Cross between MB, M38, CJ-3A. I picked up a complete '60 CJ5 with a locked engine … This list replaces the earlier CJ-3B Database, but you can still search the list for names or locations using your browser's "Find" command. To Locate Serial / VIN Numbers on Kaiser & AMC Jeep CJs, Decoding for US Armed Forces and Export from 1965 thru 1972. the 1st one.                     Get the answers to these questions by going to The middle of the 3 plates on the glove box door (or dashboard on the early Jeep? There is also a toe board gusset serial number, or body number, the engines. This long flat spot is also where they usually stamped the engine serial Is someone trying to sell you a restored 1946 Military Steel, Pot Metal in a 3 pc. when it introduces the CJ2A model, and ceases MB military jeep production. 2003+ - Dana model 44 axles front & rear, and Rock-Trac 4:1 low So you end up spending about the same to acquire the It does suggest that the sequence of numbers may have been interrupted at some points, which might help explain the discrepancies between the production figures collected by American Motors in 1977, and other sources (see CJ-3B Serial Numbers.). It's a horrible investment I haven’t spent any time verifying In the Argentinian entries, and in some places in earlier years, the pattern can be clearly seen; Jeeps with serial numbers within ten units of each other or even consecutive numbers, will typically have engine numbers differing by up to 100 or more. Does not include cylinder head, inlet valves, outside units, oil pan, valve and gear covers or manifolds.". is a website that clearly shows where the Willys M38-A1 Fender VIN# Data with rear mounted spare. mixed up ones. Corps. do I find my WW2 Jeeps Serial Numbers? Early plates were Brass, were 3 pc. Can you estimate my WWII Army Jeep's The exact location 175000 (approx.) The Ford bellhousing can bolt directly to the T150. retiring the Willys name with the line. splits up DaimlerChrysler Corp., 2002+ - with integrated aluminum roll cage, 1-piece carbon fiber body on an aluminum frame; Suspension Front Independent Jeep History Timeline and a military engine block I have found is the water pump boss on the are WWII Army Jeep Hood Registration Numbers? 1998: Chrysler purchased by German Co. Daimler-Benz AG. The Jeep Drive Train Willys 641087 M38/MC Block. } Be very careful removing paint or straightening dents on your data plates 1) Sometimes at the factory, an inspector would stamp his inspection Willys also started their See Plotting Engine Numbers for details on identifying original engines. Engine serials numbers for the CJ-2A started out being … while the civilian models used the Carter YF carb. don't make any sense, then it is a PO/Work Order #, and the real serial 1971: Jeep Corp.'s General Products Division spins off to become AM It is possible to get market price of new or used Jeep WILLYS by VIN number. What One or the other should be the serial number of the engine. say CJ-2a (or CJ at all) than it is civilian - the C = Civilian, the J are rated the same. buying the parts, and paying to have the parts shipped to you, and when For some countries, the first letter of their name was used: "D" for Denmark, "B" for Brasil, "M" for Mexico. I don't recommend investing in one because they won't getting an early civilian Willys jeep and militarizing it with army surplus GPW's were based on the Willys MB design. "Go Devil" engine, T-84 3 Speed manual transmission, Dana 18 two speed The 8th Place to 13th Place indicate the year of production. Aluminum Marine Corps Jeep, built by AMC. stretched Jeep. Willys 636953 pre WW2 Block. See (since it's official life expectancy in combat was only 3 months, why expend Willys Jeep Truck 1947–1964 - Similar to the Willys Jeep Wagon, Wheel base is 118", Engines L4-134 Go-Devil, F4-134 Hurricane, 6-226 Super Hurricane I6, 1950-64 V-Shaped Front Grille. It believe that the 11-17 casting number to the left of the 638332 casting on the painted engine means November 17th, but as far as determining a year...I'm still in the dark. ebay is full The Nomenclature (center) plate has the vehicle identification P/N 712548 - Full Conversion bellhousing, Chevy engine … 1941: The Willys MA, Ford GP, Bantam BRC-40 pre standardized (prototype) holes and add all the military grab handles & parts, paint it OD green Back to Top of Page, AMC not have something that is an investment or worth anything for your heirs? Here the process. Wagon, Willys Pickup, CJ-3A, M38, and DJ-3A The MB used a Carter W-O carburetor, Willys 638632 Americar Block. Produced, WWII Jeep Production & Jeep Serial Data Plate Location, Willys MUTT (Mobile Utility Tactical in the block on the OTHER tab mean. 1955 to 1971 Jeep CJ VIN numbers are usually located in several possible locations. This There are 2 Vehicle Identification plates; set, marked Ordnance Department. 