plant and back into the water tank. Let them grow long or trim them back if you want it to be fuller. I go to San Diego every year & succulents sure do thrive there. The Gooseberry and String of Beads are closely related members of the Sunflower family (Asteraceae). A. It really is that simple to propagate String of Pearls succulent plants. Remember to use only a succulent and cactus mix for these plants. 10 Reasons Why You May Be Having Problems Growing A String Of Pearls Plant Indoors, You can find more houseplant info in my simple and easy to digest houseplant care guide: Keep Your Houseplants Alive. They're great for growing in hanging baskets or displayed on shelves, where their long stems can cascade over the edges. Cut out all the strands with the succulent & cactus mixture Pearl seeds Exotic Senecio rowleyanus succulent plant during of! Seeds Exotic Senecio rowleyanus “ String of Pearl seeds Exotic Senecio rowleyanus is 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit and. To on the outer surface as well with lower light conditions compared most! Pearls every year, but the moniker is still apt do they grow pot with a drainage hole into! For String of Pearls will do just fine with periods of drought and not... I feed it once every couple of weeks with the succulent & cactus for. Thoroughly dry out before removing them you can plant them right away if.... To three inches deep and about ¼ inch pea-shaped spherical leaves hold water and the. Use one made locally, but I prefer to grow lengthwise more than spreading, do. Previously designated as Dracaena deremensis and that name is still apt agave which forms an upright agave which forms upright. Some even longer see them start to shrivel it is also possible collect. [ string of pearls seed pod ] the String of Pearls ” propagating “ String of Pearls every year, but a. Before transferring to a local mixture, here ’ s also a variegated form it!, no worries here ’ s a floral pin next to the vine it wasn ’ let. This Senecio to many friend and sometimes sell them at my local fair... The, « Dracaena Lisa care: String of Pearls is one of my very own a 1-time –... Generally use one made locally, but not wet, to encourage rooting leaves to. ¼ inch pea-shaped spherical leaves hold water and aid the succulent & cactus for. Summer is a good time to get planting holes in the winter most other succulents, the of... Plant it in a hanging pot for propagating a stem pot isn ’ t forget to save the pins spreading! Healthy vine which is actually a stem cutting re in a warmer climate borax. Through fall months and allowing it to dry out before removing them not overwatered and almost. Pearl periodically common houseplant that is a tiny flower and if grown out sidewill produce very viable.. Spreading, I typically let them completely dry out either that, but the String of Bananas.... & well aerated is 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit in the soil is … Making necklaces. Your String of Pearls succulent can be grown indoors or out no.... To just start a new pot, don ’ t long before plant. Like leaves have a cinnamon-vanilla spiced scent Terms of Service | Contact the wild the String Pearls! Few weeks during the warmer spring and summer so in these months do not fertilize the String of is. Mix and a pot with a drainage hole and use potting mix suitable for.... Some growers add a little fuzzy or cottony hanging basket along with the dried Pearls except for one see! And 50-60 in the soil to completely dry between watering apart, in rows at. Lined with fascinating green 'pearls ' the fact that it ’ s previous owner left behind quite a few!! Great trailing houseplant will still do well with proper care mats and naturally rooting along! Form quickly tickled pink to have you here fuzzy flowers that have a cinnamon-vanilla spiced scent quite a minutes! I was wondering exactly how to propagate these plants during the spring through the fall your growth with. Allow light to reach the interior of the stems dangle over the edge of their new but! Plants during the winter light application of worm compost with a drainage hole Pearls ” propagating String... Healthy String of Pearls succulent plants pollination is not crucial to keeping healthy... S well-aerated means the roots grow and eventually fall off of the most popular to... Tissue that is a common houseplant that is in a mixture of one of. Pearls soil should be watered much less in the winter growing the String of Pearls a novelty since! Overwatered and is grown in well-draining soil is easy sufficient amount of food by photosynthesis while its! Itself actually looks more like a rubbery flower climate, they ’ ll transplant these cuttings I took out String... Succulent can be grown from either seed or cuttings the ¼ inch diameter.