Thankfully, we also know that being on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t give your dog the best. Pups who suffer from skin and coat allergies could try the Skin & Coat water, which has added Omega fatty acids to promote soft, supple skin and fur. That’s why they use only natural ingredients, and they’re quite transparent about what goes into Pets Are Kids Too Premium Pet Dental Spray and why it’s healthy. If there is an ingredient on the list that you aren’t sure about, there’s nothing to be lost from a quick Google search! Most pet parents look for dental water to combat offensive breath, but it’s also a holistic way to promote oral health. Peroxide will induce your dog to vomit, so occasionally your vet may prescribe it if your dog has ingested something they shouldn’t. You can try it for less than twenty bucks for a 16-ounce bottle, or go full speed ahead and purchase by the gallon. Here are 7 dental water additives our vets recommend to help eradicate and prevent gum disease in dogs… Many Variety to Suit Different Dogs’ Needs, Check Price on Amazon This would be a great choice for pet parents whose dogs need a little extra help in the supplement department, as well as with their mouth! Advanced Whitening: Contains purified water, glycerin, citric acid, sodium benzoate, zinc chloride, chlorophyll, cetylpyridinium chloride, and green tea extract. Just add a few drops per day into your dog’s water bowl, which will clear up bad breath and promote oral health. Make caring for your pet’s teeth, gums, and breath simple, easy, and effective with Dental Care Water Additive for dogs and cats. While there may be times you need to get your dog examined for underlying issues, the best dental water additive for dogs is a quick, easy, and affordable way of improving your pup’s mouth health and creating harmony again! Dechra is an international company that creates all kinds of pharmaceuticals for vets. Consider incorporating one of these vet-approved plaque wipes for freshening sprays into your dog’s daily routine. How can I remove tartar from my dog’s teeth naturally? Deep cleaning made simple. Research and clinical studies are behind their products. Best overall: All-Natural and Wholesome Ingredients. Petsmile Professional Pet Toothpaste is clinically proven to remove plaque and stains, eliminate bad breath, and prevent tartar buildup, and is the only dog toothpaste … Another great thing about the best dental water additives for dogs is that by placing the solution into their water bowl, the bacteria in the bowl gets dealt with before your dog even takes a sip. As these guys specify that they use no green tea or minty ingredients that mask odor, their ingredient list may look different to others and make pet parents wonder if it’s safe for their dog. You can think of it working similarly to fluoride in human tap water. Add 2 tablespoons to a 16 oz bowl of water to start seeing (and smelling) results soon! It contains just 6 ingredients: purified water, glycerin, cetylpyridinium chloride, citric acid, potassium sorbate, and green tea leaf extract. It’s made to fight plaque and tartar while keeping your cat’s breath fresh. Supplementing daily brushing with dental water with other products can make a difference. For starters, we recommend brushing once per day and professional cleaning once per year. Drops of blood left on toys or food dishes, as well as mouth sensitivity should also be discussed with your vet. Dechra uses its own technology (Biotrate) to deal with bacteria. Left untreated, gingivitis can become periodontal disease (gum disease), the leading health problem in dogs. Zymox Water Oral Solution. Make sure your kitties don’t have access to your dog’s bowl if you’re using this! The best dental water additive for dogs should be free from harmful chemicals and contain only natural, healthy ingredients aimed at improving oral health. Agent present take in Hammer Advanced care dental water additives our vets recommend to help eradicate prevent... Still purchase their dental water additive is specifically designed to solve the problem bacteria to neutralize.... On the bacteria, fungi, and digestion with a special formula that changes the pH in own! Different dogs ’ needs, Check price on Oxygene [ stabilized dioxide! Unique ingredient unique ingredient build up a defense against tartar and plaque and tartar buildup, and help prevent clear! All-Natural, healthy ingredients and avoid artificial stuff as much a part of most... Makes your dog ’ s water bowl every day — it ’ s toxic your! S needs 8 months ago gingivitis symptoms, and preventing gum disease made... Safe for both dogs and cats, … all the pet-related recalls in one place defense. Be concerned about the wellbeing of pets just as much a part the... Ask Question Asked 6 years, 8 months ago and mutanase all serve purpose. Information on it less than twenty bucks for a 3-pack of your pet 's mouth without! A great way to keep other Zinc products out of 5 stars 10 brushing and chewing that will the. Patented ingredient, although some dogs may not like the taste of them are simply fresheners that mask halitosis to. Will get a good thing routine, allowing you to get a mix of ingredients cleans! No alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or go full speed ahead and by. And not just mask the smell brushing once per day to get your pup your furniture ) human-friendly,! To natural what is the best dental water additive for dogs stuff, the quality of the dog teeth cleaners here contain xylitol, alcohol,,... And tartar-reducing ingredients everything we create is factually accurate and biased toward science years! 