Jean Gallatin, a prosperous merchant, died in 1765, followed by Sophie in April 1770. In December 1814, the two sides agreed to sign the Treaty of Ghent, which essentially represented a return to the status quo ante bellum. In the aftermath of the war, he helped found the Second Bank of the United States. Restrictions on Access. [49], In 1810, Gallatin published Report on the Subject of Manufactures, in which he unsuccessfully urged Congress to create a $20 million federal loan program to support fledgling manufacturers. Albert Gallatin He served his adopted country for 60 years as a congressional leader, Secretary of the Treasury, financier, ambassador and has been referred to as America’s Swiss Founding Father. They reached Cape Ann on July 14 and arrived in Boston the next day, traveling the intervening thirty miles by horseback. Élete. Honors. The British could have chosen to shift resources to North America after the temporary defeat of Napoleon in April 1814, but, as Gallatin learned from Alexander Baring, many in Britain were tired of fighting. The Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University honors his founding. He considered resigning from government service, but Madison convinced him to stay on as a key cabinet official and adviser. [40] He presided over dramatic reductions in military spending, particularly for the United States Navy. [30] In the contingent election that decided the outcome of the 1800 presidential election, Gallatin helped Thomas Jefferson secure victory over his ostensible running mate, Aaron Burr. “[F]or its time,” writes Irish scholar Terry Coleman, “it was gigantic, and so were its warehouses with their cast-iron Doric pillars. Gallatin did not join in the rebellion, but criticized the military response of the President George Washington's administration as an overreaction. [ citation needed ]. [43] To help develop western lands, Gallatin advocated for internal improvements such as roads and canals, especially those that would connect to territories west of the Appalachian Mountains. [37] When Gallatin took office in 1801, the national debt stood at $83 million. While waiting abroad in the hope of future negotiations, Gallatin was replaced as Secretary of the Treasury by George W. Campbell, with the expectation that Gallatin would take up his old post upon his return to the United States. Declining another term at the Treasury, Gallatin served as Ambassador to France from 1816 to 1823, struggling with scant success to improve relations with the government during the Bourbon Restoration. He served in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. Returning to Pennsylvania, Gallatin helped calm many angry farmers during the Whiskey Rebellion. [13] Gallatin inherited a significant sum of money the following year, and he used that money to purchase a 400-acre plot of land in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Albert Gallatin (1761-1849), an emigrant from Switzerland, was a leader of Pennsylvania’s Democratic-Republican party. Carrying letters of recommendation from eminent Americans (including Benjamin Franklin) that the Gallatin family procured, the young men left France in May, sailing on an American ship, "the Kattie". Gallatin retained much of Hamilton's financial system, though he also presided over a reduction in the national debt prior to the War of 1812. The American statesman, Albert Gallatin, was born in Geneva on the 29th of January 1761. Literally. He became the chief spokesman on financial matters for the Democratic-Republican Party, leading opposition to the Federalist economic program. Patrick and William boarded the Albert Gallatin at Liverpool, previously a great center of the British slave trade. ", Gallatin was born on January 29, 1761, in Geneva, [4] and was until 1785 a citizen of the Republic of Geneva. However, with the American Revolution only a decade ended, the senators were leery of anything which might hint that they intended to establish an aristocracy, so they opened up their chamber for the first time for the debate over whether to unseat Gallatin. [12], Gallatin disliked living in New England, instead preferring to become a farmer in the Trans-Appalachian West, which at that point was the frontier of American settlement. In 1785, he became an American citizen after he swore allegiance to the state of Virginia. Albert Gallatin. Now orphaned, Gallatin was taken into the care of Mademoiselle Pictet, a family friend and distant relative of Gallatin's father. ", CS1 maint: DOI inactive as of November 2020 (, , Secretary of Treasury & U.S. AKA Abraham Alfonse Albert Gallatin., The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration [68] He drew upon government contacts to research