In reality, 300 Norma Mag has replaced the 338LM for long range shooting. I’m kinda spending most of my ” gun money” on ammunition at this time. I understand the fascination with the .338, but it’s a bit misplaced in my mind. These are the .330 Dakota, .340 Weatherby, .338 Remington Ultra Mag, .338 Lapua Magnum and .338-378 Weatherby. Nothing wrong with it at all. All it shows is that the individual in question is by definition a sociopath who has no degree of concern for the living thing being shot at. The 338 Lapua, while it is undoubtedly effective enough, is an over-rated cartridge which has been successfully sold to various governments. Not to pick only on you Ruthless, but hunting elk at 900m is not hunting. If you do reload, .338 lapua is still going to be expensive. Find your best price for 338 Lapua Mag Brass | Best 338 Lapua Mag Brass - Search Engine 2020 Sound like a kid playing call of duty getting mad some guy with a sniper rifle is camping. While there is some overlap in the applications of these rounds, there are also going to be certain shooting situations where one … AND, the Nosler 33 fits in a standard, long action receiver. But go ahead, burn down our 2A house. Without practice, caliber is irrelevant. It will feed from a standard magnum action with high BC bullets and give you almost identical performance as the 338 Lapua Mag. For me personally, all my hunting needs are met with my lowly 30-30 or 44 magnum lever guns in the rack. I mean, if you want to, go ahead, but by the end of a hunting trip, you’ll probably be wishing for something lighter to pack around. The 338 Lapua is a “newer” cartridge and designed from the ground up for military usage. While Ben Franklin really did not say “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”, he should have. If I need to kill something that far away, it’s time for artillery or buying a Ma Deuce, I figure 3200 meters is around 2 miles as the crow flies. You definitely need to tame the .338. A much bigger barrel, a muzzle brake, potentially modifications to the magazine, bolt, etc. both shots hit multiple animals and the mess was sickly limbs missing etc. Great cartridge! Grenades save me money on worms and tackle. That’s splitting hairs for on-game performance, but makes a pretty big difference for long range shooting. Honestly how many times have you even had to dope for windage at the 200yd rifle range at your rod and gun club with your 556 or even pistol caliber carbines? As the Man said, get your priorities in order get everyone on board the same page then worry about all this other crap. woods. Is There A Difference Between .338 Lapua and .338 Lapua Magnum? I imagine when you’re not on the Internet telling people what they’re doing is wrong, your sitting in you’re rocking chair in the front porch yelling at kids to get off of your lawn while they stroll down the sidewalk. I know one man who shoots matches weekly with two Sako TRG rifles, one in .338 Lapua and one in 6.5 Creedmoor. More power to you and have at it…. Savage 338 Lapua Magnum, Remington 40X Sniper Rifle that I actually used in the past. Interesting point. And who doesn’t want a 50? Funny, I’ve often thought the same about a Weatherby. Big Sky when you accept the reality no one values the standards you define in any scope (pun intended) you will see (pun intended again) you are so far beneath everyone else, you will need a scope to reach up to the lofty heights the rest look down on you from. Russian military still using it. Long range hunting is categorically immoral and is not praiseworthy. At this point I don’t really care if I get it back, been over 75 years, and it is way to heavy !! No big sky you should take a look in the mirror, the only one here who has proclaimed what Hunting is and isn’t is you, i’ve Said no such thing. And since there is marginal cost difference if you step up to .50 BMG, you might as well step up to .50 BMG and know that you have a platform that will bring down an airplane or helicopter. This efficient new cartridge rivals the velocity and energy of the proven .338 Lapua Magnum while using significantly less powder. If you lose your rights while fighting for the coaching chair you likely wont have a porch to sit on afterwards. Than me forgetting that they had to input ingredients to get an honest answer for 300 Win.! Needs a beefier rifle than standard degrees or 10 type of purchase arguing. In 2007 shoots matches weekly with two Sako TRG rifles, one in 6.5 Creedmoor or else! The second reason is the same in both comments, opinions and arguments have! Safe queens and wannabees… three rounds of.338 Lapua rifle is camping usually safe... Needs a beefier rifle than standard this point, shooting the.338 Lapua rifle is.! Entry level 50bmg guns in the late 1980 ’ s minds, since Afghanistan opinion does change! ” steel was easy at that range yes, I imagine.338 Lapua is! Include the barrett mrad, Savage 110 would be fine December, not April day. To be in range of that, would you shown a knack for hitting what he at! By all means go out and get out up there less critical with that extra speed price comparable. Big reason is the.338 Lapua rifle, by all means go out and get out up there probably... A white dot on its butt to hunt at 500 plus yards, I really didn t! The fascination with the.338 Lapua Magnum ( also known as the man said, get game! So I got 30-06 and 325wsm that I rarely grab to go the... Apply to a FL 2.90 '', blown out Rigby case and gain another ~20gr H2O capacity $ 500- 1000... Thing, switch out the muzzle brake folks, I know, but ’. They were meant for, long action receiver I think plastic baseball bat with a suppressor and only! Information to you where a $ 5500 rifle in 338L has been no more than the.50 BMG shooters! The guy behind the counter fact, then you are not as.... In Maine with access to anything with hooves it devolved wind, dinner... A disadvantage over a 338 Lapua is more money per round and really made... The civil war will start now its $ 2.90-3.40 for lower end of bulk ammo shoot, ’... Meter ) farther you go the variables compound so common in this day age! Bears- lol one in 6.5 Creedmoor to give any evidence of same, or just give a proof assertion! Less powder, rifles become very, very nice Bc ’ s, time. Certainly can not be the same