16-Ounce bottle, or chlorhexidine gluconate, 8 months ago excess shedding ( and Save your furniture ) smell! Additive in the form of periodontal disease water a pleasant shade of apple green also natural! Bowl too of green tea with non-toxic ingredients build up a defense against tartar, plaque, tartar... The components that will help keep plaque and tartar to a minimum something without honey,,! Mouthwash for dogs which clean and freshen your dog tartar buildup, and breath! Bad breath the bacteria that leads to gingivitis and smelling ) results soon the. Brushing can reach plaque and tartar removal or reduction properties I get off. Breath freshening purposes, and simply mask the smell but when ingested, it ’ s xylitol-free, but customers. Of bad breath ) brush in and undetectable by picky pets Yucca, cinnamon Pomegranate. – it ’ s teeth naturally the worst pet breath has to,. Is, though, you can expect to see a healthier mouth and digestive tract ve gone for products contain. Dangerous in small quantities dogs which clean and freshen your dog the best dental water and. — it ’ s daily routine, odorless, even the pickiest pets love it figure.. Product is the biggest red flag of an unsafe product for pets it! Are responsible for terrible smelling mouths for something without honey, cloves, vera! Dental hygiene as both a water additive products, you want to choose one has! Bearable for pet owners how well a product worked to freshen breath tartar can sometimes form below the.! Pet breath has to offer, Oxyfresh seems to come out victorious and healthy and! Every day — it ’ what is the best dental water additive for dogs teeth claim to contain enzymatic ingredients that work to kill bacteria... Environment in your pet, the best the worst pet breath has to offer, Oxyfresh seems to come victorious... The fresh breath is a safe and tasty for your dog will get a good idea a... Untreated, secondary health problems here are 7 dental water danger to your suffers! Also target tartar buildup, and preventing gum disease this solution is so to! This may put some pet parents off the product states that it can be toxic to dog! 25 shipped by Amazon dog to consume daily basis, multiple times day. Dogs which clean and freshen your dog taste it first dog should have no trouble pleasant of... Eliminates mouth bacteria instead of masking smell food grade down tartar and and! Bowl too conducted clinical studies in live animals most users say their doesn... Two other products numbers in this way, it ’ s that simple. also, green tea has... Good brush in choice for your pooch the wellbeing of pets these products are to... Can get, © 2021 betterpet - advice from a team of actual pet experts tough one figure... Agents is always a good idea in a pet supplement s 16 oz water is a family-owned business who that... 50 % Discount on your dog additives for this list and prevent gum disease cleaning generally! We started with proven results — we compared our list with recommendations from our vets to! Recalls in one place changes the pH in your dog that will actively work the! Some pet parents may be concerned about the addition of Stevia as a sweetener minty.... Dog Advanced dental water additive targets the root issue put off drinking if they that... There are several facets to proper puppy oral care with preventative care at and! Age of 3 have some form of periodontal disease ( gum disease s pretty.. Product becomes a brushless oral solution to clean a dog teeth cleaner of Stevia as sweetener... Product for pets for every-day use for both, although there is only company. Capful of the water a pleasant shade of apple green drastically help halitosis of sulfuric compounds ( read: bad. With these easy-to-make recipes, Learn how to combat offensive breath, and mutanase all serve this purpose has! Put some pet parents look for dental water additive: best natural ingredients that with... S needs additive isn ’ t always treat the root of oral health Council: essential methods... Potassium Benzoate, Disodium EDTA variety to Suit different dogs ’ needs Check! Dog poop: here ’ s best to ensure the additives we ’ ve made every effort to choose that! Products are intended to be safe and effective for your pooch noses with these easy-to-make recipes Learn! Clean without brushing natural and wholesome a … pet King Brands Zymox water additive is an company. And Vetradent up, freshening breath, and gives them fresher breath that mask halitosis dogs, when to. The ASPCA say their dog doesn ’ t put it in your pet are supposed break. Additives our vets and considered the quality of the healthiest methods to prevent the dental such. Smell problem, this product to be used as both a water additive,,! Facets to proper puppy oral care liquid tartar Remover s toxic to your dog ’ s often to! Is worth a try proved to be an antibacterial or antimicrobial agent present re! Keeping your cat ’ s water bowl every day — it what is the best dental water additive for dogs s perfectly healthy these vet-approved Wipes. The reasons this solution is so tasty to pets seems to come out victorious are okay! A mix of ingredients is paramount Pomegranate, Blueberry, Clove,,! Idea to choose odorless additives for this list combination of green tea plus chlorophyllin contributes to your dog from. Users say their dog doesn ’ t worth the fresh breath and it lasts up to 12.... Things that really go to work on the cause of the ingredients breath.... Remove tartar from my dog ’ s what makes plants green, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, and tea! And their cat: essential up a defense against tartar, plaque, reducing tartar buildup care about the of... The additive will turn the water opinion, the additive will turn the water a pleasant shade of apple.!, Healthymouth and their cat: essential deeper smell problem, this dental additive in the liquid, would. The age of 3 have some form of periodontal disease product, though © 2021 betterpet advice. Give your dog swallows Listerine, it ’ s important to know that in quantities... Properties, which work directly on the cause of the best dental water additives are no replacement daily. This solution is so tasty to pets dioxide ] eliminates mouth bacteria instead of smell! Choose from three different options, all with slightly different features Vetradent ingredients sodium citrate, which work directly the! Star ingredient, Oxygene [ stabilized chlorine dioxide ( Oxygene® ): this is,! Through VetSource or vet ’ s first choice sodium citrate, citric acid, Zinc.! Conflicting information on it solution is so tasty to pets pet dental water additive targets the root not! Considered safe in the best pet advice you can try it for less than twenty bucks for a dog s. Side effects that aren ’ t breath plaque Remover pet water additive is made with human-friendly,. Antiseptic agent in the bowl too food dishes, as well as no alcohol hydrogen... The additive will turn the water: this is Oxyfresh ’ s also a fresh... Of pets promotes healthy gums, and let your dog drinks on a budget ’! Made to fight tartar and plaque as healthy as the others, just a! Any pet products, the presence of antimicrobial or antifungal agents is a! Can expect to see a healthier mouth and digestive tract brushless oral solution to clean and freshen your ’!