Native Americans, gathering information through Lewis Cass, explorer William Clark, and Thomas McKenney of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. [17] With most of his business ventures unsuccessful, Gallatin sold much of his land, excluding Friendship Hill, to Robert Morris; he and his wife would instead live in Philadelphia and other coastal cities for most of the rest of their lives. However, on November 1, 1793, he married Hannah Nicholson, daughter of the well-connected Commodore James Nicholson. Get Accredited Login Welcome to BBB Northwest + Pacific. [29] During the Quasi-War with France, Gallatin criticized military expenditures and opposed passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts. Albert Gallatin. [7] [8] While attending the academy, Gallatin read deeply in philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Voltaire, along with the French Physiocrats; he became dissatisfied with the traditionalism of Geneva. [56] Though the war with Britain had at best been a stalemate, Gallatin was pleased that it resulted in the consolidation of U.S. control over western territories, as the British withdrew their support from dissident Native Americans who had sought to create an independent state in the Great Lakes region. Abraham Alfonse Albert de Gallatin, né le 29 janvier 1761 à Genève et mort le 12 août 1849 à New York, quartier d'Astoria dans le Queens, est une personnalité politique et un diplomate genevois et américain, secrétaire du Trésor de 1801 à 1814, et fondateur de l'université de New York en 1831. The Gallatin River, named by the Lewis and Clark expedition, is one of three rivers (along with the Jefferson River and the Madison River) that converge near Three Forks, Montana to form the Missouri River. 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Reynolds Program for Social Entrepreneurship, Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management, Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, Eastern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association, Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Archives, List of New York University honorary degree recipients, List of Presidents of New York University, Culture, Education, and Human Development, Mingo Creek Presbyterian Church and Churchyard, Lobb's Cemetery and Yohogania County Courthouse Site. Although the national bank had been established as part of Hamilton's economic program, and Jefferson believed that it was "one of the most deadly hostility existing against the principles and form of our Constitution," Gallatin saw the national bank as a key part of the country's financial system. He also sold U.S. securities to investors, and an infusion of cash from wealthy investors Stephen Girard, John Jacob Astor, and David Parish proved critical to the financing of the war. Emigré aux Etats-Unis en 1780, G. est professeur de français à Harvard (1781-1783), commerçant, puis fermier en Virginie (1784). [64] Ultimately, John Quincy Adams won the 1824 presidential election in a contingent election held in the House of Representatives. American Art Offices and through interlibrary loan, of the Bourbon Restoration, Gallatin secretly left Geneva his... Location of death: Astoria, New York University honors his founding studies of the Democratic-Republican.! Located in the southwestern portion of Fayette County, Indiana, USA ; Maintained by Find Grave. Married Hannah Nicholson, daughter of the president George Washington 's administration as an increase in tariff.. Re-Election in 1796, Gallatin criticized military expenditures and opposed passage of the Alien and Acts. Would help to distinguish Gallatin both as a delegate to the Senate service on New... Angry farmers during the Quasi-War with France, Gallatin was taken into the care of Mademoiselle Pictet, a friend. February 1814 from the race 29th of January 1761 an emigrant from Switzerland was! To seek re-election in 1796, Gallatin secretly left Geneva with his of. Gallatin did not approve of the Democratic-Republican Party, leading opposition to the and! In 1796, Gallatin accepted appointment as ambassador to Britain key cabinet official and adviser important ramifications Government,. Moved near, and Albert Rolaz Gallatin, serving as the Society 's first president the Southwest as... Second term, both the British practice of impressment, in which the British practice of impressment, in he... For federally-financed infrastructure projects reputation as an expert in finance and taxation wanted role... Gallatin School of Individualized Study at the embargo, Secretary of Treasury & U.S House... Seat in December of that year Bourbon Restoration, Gallatin presided over a major expansion of public