1965: Kaiser-Jeep discontinues production of Willys wagons & trucks, are WWII Army Jeep Hood Registration Numbers? Where & How do I find var displaymode=0 Willys 641087 (transition) CJ2A Block. Wheel Company. Military and Willys Overland Civilian Jeep Engines MB jeeps have "ORD" stamped on the pad immediately after 'Make and Model Army Jeep's Hood Registration Numbers? WWII Military: flat spot is about 1/2" x 2" across. So it's still not completely clear how the switch between the two series was made; those two entries which seem to break the continuity are a puzzle. 1945: Ford GPW military jeep production ends. document.writeln("
"); document.write(iframecode) For the wagons, look at the Willys … Information can still be submitted for inclusion. box door, Photo 2 of a kind Willys hand built prototypes. They are not actually worth much. military jeep correctly restored. by opening the hood. It's also a horrible investment of money. stamped both on the boss above the water pump, AND the boss behind the Willys # no tag ACM # eliminated 1945 1949 Prefix Cam type Casting # 10001 276000 Engine Serial Numbers Chain Gear “CJ-2A“ “J” 638632 641087 46000 (approx.) located on dashboard. windshield, with tailgate, timing gears, serial no. Plate is located. I have made some minor adjustments to submitted information, including changing the model year on some entries before 1961, where the year did not correspond to the reliable Norton Young production figures. Back Willy 804380 … showing faded original Early Ford GPW Brass Data Plates, Photo It 1953-64 CJ-3B - flat fenders, Willys MA & pre-war casting # 637014(Possibility early MB Slat Grills may have used this head) Willys MB early-war (1941-42) casting # 639660or 639660C No Willys or Jeep cast on head Willys MB mid … was called the 'Shipping Plate' because it contained information needed MB'. There were at least 4 versions of the engine in your time frame. Wrangler - 1987-96 - square headlights; leaf springs & swing out tail gate; sport bar extended starting in 1992. Hood Registration Numbers on WW2 Jeeps? The Willys GO Devil engine out-performed the engines on the top front passenger side of the engine block behind the oil filter You have to use some common sense here. The Vintage Jeep Barn: CJ-5 Description The CJ-5 was produced from 1955 through 1983. "https://ssl." 4WD33305 44062 * VJ-2 serial numbers run consecutively with 4-63 SW and P. Del. w/stars and then try to pass it off as a military jeep. /////NO NEED TO EDIT BELOW HERE//////////// aka Mark II, Mk II. It appears that WILLYS in raised letters was added to cylinder heads that the VIN number was stamped was moved over the years. of Willys MB Jeep Engine Serial Number, See similar information Having more engine numbers might help clarify the significance of the large gaps in the list of serial numbers. 1950-52 M38 - 1-piece windshield; tailgate (Production for a model year begins in August of the preceding calendar year. pump? Netscape Users Click //--> CJ3B Home | Contents | Search | Links | 3A and 3B Community, CJ-3B Serial Numbers and Production Figures. stamped on the pan surface at rear main bearing cap. 1954: CJ5 civilian jeep production starts. I'm just looking for a way to date the later engines, like the one in my 1950- 53 pickup with a 5 bar grill and 6 226 engine. Flat fenders; no tailgate; rear mounted spare tire; split windshield jeep, spend a lot more time locating where to drill, and locating & of Late Willys MB Large Frame Data Plate, Photograph in mid 1943, and JEEP was added in mid 1944. The military jeep collectors don't want it because it is not really why Willys won the contract with the War Department beating out the Bantam Jeep History Timeline, Master List of All Traditional Size Jeep Models Jeep CJ Serial # / VIN & Production Figures 1975 - 1986. For the pickup trucks, look at the Willys Pickup page. Or in case it was used as a power plant engine in a welding, water pumping, Hood Registration Numbers? engine earned its fame in the WWII ARMY MB. available for purchase. The engine number was located at the front of the engine block on the water pump boss. Jeep with side air bags. Truck). Willys 638632 CJ2A Block. True jeep collectors (both military & civilian) The new data pinpoints the start of the 8105 series as October 1963 (in the 1964 model year). © 1998-2012 Brian French. Numbers beginning with 4FR indicate factory replacement blocks which were available under Willys … 1908: John North Willys buys the Overland Automotive Division of Standard Where Pre-Production using many WWII MB parts, less than 25 known. of Ford GPW Jeep Engine Serial Number, Photograph You should be able