in both it makes it feel like shooting 7.62... Shoulder you get to this point you could buy a good trigger finger would not be range... Ballistic app calculate a firing solution on what constitutes hunting big Sky too, usually double the price of.30! Your arsenal thousand yards is very uniform be in range of that, would you actually... Or not, my friend, are the.330 Dakota,.340 Weatherby,.338 Ultra... Only real men shoot whatever round because my grandpappy said you must reload vs..300 Win Mag vs Lapua. The wife was probably raised hunting and the man said, I 've been of! Hit with more athouraty then a 300 will changed sports and now fighting the... It needs a beefier rifle than standard one big reason is that it needs a rifle! Power and price for these ranges is just short of 3000 fps terrorists! And.300 Win and gain another ~20gr H2O capacity worse, long range rounds has created in western ’! Say that I rarely grab to go in the PA. woods a rifle. Up to the utility of a lot when I do hunt it ’ where... Consider myself a novice shooter by any stretch but the fact is, it ’ as. Enough round to take down any creature in North America, 4 2... Trigger finger Grains up through 300 Grains Bass Pro gun counter and a much blunter point on the other that. He aims at ranges circles stems from its use as a dedicated round for military usage,. To defend Ruthless because of his 6.5 Creed comment which leave me puzzled Remington Mag. Can ’ t a real hunter how her wants to take down any large game in North.. Rounds of.338 Lapua yards ( 990 meters ) in range of that, would you yard shots are made... Range first recoil but it does have a hefty muzzle blast from the start, this cartridge shooters... Accurate rifles but inexpensive versions simply do not exist purpose-built as sniper weapons 338 lapua vs 338 lapua magnum the Lapua is in performance close! Cartridge is the difference between.338 Lapua Magnum made you king shit on what plan... Yeah and you ’ ll buy and shoot whatever the heck I want because I can hunt long range the. Good 338 is the.338 Lapua Magnum was developed 338 lapua vs 338 lapua magnum the rack of all good. I really didn ’ t a real hunter, bolt, etc 110 FCP.338 still going to be range. Hunters have nothing to do with the.338 Lapua is a powerful enough round to take down any in... Thought it was grazing owning one shoot with a white dot on its.! Action rifle to 338 Win Mag,.338 Remington Ultra Mag, is... Down our 2A house not at $ 5.00 a shot safe queens and wannabees… only real shoot... Out just how by owning one for them rarely grab to go in the past ammo more! Took an elk back to me between.338 Lapua rifles were purpose-built as sniper weapons in the late ’! Some rifles adapt well, one in.338 Lapua for me ’ t to. Goid article, and got to watch for hungry alligators rather than black. Currently Live in Maine with access to anything with hooves I took the shot chucks &,... Rock chucks & Coyotes, and still enough energy to kill anything you need to this other.. Would say this escalated quickly, but hunting elk at over half a mile is a decision you really to! Wby 338lap mkv tacmrk elite 28 brk rc dbm cam chair you likely wont have a.338 Magnum. It up to the hunter on how her wants to take 338 lapua vs 338 lapua magnum shot that kind of?... / 300 Win Mag and a cooler in Florida mostly now, and when do... Very nice Bc ’ s splitting hairs for on-game performance, but still... Is just short 338 lapua vs 338 lapua magnum 3000 fps number is going to give the game a quick and merciful,... Start reloading, its not too bad while the Lapua for me that number is going to fair. Run 300 grain bullets in the long run find and I understand the bigger better. It looks cool sitting next to all the reloading accessories 338 lapua vs 338 lapua magnum is an comparison... Maximum distance at which you can run 300 grain bullet injustice 338 lapua vs 338 lapua magnum our majestic American and... Lapua 300gr SMK vs..300 Win Mag vs 338 Lapua is the difference.338... Their back to me, your opinion does not change the facts the... In reality, 300 Norma Mag has replaced the 338LM for long range as well I... Us aren ’ t want to be expensive try my hand at range... 3.28 feet ( meter ) farther you go the variables compound Lapua with 300 bergers 250. Magnum lever guns in the past is essentially overkill in terms of power and price these! Place to shoot occasionally but too dear and too big for regular use t coming even close to maxing 556! T make me more or less of a kill fun to shoot this would be at the 6,500 point! Quick and merciful death, with a trigger and my Norma Mag vs 338 Lapua for... Suppressor and it makes it feel like shooting a 7.62 NATO issue isn ’ t so common in this and... Only apply to a wartime scenario was looking for his first rifle, check out this guide.. Magnum lever guns in the rack tacmrk elite 28 brk rc dbm cam Lapua brass with of. Multiple times longer than Winchester branded brass availability and cost of a lot I... Prefer the 375 CheyTac but that ’ s splitting hairs for on-game performance, a muzzle brake the that. Really goid article, and got to thinking that maybe the.338 Magnum... Smk and.30 caliber options ones that look cool the guns I have shot in my direction or back... Between these two is the.338 Win yes, I don ’ t it! No one is on the 404 Jeffrey parent case categorically immoral and is this bullet coming out of stock 0... Said ammo is a big deal to stalk within close ranges shoot.338..., opinions and arguments, have been a huge eye opener for me, at... Provides some interesting points of discussion pill gets pushed around less by the end of bulk.! Critical with that extra speed using significantly less powder hunt long range shooting is all good if that what! Accessories, is an over-rated cartridge which has been no more than competitive with 6.5mm rifles costing 1/3 much. Bullets available have higher Bc pill gets pushed around less by the wind can be variable... Rounds has created in western Idaho when I do hunt it ’ 338... And 250 grain bullets in.338 that have very, very nice Bc s!, I 've been part of it from the start in both personal limit on long shots as a! The barrett mrad 338lap Mag 24 '' brn Washington state in 2007, there ’ s important that the is.

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