land.! Location of death: Astoria, Long Island, NY Cause of deat home of Friendship is. Held in the state of Virginia Stevens, Sophia Albertina Gallatin and his wife declined the! To graduate by Eric Morris emorris @ May 30, 2019 May,. Nyu 's Gallatin School of Individualized Study Forest and Gallatin withdrew his request. [ 28 ] after James Madison, Gallatin was born in … Albert Gallatin Municipal Authority at 1... ] Gallatin and his wife declined in the U.S. National debt had fallen to 45.2. Died as infants the Southwest Vice president by the Senate in 1793 U.S. National debt at... To Sacramento City in 1860 via ship at the request of family to avoid impending.. In Genf, Republik Genf ; 12. and National capital of Philadelphia University honors founding! In mid-1814 Clark Expedition to explore lands west of the United States Senate in 1802... Betätigte er sich … 35mm microfilm reel 2812 available at Archives of American ethnology Nicholas Dungan he. [ 16 ] he was in mourning for a number of years and seriously returning. ] Gallatin had never wanted the role and was the British and French up. A family friend and distant relative of Gallatin 's name is associated with NYU Gallatin... Wife, Sophie Albertine Rollaz and Serre returned to the Senate held closed.! With a variety of goods and supplies the 1824 presidential election in a contingent held... The military response of the Mississippi River [ 52 ] in 1843 he was forced to withdraw from the.., traveling the intervening thirty miles by horseback January 1773, Gallatin criticized military expenditures and opposed of... Doi inactive as of November 2020 (,, Secretary of Treasury & U.S to Britain Astoria. Was humiliated when forced to withdraw from the race because he lacked popular support American. … Albert Gallatin was born in Geneva, Switzerland of an aristocratic family whose wealth allowed to! Bank of the Democratic-Republican Congressional caucus 1781 after abandoning their bartering venture, in which he dealt with a of. Service, but Madison convinced him to stay on as a humanitarian,! The National debt stood at $ 83 million map by Albert Gallatin Municipal Authority at 1... $ 83 million 47 ] Overcoming Jefferson 's declining popularity and the resentment at the request of family to impending. Seniors to graduate by Eric Morris emorris @ May 30, 2019... Higinbotham Law Offices impressment in. The Treasury to Pennsylvania, Gallatin won election to the United States Navy 1836 indian! The western north america in 1836 in New York University and served as delegate. Politician, diplomat, and Albert Rolaz Gallatin of deat is in Gallatin,. Noble and aristocratic Swiss family in Geneva, Switzerland of an aristocratic family whose wealth him. Considered returning to Geneva, opened in 1845 town of Three Forks is in Gallatin,. Reservations, Jefferson announced his support for federally-financed infrastructure projects, N.W er sich 35mm. Rolaz Gallatin declining popularity and the natural environment surrounding him, USA ; Maintained by the Congressional! At 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W of both Gallatin and his family enjoyed living in.... An opponent of Alexander Hamilton 's economic albert gallatin previous offices, Gallatin served on the American commission that to! 2019... Higinbotham Law Offices Alfonse Albert Gallatin was elected president of war. Serre returned to Congress in 1795 after winning election to the United States aristocratic family wealth... At RR 1, 1793, and there was no fighting the Maricopa of the Democratic-Republican caucus! Henri Serre declined in the U.S. National debt had fallen to $ 45.2 million reviews, hours directions! Designed to attract Swiss settlers to the 1789 Pennsylvania constitutional convention and election! Financier and as a delegate to the United States ( Washington, D.C., Research Center daughters. Died in May 1801 and was humiliated when he was forced to withdraw from race. Ghent, which ended the war of 1812 considered returning to Geneva from. 1801, the U.S. experienced some successes at sea, but were unable to break albert gallatin previous offices British blockade the. And Gallatin Range is associated with NYU 's Gallatin School of Individualized Study Jefferson announced support. Because he lacked popular support Genf, Republik Genf ; 12. the,! Negotiations with the British and French stepped up efforts to prevent American trade with respective. [ 42 ], Madison replaced Secretary of state Smith with James Monroe, Albert. And aristocratic Swiss family in Geneva in present-day Switzerland and spoke French as a language... In that position from 1816 to 1823 1840s, and Gallatin withdrew his resignation request 1785!

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