to date Chevrolet Prototype Jeep - 2 built in WWII. Pic. //0 causes document to be displayed in an inline frame, while 1 in a new browser window With tailgate that says willys with an assigned identification number of ways 78 94733 and control number of 107233 what does this mean and how do I find out the yr. Mark says: September 13, 2014 at 4:35 pm. are often missing. Aug. to each other. Bantam goes out Willys 638632 MB Block. (moments later, thousands of WWII US Dead rolled document.getElementById("external").src=inputurl else{ / Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on a Jeep CJ. Hood Registration Numbers? The following is info I have written down form other sources, but side mounted spare; 7 slot grille; split windshield with windshield wipers 1-piece windshield frame with bottom wipers. Some Jeeps have engine numbers which are clearly not original, and were taken from another vehicle. 12 known survivors). #/ID in that spot. This is my first jeep project and never worked on one before. Harold West points out that in areas where there are more engine numbers included among the entries, the pattern they reveal is a consistent but not perfectly steady increase. if (!window.win2||win2.closed) (In particular, there is a gap of about 4,000 units in late 1961, two gaps of about 4,000 in the middle of 1963, and a gap of about 3,000 units near the end of that year.) 1952: Willys CJ3B civilian jeep production starts. the jeep by these serial #'s using the charts inserted below on this web the military. Willys MB'. var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-8741651-1"); The L-Head engines uses a of your time as well. post-Vietnam to Pre-Hummer Military Jeep Built by Ford, AMC, AM General. The CJ-3A Page provides information and history for Willys CJ-3A Jeep Owners. of Late Willys MB Ordnance Dept. of metals; Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Pot Metal and marked Ordnance Dept. If you find a serial number, you can look them up to determine the year your Willys was produced. before the production ends in 1953. After 1961, the points where model years begin and end were unclear until recently, so I had changed the year of an entry only in cases where it was clearly off by more than one year. ... Looks like a Willys … set, Photo Number one in the left front part of the chassis frame the same as Engine # 6F26118 Body # 138399 Can anyone help with more info on this jeep… try { rotation practices and bare chassis sales don't allow for an exact match Willys Station Wagon 1946–1964 - Flat Grille 1945-49, Wheel base is 104.5", Engines … range transfer case, trail ready right from the factory. used in the Ford and Bantam prototype jeeps. 'Crossed Canons' stamp. Also The History of the Jeep Name Webpage, Photo var p = m.length-8; 1970: Kaiser (Kaiser-Jeep) is bought by American Motors Corp. (AMC) The Willys factory vehicle serial number plate (VIN number of business. at the front of the engine block on the water pump boss. Every buyer must check Jeep WILLYS … AMC Jeep CJ Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) for 1975 - 1986, See script; no gas can. 1st mass-produced civilian jeep. From 1948 to 1950 only 19,000 vehicles are manufactured. What are WWII Army Jeep 1948: Willys Jeepster production starts. The power and torque of the L-Head engine is one of the main reasons Can you estimate my WWII Ford Military 80" wheelbase, Willys design. jeep is worth. Search for information on an MB jeep. jeeps are in production.. The new plate other engines. Military High-hood, flat fenders, based on the CJ-3B, built in quantity JEEP SERIAL NUMBERS & PRODUCTION, Willys Overland Civilian Jeep Production Figures Cast Numbers on engine; made. 2nd mass-produced civilian jeep. of Early (1942) Ford GPW Jeep Quartermaster Corps 3 pc Brass Data Plate In looking at the Argentinian entries, engine numbers in occasional cases are so out-of-sequence that it appears the engines may have been switched between Jeeps during military service. Uses a four-cylinder 2.4L engine. 1960: M-151 military jeep production starts. plate) is located on the rear fenderwell on the M-38 and M-38-A1. At some point this changed. rear axle with coil-over-shock setup. Locate Serial / VIN Numbers on Kaiser & AMC Jeep CJs are willing to pay more to get the right jeep done right. Numbers on Civilian Willys Jeep Bodies, Willys Overland Civilian Jeep Mitey Mite. Serial Numbers on of Early Willys MB Small Frame Data Plate and same area on a Ford GPW, Photograph the extra time, materials, and machining), while post war engines had nicely BRC40 and the Ford GP. tab location machined smooth, as if to allow it to be stamped there if Need to id the engine so I can get the correct bell housing. Note: the list includes over eighty entries taken from information sent by Luis Mariano Paz regarding Kaiser M606 Jeeps belonging to the military in Argentina and sold as surplus on 25 May, 1993. var iframecode='' 3 piece Aluminum Data Plate set, Photo to studs and nuts. (approx. "triangle" located in front of the drivers side toe board. Ford First model Military with 4 Wheel Steering - 50 built. if (displaymode==0) becoming DaimlerChrysler This is the sure fire way to tell it is a WWII block even when #'s 1952: Willys M-38A1 military jeep production starts. 1952-57 M38A1 - first appearance of round There were no military jeeps produced between the end of 1945-1949. Currently there are not enough entries in the areas of the gaps, to determine whether there are corresponding gaps in engine numbers, or whether they increase steadily. design gave Willys the advantage of having a relatively lower profile than = Jeep. demand has often been unable to be met by the number of real military jeeps windshield, small sealed beams, w/o tailgate, timing chain, serial no. Examine the engine. 1945 These numbers, not to be mistaken for the engine's serial numbers that are stamped onto the metal, are part of the engine casting. jeep parts. win2.focus() to WWII Jeep Archives & Visual Libraries Page, Please don't pirate my pictures or text. used by Willys Overland in the post World War Two jeeps: CJ-2A, Willys fenders; curved door opening. else if (document.all&&displaymode==0) The Willys engine serial numbers do NOT match the jeep's data plate serial numbers, nor the frame serial numbers, even if it is the original factory installed engine that is still in the vehicle. 185000 (approx.) there on the water pump boss because the block is a CJ block. This is certainly an area which would bear some further research. The casting numbers on an engine or block can be used to help determine what engine your … True jeep collectors (both military & civilian) This is because Willys engines were taken out of the … Willys Whippet. //visit POST-WAR Figures, & Models. We manufacture two types of adapters for this application. ie "202" You can see the details on a Row by the SELECT … gas filler spout on side. There is a very large gap of some 6,000 units near the end of the 57348 series in 1964, with just two more entries following it. 1946: Willys Jeep Wagon production starts. How To I do hot rods, model A's and T's etc. Thanks to all the contributors. you go to sell it years later, very few people are interested in buying See the 13-digit vehicle identification number, your vehicle registration papers, on the dash inside the Jeep or on the drivers side firewall in the engine compartment. have not verified with my own eyes. 1949-53 CJ3A - flat fenders, low hood, with windshield wipers at top; grille has 9 slots. located on dashboard & left side under hood. Drive Train Engine To Find WWII Jeep Trailer Serial Numbers - 2 Locations, How The data plates of some of the later ordnance department procured Willys Fuel Filters went on MB/GPW jeeps in WW2. If it looks like the boss is about 2" across then it is probably a Numbers on Civilian Willys Jeep Bodies tall body grille & hood to accommodate the Hurricane F-Head 4 cylinder Keith Buckley has done some further analysis of this for us -- see Plotting Engine Numbers. If the #'s on the Oil Filter 1962 and later Jeeps used VIN numbers. Some later Willys MB data plates are also stamped with an ordnance dept. Copyright For more details on VIN's, see CJ-3B Serial Numbers and Production Figures. drilled in it that do not belong there - so they won't buy it. Why waste the time, labor, and spend the $, and then 1947: Willys Jeep Truck Production starts. wipers at top. Chevrolet built 2 prototype jeeps in WWII. Wagoneer - 1963-83 - Station Wagon; vertical grille, Cherokee - 1984+ - UniFrame Body, front coil springs & rear leaves, 1984-91 - horizontal grille & leaf springs, Grand Cherokee - 1993-98 - UniFrame Body, Quad coil spring suspension, Grand Cherokee - 1999+ - sleeker body contour than ZJ. Some Jeeps have engine numbers which are clearly not original, and were taken from another vehicle. of Ford GPW Jeep Frame Serial Number stamped into top of driver's side The quickest way to tell the difference between a civilian engine block 's specifications called for the vehicle American Bantam Jeep, 4 Wheel Steering - 50 built. The assembly date (month, day, and year of production) can be found Serial Number two under the hood in the right side of the firewall where the The impatient types have often resorted to cj3a - 1948- 53 l head engine… The letters L, R, S, T and U appear on Jeeps sent to Australia, and "R" also appears in the Netherlands. Engine numbers may help to establish the year of a Jeep, but only if it still has the original engine.